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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    I know that this is all probably coming too late for you now anyway, but when was your last PCM replacement? A Mazda tech posted earlier in this thread that the PCM has to be reprogrammed after it is replaced, and the older PCM's cannot be reprogrammed at all. Were any of your new one's reprogrammed after being replaced? Another person verified the "fix" by sneaking a look at TSB 15589 while having it done to his own vehicle. Going by the number and what's listed on, that TSB is pretty new.
  • Just ordered a 2002 tribute ES anyone having problems with 2002 models
  • I have 20,000 k on my 01 Tribute v-6 awd. Only prob was the fuel smell & that was fixed immediately. Nice rig but I can,t pry the keys away from wifey!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    I have the same problem, wife wants to take the Escape everywhere..
  • Sorry scape2 but you are incorrect in your response. I am not sure where you got your information but it is not accurate. For the record I am positive I have a 2002 Tribute and my PCM is a brand new one (I saw the information on the machine at the dealer) so the problem still exists.

    Today I took it by the dealer and he installed part #1F22-13-210A which is a Volume/mass air flow sensor. According to Mazda support they apparently reengineered a new version of this sensor in an attempt to fix the problem. I'll let you all know if it works.... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  • shelleybshelleyb Posts: 14
    I have a 2001 Escape with 11,000 miles on it; anyone have a constant whistle sound from underneath the midsection while the engine is running. What was the problem is you had this? I take it in on Wednesday to have it checked out.
  • steve335steve335 Posts: 1
    We purchased our 2002 5-speed Escape in Sept 2001. From the first day we had the car we had noticed a rattling noise when the system was under load in 3rd gear. We had the car in the shop several times. The dealer replaced the shifting column, and various cables, with no effect. The last time we had the car in the shop he had some good news. There was a service bulletin (either SSM# 15524 or RO# 199998) about this problem, and Ford had a fix. They replaced the cable again, with whatever new part Ford sent, and the noise went away for about two weeks. Now it's back.

    Anyone else experienced this problem? I'm trying to arm myself with more information so I can get this problem fixed once and for all.

    PS - New problem today. A very loud whistling noise coming from somewhere in the undercarriage. Happens while engine is running, doesn't change while accelerating, etc. We're taking in to the dealer tomorrow to get that one checked out.

  • eld1eld1 Posts: 10
    My 2001 Escape has stalled 6 times, the first in Sept. 01 at 13,000 miles and the latest at 22,000 miles. I have an appointment on 4/9/02 with my "selling dealership" -- they have stated that I need to duplicate the problem with the tech in the car. I don't think that's possible since it stalls every few thousand miles and they are willing to spend only 20 minutes with me. The dealership that has worked on it the last 3 times refuses to work on it again. (Air Valve and Power Relay replaced not sure about PCM). The Ford 800 number also states I must duplicate the problem AND the "selling dealership" is not obligated to do anything if I cannot "duplicate". I feel as though I have hit a brick wall. All advice welcome.
  • shelleybshelleyb Posts: 14
    Hey steve355... I just wrote the message before yours about the whistling noise from underneath... I take mine in wed 4/10... post what happens and I will post my outcome as well. By the way, you getting low mpg's???? I have 11,000k on my and the mileage sucks.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    As long as your vehicle is under factory warranty Ford is obligated to fix your vehicle, that is until 3 years or 36,000 miles is up. You have recourse with going to the Ford regional manger or to another dealership. Bring in the TSB and the fix for this stalling issue. Someone here posted it previous posts.
    Rattling problems can also come from loose exhaust brackets that may vibrate or loose skidplates..
    MPG may vary with your driving habits. I find myself putting my foot into the V6 and know it doesn't help the mileage. Things that may affect mileage are using 10-W30/10W40 motor oils. Ford recommends 5-20W oil for gas mileage reasons. Other factors can be accessories like stepbars, roof racks, rock guards cause drag that may lower MPG. I have about 7K on my Escape now and am averaging 21MPG. I also use 10-30W oil, have stepbars, bugguard, and 2 bike racks. I'm sure this doesn't help my MPG.
    Shelly..This squealing noise is interesting. Almost sounds like a leaky exhaust system. Please let us know what you find....
  • eld1eld1 Posts: 10
    Scape 2 - I went armed with the information on TSB15589, but because I could not "duplicate" the STALLING for the selling dealership, they refuse to work on the car. The dealer actually suggested that I use the Lemon Law even with the latest incident at 22,000 miles. The first was at 13,000 in the second at 16,000 and the third at just over 18,000 miles. Today I wrote my Lemon letter to Ford. Once I receive the green return receipt postal form back I wait 10 days for a call from Ford. I want out of the Escape. Last night I read 75 similar stalling complaints on NHTSA -- someone is going to be killed before Ford finds the fix. Has anyone had success with the NJ Lemon Law when you didn't report the problem before the 18,000 mile mark?
  • shelleybshelleyb Posts: 14
    scape2, I will let yoo know about that whistle just as soon as I get it back from service. I too have the running boards, roof rack, no bike rack, but the tow hitch and I am trying very hard to step lightly on the gas pedal, but still not the best gas mileage... maybe the whistle/possible leak may have something to do with it... maybe.
  • dnardinidnardini Posts: 4
    I bought a 2001 Tribute back in March last year. Have had numerous problems with the vehicle, least of which is a vibrating driver's side mirror. The mirror has been replaced twice already and still vibrates.

    Anyone else have this problem, and if so, did you find a solution??

    Just had the bucket 'o bolts into the garage (where it feels most at home) for the 24000km checkup. Gee, what a surprise... they found a leaking axle seal.

    At this rate I'll have replaced all the original parts before the warranty runs out. Already on the fourth alternator and third PCM..

    And here's the kicker...

    Mazda Canada offered me an extended warranty "in the spirit of good customer relations". So I get the paperwork by courier, which turns out to be a legal release form. The release is required before I get the MAP contract. Can you believe that?? So much for the spirit of good customer relations.

    This is my third consecutive Mazda.. and LAST.
  • I bought my trib last year also & in 20k kilo,s the only warranty work I got done was the fuel smell fix. Truck has been perfect!
  • shelleybshelleyb Posts: 14
    Hey turksteritis: Good to hear that about your Escape!!!!!! What gas mileage are getting though nd do you have the V6 4WD or?
  • I get 26 mpg. (canadian gallon) at a steady 110 kph. (70 mph) on the highway in the summer.....22ish in the winter. That works out to 22.5 & 19 US per gallon. In town driving is kinda ugly & I never really wanted to know what it was.
  • is a V-6 awd 01 tribute.
  • shelleybshelleyb Posts: 14
    first off, turksteritis: That is great 26mpg at 70! Is it the 2WD then?

    OK, The constant whistle noise while the engine is running from the midsection... is the Fuel Pump. Yep, that is what they said. I 'll know right away, but they did not have the part in stock, so have to wait. Yeah, this is so simple to replace, I can go to Kragen and do it, but gotta keep the records going and have them do it for the warranty. Too bad a new fuel pump won't help the mpg.
  • carseeker4carseeker4 Posts: 228
    I had a fuel pump on a Buick once that made an annoying high-pitched buzzing noise. It was weird and they said it was normal and did not replace it. It functioned fine until we got rid of the car at 104K.
  • shelleybshelleyb Posts: 14
    Thanks carseeker4 for the info. At least I'll get mine replaced by them. ANY chance replacing it helps fuel mpg???? I didn't think so.
  • shelleybshelleyb Posts: 14
    I can literally watch the fuel guage go down as I drive my Escape, and I'm driving it on cruise control just at 70mph. I figured each of the little notches on the guage, you know the ones at Full, 1/2 and empty.. well that is 10 miles worth of driving. Make sense what I just said??? I really wanna make sure I am getting good mileage, I use the 5w 20w and 87 octane fuel and drive light footed as possible(I do have to drive up & over a 8% grade daily) and travel 75 miles a day. Mine is the V6 4WD with the roof rack & side bars. I traded in my 95 Dodge Intrepid for it which so far seems to de better on gas mpg.
  • shelleybshelleyb Posts: 14
    Well, I am getting 20 mpg so far, much better than I thought. I'll keep trying to get it better though, maybe take off some stuff. oh well.
  • Let us know how you make out. My Escape also stalled once, and the way the selling dealer treated me, well, let's just say I wanted to go "postal" there. The only revenge I have gotten so far has been to disway at least 10 people away from the Ford Escape and Winner Ford in Cherry Hill, NJ. Whenever people come up to me and say "what a neat vehicle,how do you like it?, I'm thinking of getting one." To which I say "don't, it stalls while driving at highway speeds and don't go to Winner Ford for any reason"
    Which dealer did you buy from in New Jersey? I think you will have success with the lemon law, just stick with it. Ford hopefully will come back with an offer in response to your letter.
    Good Luck.
  • My 26 mpg is during the summer at a steady 70 mph. with the AWD V-6 trib. This is also a canadian gallon which is 20% larger then a us gallon 26 equates to 22.4 us mpg. in the summer. It drops to 22ish in the winter.
  • eld1eld1 Posts: 10
    Handlesman -- I could not get the car to stall on my test drive with tech on Tuesday AM. However, it did stall on Tuesday PM when I was on way home from work and while I was on the phone with Ford Customer Assistance!! (It has stalled 7 times on the same road -- twice in the same exact spot!) They now know first hand the horror we go thru when the stalling happens while we're driving 40 mph around a curve/hill!! They recorded it in my file and transferred me to Roadside Assistance. Two hours later I was towed to the same dealership that I couldn't get it to stall at in the AM. It is at the dealer today and they are taking it on a 60 mile trip to see if they can "duplicate". (This is my "selling dealer" a different dealer than the one that tried to fix it 4 other times -- and now tells me I can NEVER come back to them for ANY service.) I'm uncomfortable saying dealerships on the net just yet. Letter to Ford went yesterday. Pardon me for not scrolling back to your prior messages, but did you go Lemon Law? Not sure if I should just go to the dispute board and settle this -- I need a car and I don't want to be killed in my Escape! I never thought I would be in this type of situation -- it's a nightmare.
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    I remember recently reading a letter in the newspaper about "a Cherry Hill Ford dealer" (who else could it be?) and how they ripped off the letter writer's 80-year-old dad by charging and re-charging serious dollars for 'repairs' that did not fix the problem on a Crown Vic.

    That place is within a 10-minute walk of my house, but I would never buy from them. That is one reason I scratched the Escape off my shopping list.
  • shelleybshelleyb Posts: 14
    Anyone know of any mods that will not void the warranty that particularily have to do with fuel efficiency... like putting a different exhaust, or intake or whatever??? Plus any other mods that won't void my warranty as well as my extended 5/100,000 warranty.?????

  • knorman2knorman2 Posts: 3
    My Escape is the Poster Child for bad behavior.
    V-6 XLT loaded, love the handling and styling. Hate the quality. Purchased in Oct 2000. Noticed fuel smell almost immediately. Extremely poor gas mileage - 13 city, 22 hwy. I had been led to believe it would be much better. Stalled in Dec, twice in Feb. Had recall for the Wiper motor, replaced under the recall, then the motor burned out during a hard rainstorm on the highway in March 01. Took car in for repair for wiper motor, and mentioned stalling problem and fuel smell in March 01. Have had no problems with those since. March 2002 - Transmission failed at 23,500 miles on Highway @ 70 mph. Has been rebuilt. Let me summarize - I have had every problem that has ever been posted about the Escape - stalling, poor fuel mileage, fuel smell, wiper motor failure, and transmission. HELP!!! At this point all have been "corrected" by the dealer, who wants us to give them an "excellent" rating on the survey that FORD will send us. RIGHT!
  • No, I have not been able to pursue the Lemon Law yet because the truth is, it has only stalled once. (It needs to stall a third time before I send the certified letter to Dearborne) Believe it or not, I have not had any other problems with the vehicle, and I wanted to wait this stall thing out until there is a recall or an official TSB fix that works. On the down side, I am not happy with the poor "fit and finish" of the vehicle. The more I drive it, the more squeaks, rattles, noises, etc. I hear. The good thing is that New Jersey's Lemon Law is 18,000 miles/2 years (correct me if I'm wrong) and I have low mileage on the vehicle. My biggest problem is service. I really don't know who to trust anymore, and from what I understand, these vehicles are fairly advanced, and a lot of independent mechanics simply don't know how or can't afford the Ford tools to fix them. On the upside, this was a lesson for me, albeit an expensive one. You get what you pay for, Ford is an immoral company, and I will never buy another. It's absurd that I give them 25,000 and they knowingly send me away in a death trap.
    I sound angry but after writing this it makes me feel so much better.
  • sam1960sam1960 Posts: 3
    I bought mine dispite knowing all the problems because it was the best possible suv I could afford at $16000(4cyl xls)in 03/2001. Now I am wondering if I made a right decision. At 9000mile my first gear would not engage smoothly. Each time I put first gear and release clutch pedal car would vibrate and went nutts but after 1st gear,2nd,3rd,4th and5th were no problem. My dealer said it needed new clutch that was covered under warranty. At 15000 engine check light came and they had to replace some sensor still under warranty. At 18000 miles I am experiencing same clutch problem. Does anyone have same problem ? Please let me know what should be done to correct.
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