Buyer Decision: Azera or Amanti

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Hi All,

I'm in the market to buy a new car and just saw the Azera. Looks great, roomy, and Hyundai has a great warranty. However, my wife likes the Kia Amanti, which also appears to be in the same size car family with ample room. Can't say I am crazy about the Amanti's styling, but it does appear to have a nice V6 engine and good list of standard features. Both vehicles are in the ballpark for me price-wise; but I don't have any feel on Kia as a company... but do have relatives who have Hyundai's (Sante Fe), and seem to like them. A big positive for me is quietness -- I don't like a lot of road noise in a ride. One thing I have read about the Azera (in the forums) is that there has been noted a "clunk" noise from several people. To me that is disturbing to hear that occurs on a new car.

I’ve done some spec checking, but I would like to have some comments from people that may have experienced the cars. Appreciate any input anyone can provide relative to the comparison between these two cars.

btw -- if I'm way off-base between the two, go easy on me as this is my first post


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    Hello hldunb4,
    While I have not driven the Amanti, I do not particularly care for the styling either. The Azera's styling is much nicer, but the car does have a noisy suspension over rough surfaces. Take the car on an EXTENDED test drive over ALL types of road surfaces. It drives like a dream over smooth surfaces. The list of standard features and quality materials is noteworthy.
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    Thanks chilliwack,

    Test driving is my next step. Will be sure to give it a thorough ride. I'm wondering if the 17" tires on the limited will provide a better ride that the 16" on the Se?
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    I test-drove a 2005 Amanti (just on residential streets near the dealership) and it seemed a very nice car, with lots of standard features, similar in that to the Azera, but I kept reading very negative on-line reviews about the handling, like "If you want to talk about a brand-new, 1956 Buick..." and "... in a hard right-turn, the driver can reach out the window and pick up a dime off the street."

    Then I read in Consumer Reports that the Amanti was the worst-handling large car they'd tested and that was that for me. CU also wasn't wild about the XG-350 ("clumsy handling") which was the platform the Amanti was built on.
    So, if you like the car for everything else, you absolutely must test-drive where you can "stretch it out' a little!

    With my Azera, I insisted that I drive from one exit to another on the interstate, where I powered around entry and exit ramps and gave it its legs a bit to test accelleration and braking... it passed nicely... ;)
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    Just to add to the mix, I have had my Azera Limited since August. It replaces an Acura TL. I test drove an Avalon, top of the line Camry, new TL, and drove a friends new Lexus ES. It is the most comfortable car we have ever owned and I've had a goodly number of cars over the years. It is a quality car with all the creature comforts you might want, with the exception of a built in GPS (which is just as well). Yes the suspension is somewhat noisy over washboard type of pavement but when you take this "baby" out on the open highway it has the manners of a "boulevard car". Remember this is not a stiff suspensioned sports sedan but neither is the Amanti. The Azera is a better quality and cannot be beat pricewise for what it offers. It offers an outstanding warranty and really for the money can't be beat. My wife has back problems and this is the first car, in years, that she is comfortable driving. Just for the record I drive a 2006 Sonata LX6 which I thoroughly enjoy, but take every opportunity to get behind the wheel of our Azera. I would strongly recommend the Limited model because the extra options are really outstanding. :)
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    I too must say this is the most comfortable car I've ever owned, but as I've owned only two cars since 1977 (a '77 Accord and a '90 Accord), you might not give me as much credence... :D;)
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    I have a new 07 Azeera limited and just drove it from Wisconsin to Florida. No problems at all, no clunking noise and very comfortable. Believe me not all the highway driving was on good smooth roads. I think the clunking noises were in some 06 models. I purchased it in Dec. 06 and currently have about 5000 miles on it. I was looking at the Toyota Avalon Limited also and am glad I got the Azeera. For the price it can't be beat.
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    The Amanti is being replaced for 2008. Will likely be based on same chassis/engine as Azera.

    Currently, there is a horsepower diff Azera: 263, Amanti is 195 (I recall).

    For my choice, the Azera wins hands down
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    Looks like the new 2007 Amanti is out with the same engine as the Azera.

    Not sure which one is better, though.
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    RE: 8
    I believe that the 07 Amanti has 263 HP engine.
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    Thanks drdonrs,

    I do a lot of highway driving to/from my job, so I can appreciate a "boulevard" type of ride. :-)

    Thanks for the comments.
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    Thanks willie11,

    That is good to hear. I would like to believe that the clunking is more of an anamoly than the norm. As well, Toyota tends to have a positive rating from most people I know, so you picking the Azera as a competitive choice (for the price) is a big boost in my book.

    I think from the responses of most people that replied is that I can't lose going with the Azera.

    I think my wife will have to get acclimated to a "Hyundai" :-)

    Thanks for your comments.
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    Ha,ha! That's exactly what my wife had to do. When I got the Sonata she kind of looked at it as a step down from our Acura TL's. I am way past having to impress anyone. When I was looking at cars to replace our 2nd TL she kept questioning me as to what I was going to get. "Not a Hyundai"! Well she wanted a white car so I bought the Azera in pearl white (really sharp looking) and parked it in the driveway. Her comment when she saw the Hyundai badge was "oh another Hyundai". I gave her the keys and told her to take it around the block. That was it. She loves the car and is over the Hyundai badge snobbery. When I do get to drive it I see people eyeing the car to see what it is. Not any in our area that I have seen. You'll love the car. :)
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    RE: 13
    You could have debadged the Azera, and told her that it was a Bentley.
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    Hi. I am azera 2006 owner. I am from Korea.
    The big differences of Azera 2006 and Amanti 2006 is Engine. Hyundai and Kia is same company. So they are sharing all platform. Amanti new release(2007) will be using same engine in Azera. So right now engine(ramda) is same. Amanti is more big car except PassengerVolume,Trunk
    *Wheelbase Amanti:110.2inch,Azera:109.4,
    *Length Amanti: 196.9,Azera: 192.7
    *Passenger Volume Amanti:106.0 cu.ft Azera:106.9
    *Trunk volume Amanti:15.9 cu.ft Azera:16.6
    Amanti is more high grade car compare to Azera in Korea. But it looks like more old style design. Azera design is more young. That's why I choose the Azera.
    Let's drive Azera and Amanti in dealershop. You can feel difference of two cars.
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    Correct if mistaken but I thought the Amanti continues to sit on the old Sonata platform (XG) while the Azera rides on the new Sonata platform (??)

    Hyundai vehicles make the most out of interior volume, despite the exterior being shorter than competitors. Trunk space is generous as well, as exampled above.
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    Thanks npark,

    That's more helpful info than I would have figured out. I'm not twenty-something young, but I am smitten by the styling of the Azera. Plus, a lot of respondents have backed up my feelings with their personal experiences. Not dissing the Amanti, but I believe my money will be going to the Azera. Test drives for me will be coming up for me shortly.

    Again thanks for your comments (as well as all others who so graciously repiled with their experiences)
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    I just purchased an Amanti rather than the Azera mainly because the Amanti has a MUCH more spacious interior. The new 265hp motor and reworked suspension is suppose to have made the ride more firm although I never drove a 06 model. It is much quieter than my Chrysler 300 and was more quiet than the Infinity M35 I was considering. I am a large man (tall and overweight) and the difference in the room was amazing between the Hyundia and KIA. So far (1500 miles) I am still impressed My model is loaded with all options and is midnight gray
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    drove both the Amanti and Azera. Bought a Midnight Gray Amanti with leather on april 3. It has much more room and just felt better overall, not to mention the unusual looks that grow on me daily. has an extremely smooth ride and a nice balance. I get almost as many stares in the Amanti as my red '70 chevelle. This car has more torque and acceleration than I could have ever imagined. I thought my '01 maxima was strong but no comparison. I can afford more expensive cars but felt no need to impress. No clunking from the Amanti. Only has 1500 miles so far but I love this car! Beautiful leather, fit and finish are awesome.
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    Minus and Trower:
    Where and how does the Amanti feel or seem bigger? Just in the driver's seat? Or all seats? Trunk? Back seat footroom? Is seat lower compared to the one in Azera? Is there more room for the driver's legs and knees? Elbows? Headroom?
    I think the EPA numbers show Azera has more passenger cubic feet.
    Just curious. I have not tried to compare them myself yet.
    How are you 2 doing on gas mileage?
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    I suppose I'm fortunate. I don't have the much reported "clunk" in the front end. As far as noise, mine is so quiet that I have missed emergency vehicles in the city traffic until they were almost right on me. I have found mine to be the quietest car I have ever owned. I have to look at the tachometer to make sure the engine is running on those occasions when I can't remember if I've started the engine or not.
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    Don't drive much on the highway but short 50 mile trips on the Intrestate avering 72 mph have shown 28 mpg on the trip computer. Around town has averaged 20. I have replaced the original fill oil with Mobil 1, 5 W20 Full Synthetic recently and see about 2 mpg increase. Have read that a permanent K&N air filter will also improve mileage numbers but I don't believe one is yet offered for the '07. I strongly agree with "pahefner" that this car is incredibly quiet. I have experienced the same situation with emergency vehicles. Hey don't buy a truly great luxury car like this if you're worried about gas mileage, get a Civic and when you are drving it and see an '07 Amanti pass, you will wish you were pulling into the gas station to fill that puppy up.
    I didn't spen but a brief 10 min. with the Azera but it was just a general feeling that the Amanti had more room. Also, the seats in the Amanti are the most comfortable of any car I have ever driven, including a friend's big Caddy.
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