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Infiniti G35 Manual Transmissions



  • Dang Dayamit, that's terrible. I have to report that so far I have received the complete opposite from Southwest Infinity here in Houston, Texas. I got roadside assistance to the dealer and they arranged a brand new 0 miles G35 for me as a loaner with a full tank. They called me the next day and said it was a "clutch slave cylinder" with a defective seal and the hydralic fluid had leake out. A new one has been ordered from NY they said. I'm wtg for the next update...I don't mind driving and putting miles on their car. I just hope that when fixed it is "safe" to drive. I feel bad for the service you received at Glendale. Southwest Infinity here has always been great even when I had my FX45 serviced there. I'll let you guys know what happens next..... :confuse:
  • I'm in the market for a G35 Sedan with a manual transmission. My local dealers did not have any availalbe to test drive so I drove a G37 with a stick and enjoyed the car immensely. I would go with the coupe except the back seats are way to small and I want the ability to carry adults int he back seat. I've read that the transmission and the clutch in the sedan was updated in 2008 and where the same as in the G37 coupe. However, I've read comments that the sedans stick and clutch are still poor and are not as good as the coupe. Edmunds recent long term test of the 2007 Sedan added to the confusion. The noted the problems that I had heard about the 2007 but them praised the stick after having some updates implemeted at the dealer. But in the long-term wrap Edmunds reverted to their rants against the stick and advised getting the automatics. So I would appreciate hearing from owners of the 2008 Sedan with a stick and from those who have driven the stick in both the sedan and the coupe.

  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    I have an Auto, my only suggestion is to wait for the 09s, there is a possibility that these will get bumped to 330 horses with some other updates. The manual transmission might be even better as well.
  • lwechslerlwechsler Posts: 15
    To the best of my knowledge there has not been any significant change in the manual transmission in the past 5 years.
    In my 2006 model, the only problem is rough transfer between first to second.
    Everything else is OK.
    However, I managed to work around the problem by adjusting the RPM, when changing gears.
    Be aware of one important issue. The more horse power the engine has, the more difficult will be to manufacture a smooth transmission, so waiting for a newer model with more horse power will not be a good idea.
    See what Lexus did, for the IS 250 it has a manual but not for the Is 350!
    I gues they still working on one that has a smooth transfer, but its not easy.

  • therastheras Posts: 66
    I have an 05 G35 6MT Coupe with 52,000 miles on it. Recently, the clutch has been sticking after the car is driven for about 20 minutes in the warm weather. After another ten minutes, the clutch then stops popping back by itself, resulting in a disengaged point that is actually below my brake pedal. I can pull the pedal back to it's original resting point with my foot. Any ideas what this may be, and whether or not it is a warranty repair?

    I am easy on a clutch and have never needed one in my other manual vehicles, all of which have been Saabs.

    Thanks for any assistance.
  • rwardrward Posts: 5
    almost been a year since your post. Did you get a resolution to this problem? I ask as I have same problem. At twenty thousand miles Infiniti dealer replaced master cylinder after many trips there asking for help until one time I happened to be driving by while it was acting up and that is what they replaced..... and well now at 45,000 miles it's really starting to do it again and I don't think the master cylinder fix really ever fixed the problem. Warm ( hot ) ( I live in Tucson) weather and about 40 minutes of city driving and shifting is about what it takes for my car to act up. Starts with play in clutch varying the engagement point which is unnerving on its own and then clutch pedal sticks at engagement point and then pops back on own then then next phase is I have to put foot behind pedal to pull back up then it justs stays down and the clutch stays engaged/slips/smoke and clutch smell. Told dealer that car is doing it again while there for 45000 mile service and they said as they did at 20,000 miles until I bring it in again while doing it they can't help. Also said don't worry as will be covered under power train warranty to 60,000 miles. Boy I sure hope so.
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    Its a hydraulic clutch and what your describing is caused by contaminated fluid or air in the clutch slave cylinder. do a google search and you'll come up with message boards dotted with the problem. You can save your self a lot of grief if you read some of the fix's some as simple as a change of fluid. Many cars especially recent model corvettes driven hard experience it. I had an MG it happened to all the time the clutch heats up gets spongy because of air or the heat is cooking the fluid and there is next ro no hydraulic pressure. A good repair facility with some performance backround could fix you up pretty inexpensivly.
  • therastheras Posts: 66
    Sorry, RWARD I have some bad news for you. The Master Cylinder, replaced under warranty by Infiniti, fixed the problem slightly. However, the problem reoccured about 5,000 miles later and my dealership, which was great, told me my G likely needed a whole new clutch and flywheel. No powertrain warranty for that, and a very expensive job. I was also experiencing a mystery battery drain that would make my car need a jump once a month. I decided to sell the car as it was such a hassle. Like your car, the master cylinder fix postponed the larger issue but did not ultimately solve the problem.

    Good luck. Post again if you have additional questions.
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    did they replace the clutch slave cylindar or just the master cylinder?

    But your right this kind of problem in a 35-40k car is hard to imagine. I
  • therastheras Posts: 66
    They replaced both. From what I was told, it is a pretty common problem on these cars. The exhaust note and looks almost make up for it, but in the end I just couldn't trust my car.
  • taxesquiretaxesquire Posts: 681
    I am in the market for a 6MT sedan, but the only one I could find to test drive was a coupe. I absolutely fell in love with that short-throw shifter - maybe it's not a true racing short throw (I don't know), but the shifting action is clearly shorter than my current Acura and any ofhte other cars I tested (CTS, Legacy SpecB, 330i).

    The dealer said the sedan has the same clutch and short throw shifter. Can anyone confirm that?
  • I believe they are the same but I cannot officially confirm it. If you see my earlier message on this thread you will see that I was asking the same question a year earlier. I did in fact buy a 2008 G35 with a 6 speed manual and I am very happy with the car. I do think that some of the negative comments made about the Infiniti manual, particuarly the clutch, are exaggerated (see Edmunds wrap-up for the G35). For the first 2k miles the gearbox and clutch were a bit tight but both loosened up after the 2k mark. I've driven the G with the automatic and I am real happy I got the manual.
  • taxesquiretaxesquire Posts: 681
    Thank you. You have the sedan?

    I know about the reviews you mentioned - it concerned me a lot, esp since I know the G is related to the 350Z, and I found the shifting in the 1st year model (was it 2002?) To be difficult.
  • I have 2008 Sedan with the Sport package.

    When the car was new the gearbox was tight, especially 2nd gear, After 2k miles it loosend up and the gearbox is great.

    The clutch does have a shorter engagment than most clutches but I quickly became used to it and have no problem driving the car smoothly. When the car was brand new there was somewhat of an on/off character to the clutch but it smoothed out with use.

    Overall, I greatly enjoy driving the car and I think the reviews were far too harsh in their assessment of the manual. Of course I would recommend that you drive the car before makeing your purchase. When I was shopping there were no manual sedans availble to test drvie so I drove a G 37 coupe and then decided to order a sedan. I am very happy with my decision.
  • taxesquiretaxesquire Posts: 681
    Thanks, so much! I would be looking for 2008 Sedan with the Sport package and nav option. Hoping to pick up one in good condition that's benefitted from some depreciation!!!!

    When I couldn't locate a sedan to test-drive at a dealer (I didn't want to have a private person lend me their's to drive since I wasn't sure I'd want the car), I also test-drove the coupe, but it was a 2009.

    I loved the clutch's shorter shifts and really appreciate your feedback.
  • Glad to help. If you are going the used car route, keep in mind that after the first year of the updated sedan (2007) - that Infiniti made some updates to the clutch for 2008. I have only driven the 2008 so I cannot tell you of the significance of the update.
  • taxesquiretaxesquire Posts: 681
    Good to know. I thought the only diff btn 2007 & 8 was the backup sensors that changed to a true backup camera
  • triblkgtriblkg Posts: 7
    I purchased G35 new approx. 1 year ago, after about 12k miles I started experiencing (ramdomly) what can only be described as an extended crank problem. It has not yet failed to start however, it is scary when you are away from home and your car takes several seconds(more than 6) to start. I know it is not bad gas as I have switched to several different brands and the problem still happens. There are no error codes generated and the dealership has replaced several parts to no avail. I have been attempting to get Nissan/Infiniti to step up and address the problem however, all they seem to want to do is continue swapping out parts. Has anyone else had a similar problem with a starting hesitation or extended crank?

    Thanks for your replies!
  • guysaabguysaab Posts: 4
    I'm considering a 2005 G35 6MT Sport. Is there any type of clutch inspection window to see how it's holding up?
  • guysaabguysaab Posts: 4
    And secondly, is it typical to have a noticable amount of vibration come through the shift lever? Just a heavy duty trans with a direct linkage, or on a 2005 should I be concerned?

    Thanks in advance.
  • My clutch pedal had been sticking at random times for over a year. The problem was so sporadic and the dealership was 30 minutes away so the sticking pedal problem would stop sticking by the time I could take it in and show them the problem.

    About a month or two ago, I took it to Grubbs Infiniti in Euless, Texas, for the airbag recall and mentioned the sticking clutch pedal to them. Of course, they were unable to replicate the problem so they were not able to fix it and sent me on my way.

    On December 9, 2010, I took it in again because I could smell that awful burning clutch smell. The dealer wanted me to pay $1,450.00 for the repairs. I have an extended warranty on the vehicle but normal wear and tear is not covered. That is understandable but it still was not good enough for me. I knew that the sticking clutch pedal was causing wear and tear that was BEYOND normal on my car – especially since it had been doing it for over a year.

    By accident, I stumbled across this forum and MULTIPLE other forums of people have the EXACT same issue with their G35’s. I also found MULTIPLE forums of Nissan 350 owners with the EXACT same problem – after all it is essentially the same car. I was shocked and appalled that this has not become a recall issue when it is a matter of consumer safety. I think that this issue is bigger than any of us or Infiniti/Nissan realizes.

    Even more shocking and appalling is the lack of concern for my safety that I received from both Grubbs Infiniti and Infiniti Consumer Affairs. Their complete unwillingness to make the needed repairs and cover all or part of the costs and STOP putting my life in jeopardy every time I drive the vehicle is asinine.

    Infiniti/Nissan’s defective sticking clutch pedal IS A MAJOR SAFETY CONCERN and does cause premature wear on other clutch parts. Therefore, Infiniti/Nissan should:

    • Issue a recall on this sticking pedal IMMEDIATELY. People’s lives are at risk! This is no different than the sticking accelerator problem that Toyota had but they want to sweep it under the rug. DOES SOMEONE HAVE TO DIE BEFORE THEY WILL WAKE UP?
    • If they aren’t going to recall the sticking clutch pedal, then they need to cover the repairs to fix the sticking clutch pedal and any repairs from the unnecessary wear that the sticking clutch pedal caused.

    If you have tried to work with the dealership or Infiniti/Nissan to get them to do just those very things and your attempts failed, here is what I suggest you do, as suggested to me by a consumer attorney:

    • File a complaint, in writing, over the phone or online with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) by going to
    • File a complaint with the Attorney General – Consumer Protection Division in your area. You can find a list by state by going here:
    • Write your congressman or congress-woman. You can find yours by going to The last thing Infiniti/Nissan wants is a criminal investigation (much like Toyota’s) into the company's safety problems and lack of concern for their customers.
    • Contact a public defender at your local news station. Almost all of us have them now. You may not get a call back or response from this but I am willing to bet that if we all do this, one of them will step up the plate and broadcast this problem. And if you know how the news works, when one reports it, they ALL report it. News broadcasts will bring more people forward with the same problem and will provide us Infiniti/Nissan owners with some strength in numbers.

    Having lived this, I hope that my tips and pointers help.

    In addition, if any of you are in Texas and would like to become part of a group lawsuit against Infiniti/Nissan to offset some of the attorney fees, please email me at

    United we stand… Let’s come together and MAKE Infiniti/Nissan do the right thing since they obviously aren’t going to do it on their own.
  • therastheras Posts: 66
    Sorry to hear about your issue. I had the same sticking clutch on an 05 G35 Coupe. Fortunatly, I brought it in and Infiniti replaced the slave cylinder. However, I was afraid for the clutch wear and subsequently got rid of the car for a big loss.
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