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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager Gas Smell in Cabin

noodle2noodle2 Member Posts: 1
edited May 2014 in Nissan
I had experienced a strong gas smell entering the cabin of my 1995 Quest usually when cold and running the heater or defroster. The smell would eventually disappear once the engine had warmed up. I came here and read several posts suggesting replacing the fuel rail rubber hoses or tightening up the screws on the clamps. The gas vapour leaks out of these ends when cold and if not snug. I inspected the hoses and they looked fine and I tightened the clamps' screws (all were somewhat loose). And yes, they were hard to get to! I THOUGHT I had tightened all the clamps but the gas smell continued as before. Finally after a few weeks of this driving me crazy, I took another look under the hood and realized there was one more hidden clamp which I missed and it was quite loose. I tightened that up and the gas smell is now gone!

Here's a photo showing the screw locations. Sorry I couldn't get a better shot. As I said, it was tough to get in there with a screwdriver. Hope this is helpful to you.

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    steven38steven38 Member Posts: 11
    We recently experienced the same problem you did on our Mercury Villager when we had unusually cold weather. Due to researching the manual, I was getting ready to replace the purge control solenoid when I found your posting. I tightened the clamp screws as you recommended and THE PROBLEM IS FIXED!!! You saved me both money and frustration with your posting. Many, many thanks!!!
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    jaybergjayberg Member Posts: 5
    We have the same problem with our 1996 Quest, And now that winter is here the gas smell is terrible!!! I had tightened all the clamps a while back but I also missed that one that you pointed out in the picture.. I am going to tighten that one and see if it works I'll let you know what happens... Thank You so Much!!
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    jaybergjayberg Member Posts: 5
    Found the problem I have a pinhole leak on the gas line that runs under the throttle body... I now have all the clamps tightened now i just have to change a short piece of hose and then all will be fine.. Thanks again :) edmunds rules!!
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    ESwan1ESwan1 Member Posts: 1
    Thanks for this post! Some of the screws were so hard to get to, I had to buy special long pliers to reach and turn them. If you keep following the hose from the fuel filter(the metal canister) to the engine, there are even more screws to tighten...(They would be located to the left of the picture) that is where I found my leak.
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    yahushuayahushua Member Posts: 1
    changed the fuel tank, changed the fuel filter, changed the carbon filter, tightenened every connection, changed vacumn hoses, checked the filler pipe, ran flex lines and bypased metal lines just to be sure it wasn't a pinhole leak. checked every internet site.
    Finally listened to my wife and changed the gas cap...That was it ...10 bucks!
    No diagnostic light... nothing!...but all along it was the fuel cap!
    One month of trying this and that and pulling what hair I had left out!
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