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Suzuki SX4 Diesel Engine

memmighausenmemmighausen Member Posts: 1
Has anyone driven the European version, the Fiat Sedici with the 1.9 turbo diesel? It would most likely get much better mileage and have good low end pull.
I'm hoping Suzuki will bring in this engine as an option as it is available in europe. With ULSD now available throughout the US it would probably increase the mileage to the high 30s.
We drove a base model but didn't especially like the revs necessary to keep the sx4 moving at highway speeds. We are used to a VW Passat TDI. It get 42+ mpg and is turning about 2000 rpm at 65mph. Other than that we really liked the sx4 and would buy one right now if a diesel engine was available. Any comments.


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    erics6erics6 Member Posts: 684
    I want the diesel too. Hope Suzuki has the foresight to bring it over. From what I've read the Fiat diesel is pretty nice, common rail and all.

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    pk12pk12 Member Posts: 7
    Yes, please! I posted a similar comment in the other SX4 thread. I want the diesel engine for better mpg and biodiesel. A car this small should get much better fuel economy, but it does not even beat the larger Subarus. A small biodiesel AWD with good mpg would be my ideal car.

    I tried to email Suzuki to tell them, but could not find a contact us email anywhere on their web site.
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    jemtecjemtec Member Posts: 40
    Man, the SX4 would be just about perfect with the 1.9 Diesel.
    120 HP isnt bad, although if they were to punch out the motor to a 2.0, you might get around 135 HP or thereabouts making it a better hwy car, and alittle more pizzaz.
    I like the Diesels High Torque, which will help with the slightly heavier weight of the SX4 and am sure given todays gas prices, they would absolutely sell the crap out of these cars if they were Diesel.
    As it is, the SX4 is an incredible deal really.
    Whats stopping me is I dont want mid 20s gas mileage on average even with a 5 speed.
    It needs a 6 speed manual, and a 5 speed auto to pull better MPG in both forms with just the Gas engine.
    But, with the current transmissions and a Diesel, i can do without the extra gear in either trans if Im pulling down around 43 MPG Mixed driving.
    My Current Subaru Legacy pulls down the US spec SX4 numbers MPG wise and also has AWD and plenty of room to boot.
    I think the SX4 is more attractive however and Ill bet more fun overall.
    Suzuki PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.. Send the US a Diesel for the SX4!
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    arkainzeyearkainzeye Member Posts: 473
    I really dont know much about diesel cars, but how much better is the mileage vs the increased cost of diesel? I ask because where i live gas is $2.99 and diesel is $3.59. Is there a giant difference in mpg between the two?
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    sx4_tdisx4_tdi Member Posts: 1
    I purchased a new 2,000 diesel Jet. It was a nice car in many ways but was a maintenance hog. A replacement 2009 Jet wagon was $22,000 minimum for teh gas model and much more if you want more than just a diesel engine n seats it seemed. The VW dealer offered me a whopping $500 off sticker, Suzuki offered me almost $3,000.

    Any way Aug 21, 2009 I purchased a SX4, front wheel drive standard trans (hard to find) for $14,700.

    Any way, diesel fuel has a tad over 30% more energy than gasoline (the more you refine a fuel the less energy is in it). Easiest way to figure out the to diesel or not to diesel question (if all other things are equal) is figure out the fuel cost per mile than run the numbers on both gas n diesel cars....

    In my oppinion a US consumer diesel vehicles (pick up trucks) will never hit the break even point due to the extra 4 or so thousand dollars they cost over the gas version.

    One last FYI tidbit to pass on: Sales people will often tell a potential diesel purchaser that a "diesel engine is just broke in after 1oo,ooo miles as a sales tool. Yes this is somewhat true at beat BUT THE REST OF CAR will be the weak link in the chain, it well be used dog poop before the engine craps out n not worth the money to keep up. So in the end U have a worn out car with a decent motor....

    So, in conclusion, I hope to trade my 2oo9 SX4 in for a diesel SX4 one day in a year or two but only if the up grade price is realistic ($1,000 or less in my opinion)....

    One last one "one last" My VW Jet got 47 mpg, the 3 months I have had the SX4 it gets 32 + -. Assuming gas cost 2.50 n diesel costs 3.00 per gal. Gas SX4 gets 32 mpg n diesel gets 45 mpg, the gas SX4 costs $15,000 n the diesel SX4 costsw $16,000. At 150,000 miles the diesel SX4 costs only $718 less in costs to own n fuel........

    $11,718 gas T= $26,718 - $10,000 + 16,000 = 26,000
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    sweetlibertysweetliberty Member Posts: 1
    Here is the contact information for Suzuki USA. Sorry I could not find their email. Maybe if they get enough requests for the Diesel model of the SX4 Crossover they will start selling it in the USA.

    Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.; 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. (PST)
    Phone: 1-800-934-0934
    Fax: 1-714-579-1272
    American Suzuki Motor Corporation
    Automotive Division
    P.O. Box 1100
    Brea, CA 92822-1100
    Attention: Customer Relations Department
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