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Volvo S70 Lights

coloradohvcoloradohv Member Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Volvo
I have a Volvo S70-T5 1999. The coolant level light stays on constantly, eventhough the level is fine in the reservoir. The thermostat has been changed. Are there any sensors that may be bad and where are they?


  • studbutterstudbutter Member Posts: 7
    We had this same light come on in our '99 S70 base. There's a coolant level sensor built into the bottom of the coolant reservoir bottle -- the dealership's mechanic evidently plugged it back in and it hasn't been a problem since.

    The sensor and reservoir are a unit, though, and it's about an $80 part if it needs replaced.
  • cirby01cirby01 Member Posts: 1
    My Driver side daytime running light is not working.. Replaced the bulb--still did not resolve the issue-- any suggestions
  • jhaikjhaik Member Posts: 1
    Where is the headlight adjustment on my 2000 S70?
  • thehats00thehats00 Member Posts: 2
    Here's an FYI to everyone who has had this problem. I have read countless posts and followed much useful advice. I changed the temp sensor, the fan control relay, the maf sensor and the fan ran continuously. I finally found that none of these parts had been bad. When changing the temp sensor, I failed to notice the tremendous amount of corrosion inside the positive terminal of the sensor connector. Cleaned this, put dielectric grease on it and it sured the hard starting, the fan running and the lack of boost from the turbo. $250 in un-needed parts and several hour in wasted labor all because of corrosion in a connector. Always check the simple things first! Hope this helps.
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