Azera vs. Nissan Versa?

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The commercials for the Nissan Versa look nice - are there any comparisons for inside space between the Azera vs. the Versa?


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    I suspect you're joking, but I'll give you the numbers. The Nissan Versa sedan has 94.3 cu ft interior volume and 13.8 cu ft cargo volume.

    The Azera is much larger with 106.9 cu ft interior volume and 16.6 cu ft cargo space. This is like comparing a yacht to a rowboat!

    P.S. judgementbuy, the Versa is the rowboat.
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    I was not joking, I know the Azera is a better car, but I could not find any comparisons on the web. Thanks!
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    Much like comparing an Azera with a Flying Spur.
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    It was just a question about interior space. Nuttin' wrong with that! ;)
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    Oh, maaaaaan, interior space... sounds like a zen thing.... :shades:
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