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Commander Windshield Crack

youngmoneyyoungmoney Posts: 9
edited April 2014 in Jeep
We just got two Commanders this January and already both of them have a cracked windshield. It must be pretty common for Commanders, if both of our "less than 2000 miles" Commanders already have a cracked windshield. I was thinking maybe it's the upright windshield which causes the impact of a small rock to be much worse than it should be. Just wondering if this is a common problem or is it just a coincidence that they both cracked at around the same time.


  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    What's your commute or local driving like? Any gravel roads? Lots of construction in your area? Are the cracks seemingly random or do they both start near an edge?

    You may want to check out a rock deflector/bug guard for the front grill in the hopes of deflecting some of the rocks.
  • All paved roads, and some construction. The first Commander's windshield started from the center and has grown for the last couple of weeks. It's actually in the shop now; getting the windshield replaced. The other one that just happened recently is starting from the bottom edge on the driver's side and curving to the left. It could be the construction, but then why the Commanders and not any of our other cars.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Could be the slope (or lack of one) of the windshield I suppose. I've had good luck gluing chips so you may want to try that if you have small ones in the future that you can catch early. My insurance company fixes those for free.

    Anyone else cracking their Commander windshield?
  • Mine also, rock hit turned into a crack the first week I had it. It is because it is so flat and vertical my glass guy says. I do a lot of freeway driving thru construction areas, the replacement one is now cracked across the bottom too. Guess I'm looking at a new windshield every year
  • We purchased a 2006 Jeep Commander in July, and since then we have had 2 rock chips in the windshield, which we have had patched. Since then, we now have 4 cracks that all started below the windshield wipers and have spread all the way across the windshield. It doesn't seem that it would be logical that all 4 of these cracks, that all started within 24 hours of each other, would have all been caused by rocks. It seems that there is a design flaw with the windshield, being too flat with no slope. We have never had any problems with any of our other cars like we have had with the windshield on our Commander. We don't drive on gravel roads at all, and haven't driven in any construction zones. We took our Commander to the local Jeep dealership, and asked that they repair it under warranty, and we were told that they don't cover glass repairs under warranty ever. It just seems to us that this is a flaw in the design of the car, and we aren't too excited about replacing the windshield every 6 months for close to $500 (will cost extra because of the rain sensor on the glass), especially since we are afraid that it will continue to be prone to rock chips and cracks for who knows what reason. We have friends who also have a 2006 Commander, and they are currently on their 3rd windshield for the same reasons we have listed. Something has to be wrong with this and we are wondering when Jeep is going to do something about it and either pay to replace the windshields or recall the vehicles all together. We would love to hear from anyone else who has had similar problems.
  • evaddaveevaddave Posts: 156
    So far so good with ours. It's probably just a matter of luck. Well luck and/or speed. :) The faster you go, the harder the rocks hit. :sick:

    If upright, flat windshields were a big problem for rock chips, then there probably would be a bunch of complaints from Wrangler and Hummer owners. Not to mention tractor-trailer drivers. Now, I don't own any of those, so I have no clue, but maybe in the forums for those vehicles they're having problems, too.
  • movelabmovelab Posts: 2
    I noticed the crack one morning. Checked it out and it was the slightest chip in the corner on the drivers winshield under the wiper line. My insurance should replace 100%. Got allstate platinum. BUMMER THOUGH! Looks like it's a real problem. What can we do? I don't look forward to replacing this or driving around in this expensive vehicle with a cracked windshield.

    Anybody have any news on this?
  • Just to give you guys an update. I replaced one of the Commanders' windshield. Luckily I still have not gotten a new windshield for the other, because I just got another big chip that looks like a bullet hole right in the middle on the drivers side. There must be a design flaw.
  • We sent the following message to Daimler Chrysler Customer Assistance (the following e-mail address) us&emailUrl=goToEmailForm%28%27R%27%29
    and received the response that I have included below.

    "We purchased a 2006 Jeep Commander in July of 2006. Since we have owned it, we have had 2 rock chips, that we have had patched. Since then, we have 4 different cracks that have all started below the windshield wipers, and all 4 cracks started within 24 hours of each other. First, it seems that Jeep Commanders are MUCH more seceptible to rock chips than any other car that we have ever owned. Second, the latest 4 cracks do not seem to even have started from rock chips, but since they have all started from the bottom of the windshield, below the windshield wipers (when the wipers were not being used at all), this seems to us to be some kind of design flaw with the Commander's windshield. Perhaps the windshields are just too big, too straight, with little to no slope at all, or just not made sturdy enough.
    It just seems that there is a design or quality problem with the windshield, and we are concerned about the Jeep dealership that we went to not being willing to repair this problem under warranty. We don't drive our cars on gravel roads at all, we have not driven them through any construction zone areas. We drive them on normal, generally good condition roads, and it doesn't seem reasonable that in 9 months time, we have had 2 rock chips, and now 4 different cracks. We don't feel that we should be responsible to pay $500 to have a windshield repaired, that we are concerned with once it is repaired that they same problem will continue to happen, again and again. We have talked to a few other Commander owners, and they have all experienced the same problem we are having. One couple that we know that owns a Commander is on their 3rd windshield. They seems to be an issue with not just us, but other Commander owners also. We are wondering what Jeep plans to do to rectify this problem? Is a recall being considered? Is a better, stronger, windshield even a possibility, or is
    the windshield just too large, and too straight up and down to not constantly have this problem? We love our Commander, other than this issue, but wouldn't ever consider purchasing another Jeep unless we knew that Jeep was doing something to fix this problem and make it right with all current owners. We look forward to receiving a response on Jeep's stand on this issue."

    Here is the response that we received back from them:

    "Thank you for contacting the Chrysler Group Customer Assistance Center.

    Your recent email was received and reviewed by the Customer Assistance Center. Your concerns, particularly in view of the expense and inconvenience involved in this issue, are understandable. However, your request for consideration in this matter must be declined, because the problem you incurred is the result of environmental causes.

    Your warranty book states:

    3.2 Environmental Factors Not Covered

    Your warranties don't cover damage caused by environmental factors such as airborne fallout, chemicals, tree sap, salt, ocean spray, acid rain, and road hazards. Nor do your warranties cover damage caused by hailstorms, windstorms, tornadoes, sandstorms, lightning, floods or earthquakes.

    Your warranties do not cover conditions resulting from anything impacting the vehicle. This includes cracks and chips in glass, scratches and chips in painted surfaces, or damage from collision.

    Although a more favorable reply could not be provided, sharing your concern with us is appreciated.

    Thanks again for your email.



    Senior Staff Representative
    Chrysler Group Customer Assistance Center"

    This was pretty much the response we expected to receive from Jeep, but we still feel that the problems with our windshield aren't from environmental issues, but from a flaw in the design of the windshield. We understand that once in awhile a stray rock may chip a windshield or cause a windshield to crack, but it seems that things are a little disproportionate to this happening with Jeep Commanders. When you pay $44,000 (this was list price, we paid $36,000), you would think that you wouldn't have to pay to replace a windshield every 6 months or so to fix something that seems to be a problem in their design of this SUV. We will continue to seek a fair resolution to this issue, and are very interested in hearing from anyone else that is experiencing similiar problems. We are considering contacting a lawyer and pursuing a class action lawsuit against Jeep.
  • Here is another comment I found at:

    Mark of New Orleans LA (12/20/06)
    The Jeep commander I purchased on Mothers day 2006 has several problems. The windsheild has wind coming in it it has electrical problems and the paint is job has flaws. The vehicle has been in the shop at least 6-8 times and i am still having the same problems, right now i can not even lock my vehicle to protect my property when I go shopping because of the electrical problem which was fixed once before and the windshield was repaired 4 times. I need this problem corrected and Chyrsler is telling me they will not give me a rental while my car is being repaired under warranty.
  • Sorry to go on and on about this, but here is another comment we found on another site:

    "2006 Jeep Commander"
    2006 Jeep Commander 4X4
    By: SnowStomper from Oregon
    Owned: Less than 1 year
    Review ID: #483954
    8.6 Overall Rating

    8 Styling
    10 Performance
    9 Interior
    6 Quality
    9 Recommendation

    We live in a high snow and ice area, and the Commander has out-performed any other vehicle we have ever owned! We maintain traction and control at all times. There is also a very smooth and quiet ride when traveling.

    We have had two major mechanical problems with this vehicle. We have owned the Commander for almost 3 months, and a few weeks ago my sister accidentally tipped over a soda on the dash. The soda spilled into the drivers side dash speaker and we experienced some electrical problems. We took it to the dealer to find out there is no protection underneath the speaker cover, and our electrical junction box was completely melted. We had no electrical function and were told if we continued to drive, we could have lost brakes or ignited. Also, if your windshield gets hit with a rock, the glass cracks and spreads immediately with any temperature change.

    Overall Review:
    Overall, the Commander is a very functional, well-performing vehicle. There are a couple of manufacture issues that need to be addressed, but otherwise, a very reliable and comfortable car. We have owned Jeeps for years, and this is the first time we have ever had any trouble. We highly recommend this vehicle, both for families and cargo. Also, the towing system is excellent.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Consider informing them that a cracked windshield poses a serious safety hazard.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • cidmancidman Posts: 1
    Well, I believe I have the worst commander of them all when it comes to cracked windshields. I have replaced 4 wind shields in the first 4 months of ownership. The dealer could care less and Chrysler doesn't care either. They both say that I just have bad luck. Two windshield replacements in 2 months is bad luck. Three is extremely bad luck. Four is a statistical impossibility. In actuality it should be 5 windshields. Before I could get one of the windshields replaced it cracked again on the other side. Even the one I have now has a chip in it. I was lucky enough to get that chip repaired before it ran. I am extremely frustrated. It certainly isn't acceptable to pay $450 every month to replace a windshield. I can't even sell the vehicle because its value dropped so quickly after purchasing it. I certainly don't plan to buy any more Chrysler products. I won't be buying anything from any dealerships owned by the same company I purchased my vehicle from either. Let's all hope Chrysler steps up and does something about their ridiculous design flaw. Does the Toyota FJ Cruiser have the same problem? What about the H3 or H1? Those vehicles have flat windshields too.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Four is a statistical impossibility.

    Not necessarily. The deck may be stacked against you if you normally drive in a "hazardous" area, i.e. roads with loose gravel, contruction or other loose materials on the roads. I am not ruling out design or material flaws, however! In any case, I would still consider four cracked windshields in four months to be unacceptable.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Not knowing where you live, I couldn't begin to tell you what windshield vendor to use. But, having had the same problem (not quite as bad), I used a local vendor (metro-Detroit) that warrants the replacement for 20 months/20k miles for ANY damage or cracks. They will replace at their cost.

    I don't recall the exact replacement amount, but it was competitive (around $300). But, of course it depends where you live. And be certain to use Mopar windshields; there are a number of aftermarket glass manufacturers that don't hold correct tolerances.

    According to some Jeep engineers I speak to regularly, this windshield design is no better or worse (cracking) than others.

    Good luck.
  • kristinpkristinp Posts: 1
    I bought a 2007 Jeep Commander on Wed 4-4-07, today 4-11-07 I was driving down a two lane road 30mph speed limit and a truck threw a rock at my windshield it cracked and then spread across the entire windshield. I am soooo upset I do not even have plates on it yet. I called the dealership spoke to three diff people all of whom could not help me at all. I then found this website and used the approach that this is an issue that I was not told about and may have bought a diff vehicle had I known these things, furthermore Chrysler is very particular about their customer satisfaction surveys and getting 100% on them from customers. I finally got a manager to get me someone to fix my windshield tomm for $100 out of pocket if I give them 100% on the survey. I understand it is not their fault that the rock hit me but this is an issue that Chrysler needs to deal with.

    I just wanted to respond to give my support to the cause...thanks.
  • We encourage anyone else that has or is having problems with their Jeep Commander windshields to file a complaint with the National Highway Safety Traffic Authority. If there are enough complaints, they will then investigate and maybe then something will be done. One of our concerns is that many of us that are having to replace our windshields are not filing anything through our insurance companies because of higher deductibles, so therefore there is no paper trail of the numbers of incidences of windshield problems. Insurance companies have a lot more pull and power than us each as individuals.

    Below is the information we found on the NHSTA web site at

    By Phone
    Call the DOT Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 and a NHTSA representative will record your complaint information.

    General Information

    Your complaint information will be entered into NHTSA's vehicle owner's complaint database and used with other complaints to determine if a safety-related defect trend exists.

    If a safety-related defect exists in a motor vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment, the manufacturer must fix it at no cost to the owner. Your complaint is the first step in the process.

    Government engineers analyze the problem. If warranted, the manufacturer is asked to conduct a recall. If the manufacturer does not initiate a recall, the government can order the manufacturer to initiate a recall.

    We do not have to receive a specific number of complaints before we look into a problem. We gather all available information on a problem. Your complaint is important to us.
    For a prompt response from NHTSA, send your information request, suggestions, or comments to
  • I purchased an FJ Cruiser a couple of months ago. It had 2200 miles, and 1 sealed chip in the middle and 1 hairline crack on the lower driver's side corner. The dealership agreed to replace the windshield as part of the sale. I now have 5700 miles. While I was driving to work today, a crack started shooting across my windshield out of nowhere! The same angle as the previous crack but higher up. There was no rock chip. The dealership and installer have taken a look at it. They are contacting a Toyota representative to "see how they can help". The Toyota dealership in town said that they have not heard of this problem before. They will contact me on Monday to let me know what was decided.
  • irenehireneh Posts: 1
    I have had 3 front winshileds in 4 months!!!!
    The dealer said it's the shape and direction of the can't bounce off.
    Of course it's my problem
    Now I'm having electrical problems with the front windows opening and closing!!!
  • kelly51106kelly51106 Posts: 7
    Again, we urge everyone that is having any problem with their Commander windshield to contact the National Highway Safety Transportation Authority. We need everyone to report their problems, so a paper trail begins and draws this to someone's attention. We are about to get our windshield replaced, but I'm scared to death that it will crack again.

    Below is the information we found on the NHSTA web site at

    By Phone
    Call the DOT Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 and a NHTSA representative will record your complaint information.

    Interesting that your dealer pretty much admitted the problem is with the design with the windshield and they still tell you it's your problem. I have a friend that has a Commander, is on her 4th windshield, and was just recently having problems with the electrical system in her Jeep. She was driving down the interstate and all electrical died-no lights, brakes, steering, radio, wipers, etc. Everything. When she got to a stop, she was able to start it back up and then continue on driving. This happened to her 4 times in 1 1/2 weeks. Needless to say, she took it in and they worked on it, but they told her they have never heard of this happening before, although I've read several places that this is an ongoing problem with the Commander also.
  • ms5ms5 Posts: 1
    Glad to hear it's not only us. We purchased a Commander in November. We now have 4 cracks in our windshield. The crackes occured all within one month. I swear it cracks even if a bug hits it. We will definitely call in a complaint.
    Thanks for the info!
  • 9er9er Posts: 2
    I picked up a small stone last week which left a chip in my w/s. One day later it ran about 4". Another two days after that, I was driving down the road when this greybeard on a lawnmower ran over some dirt, which savagely flew at my Commander. Wham!! The windshield immediately spider-webbed like there was nothing to it. Here in Alberta, Canada it's $780+tax for a Chrysler replacement, and $460 at Speedy. What am I in for? I just bought the Jeep two weeks ago... Cheaply made? Poor positioning/angling? Plain old rotten Luck? Does the Hummer suffer from this "weak link", or is it simply that Chrysler has to address this "flaw" in the glass itself? The only way to fix this problem is within the glass, that I firmly believe, is too thin and, as a result, too weak. Would there be a recall on the 1000s of these inferior windshields currently stocked by glass shops everywhere? I don't know, but I do know one thing, every Commander owner should somehow get together and make a lot of noise....! :surprise:
  • I can't complain about anything else for the Commander. It's a great car for the money. It's one of the smoothest riding cars I have had. The steering is very responsive too. The Commander feels very solid. If only they can find a way to redo the windshield, I would consider getting another one.
  • tardifftardiff Posts: 2
    2 Months 2 windshields. Just adding to the post. I did file a complaint on line with NHThsa listed on this site.
    Still like the truck but seems to be an issue with the windshields. This looks like a definate pattern.
  • 9er9er Posts: 2
    To be fair, the Commander truly is a great vehicle overall. Perhaps if the windshield were just a little thicker and stronger, then there wouldn't be anything to complain about. I'm disabled and have been looking around for a comfortable vehicle (no minivans for this guy!). Just like putting on a new pair boots that you know right off are a perfect fit, no such thing as saying, "ah, they just need a little break-in period, this Jeep fit perfectly. I', a happy camper to say the least. :)
  • bandb832bandb832 Posts: 2
    I hope if you had your windshield replaced that it is still free from chips and cracks...I had a problem with the original Jeep windshield for my 3.7 V6...7000 miles, 35+ chips, cracks from top to bottom an side to side.... my insurance company and Chrysler/Jeep use the same company/glass, so at 11,000 miles I chose to pay $30 above my decuctible to another company and leave the insurance and service depart out of far, things are good, but everytime I hear the sound of a rock hitting the glass, I hold my breath, pray and look over the windshield--- not a good feeling, but it now has almost 19,000 miles and I've only had to purchase 1 windshield....unfortunately, it is leaking transmission fluid and back at the also hesitates/stalls while driving (which is really bad when you're making a turn), the traction control works when it shouldn't, shakes at times from low idle when in park and drive, hydroplaned several times, delay/hesitation/hard shift when put in drive/reverse/changing gears, 2nd row seats hard to fold up, the stereo system had an electrical problem and has been replaced....AND, believe it or not I told the guy at the service department today that I would trade out of it....unsure of which step I will take next regarding a trade in, but will definately go to the web site you listed. Good luck.
  • I also have two cracks in the 1st 3,000 miles of operartion with my Commander. I filled out the NHTSA form registering my problem. I haven't changed the windshield out yet as the cracks are small and not directly in my line of vision.

    Has anyone heard of some type of protective cover, (Clear plastic or similar) that can be put on top of the windshield glass?? :D :D :D
  • When you lift up your 2nd row seat look at all of the hardware underneath. We have had our Commander 3 months and only half of my second row seat would come up with a little effort. When we started inspecting the vehicle we found that all of the hardware on all of the seats and underneath was full of rust and is getting worse each day. We have even found it in the headrest of the 3rd row.
    I am not impressed with the vehicle at all. It has been in the shop 6 times in 6 weeks with the service department keeping it anywhere from 1-5 days.
    Since we keep having numerous problems and Chysler can not figure it out, we have opted to file the lemon law. Hopefully the state of Florida will be gracious and we will get a GM product next time.
    Oh by the way Phillips Chrysler in Ocala offers the worst customer service and the service department has not a clue what they are doing.
  • dexmdexm Posts: 2
    Crack Cauded by Defrost Heat -
    My windshield crack right infront of me with no rock. It was about 36 F outside at night, I turned on the defraost high and started down the road. sunndenly a symetrical crack appears shaped like steer horns across the windshield with the center right above the round GPS receiver on the dask spreading outward the same length and shape to the right and left. It looks like the defrost caused it. There is no chip on the outside or inside. This must be a disgn flaw if the defrost used normally can crack a windshield.
  • Sorry to hear about all the problems with the Commander, I was hoping they would finally come out with a new Jeep with no major problems.
    I also have an issue with windshields, but mine is a Cherokee. Besides finding a small chip after cleaning a recent purchase of a 2000 Cherokee, I had all of these water spots on all of my glass. After using a buffer with a glass polisher, I managed to reduce some of the spots. When water dries on the glass, mineral deposits are left on the surface of the glass, and are hard to remove.
    But it seems my problem with the windshield glare was still there. According to local glass dealers, you cannot remove sand pitting from windshields with a polisher. Another issue is that glass made today is not as hard as years ago, that is why it pits so easily.
    It will cost about $250 to replace, but be sure the glass company does not use a tape adhesive to install the windshield. It seems it is a vital component in the structual safety of the Jeep, and must be installed properly.
    I guess I need to buy a bug/rock shield or buy a bullet proof windshield. Keep up the pressure on Chrysler to do the right thing on Commanders. Roger :(
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