Saturn S-Series Water Leaks

spauffspauff Member Posts: 1
I have a 95 SL1, 175,000 miles. Both front doors and the right rear door have water leaks. Leak is at the top edge of doors. Seals look ok. During heavy rain it is bad, soaking the seats and floor boards. Would adjusting the door lock striker help by pulling the door in tighter to make a more positive seal or should I replace the door seals. I have friends you own Saturns and they have similar problems with door water leaks.


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    Look at the top drip rail on the car. runs from the windshield to the rear window on the body. usually after time they start to seperate from the body and leak right into the car.If you open the door and look down from the roof you should be able to see the gap. easiest fix is to get some silicone and run a fine bead between the roof and the drip moulding. I know it sounds kinda cheesy but that is how the Saturn dealers fix it.
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    I have a 2001 Saturn SC2 with 316,000 miles. Runs and looks great. When it rains and I drive it I discovered the passenger side floor is soaking wet. When the car sits during rains the passenger side is dry. I've taken it to an auto glass dealer and they couldn't find any leaks using water hosed accross the windshield and sunroof and windows. Where could this leak be coming from?
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    I found this advice that might be the problem:

    mine leaks in the trunk and sometimes the back seat. there are rubber hoses that come detached periodically back there, so when i notice all my stuff soaking wet, i have to push the rubber hose pieces back together. but this link is answer to a leak with the water coming in the front, and possibly will help you
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    After charging with tow cans there was noise then compressor came on and it was blowing cold air Now compressor will come on but only hot air. It has low shutoff switch for compressor so should not come on at all if low. -heard whoosh noise when on Help :sick:
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    I don't usually answer saturn questions but I was looking around for saturns that have water leaks on passenger side when I saw your post. You should have used a gauge to fill the air so you don't put too much or too little but all that aside if the clutch is still engaged to the compressor you should have cool or cold air. It sounds like the system is working but the door on the heater that controls hot or cold is not switching to cold.I don't know if they use a cable or vacuum. The cable could have come off or the vacuum going to the door usually goes to a diaphragm like you had on the old cars on the end of the air cleaner. If the diaphragm goes bad the door will not move and you would have cold and hot .
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