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Rabbit Log



  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    the bunny forums have been dead as of late, so i decided to post a long needed update on my rabbit.

    just passed 24k this past week. (yesterday's odo reading of 24444 was rather amusing ;) ) so i have officially exceeded the miles i put on my 06 civic in less time with the rabbit. (the civic was traded in with just under or over, i can't remember, 23k)

    High miles yes, but hopefully this will be remedied when i secure a cheap reliable 2nd used car, like an old accord or something.

    The bunny has been holding up remarkably well, but i think its time to take a trip to the dealer as the shocks/struts/bushings... something suspension oriented is making light squeaky sounds whenver bumps are hit. It does not seem to be a big deal, especially since its hardly even audible when the windows are up, even with no muscic on.

    With the windows rolled down, you can hear it if you listen to it, but i'm hoping its a simply fix. Again nothing life threatening.

    I averaged about 28 mpg on another tank again a couple of weekends ago, got about 340 on the tank. Hoping to exceed the record 360 this weekend.

    Service reminder is coming up again, so i'll have to manually reset it...the next service interval is going to be taken care of by me again, as it calls for nothing different than the 20k service which i did myself as well.

    the 40k calls for quite a bit more, by that time i should be good to just go ahead and take her to the dealer, just to ensure all's well.

    more updates to come. And come on people start posting some stuff! :)
  • rallyfanrallyfan Posts: 36
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618

    YOU DONT HAVE TO TYPE LIKE THIS. it kind makes it sound like you are yelling, kay?

    as of right now, the rabbit is not going to get the 1.4 in north america...we may not see any new motors until the mk6 rolls around.
  • esheleshel Posts: 1
    the european vw 1.4 motor with 140 hp equivalent to the german made engine for the US vw 2.5 with 150 hp,its TSI (direct injection, dual fed by a volumetric compressor and a turbo feeder) powerful small engine, fuel efficient, and made with the people in mind.
    It wont be seen in the US because gas here sucks, its broken down, its dirty and its octanage just too low. example: in europe you have 93, 95, 96, 97, and 98 octane gas, in the US we use 85, 89, 93 octane gas, I personally owned a 1992 fiat uno fitted with a lancia delta engine 1.5 in europe until 2 years ago and all i would give it was 98 octane gas. nobody i knew used 95 and not to mention 93!
    So a car built to use 98 aint going to be seen over here any time soon unless the government start thinking about the people and not about making more money by building crap heavy cars with huge overpowered engines :mad: that have no Use (because during the short lifespan of american cars :sick: "which is very short by the way" you will probably only use about 70 percent of all that power these gas gulping :lemon: power cars boast about) So all that 30 percent in unused power is the gas being consumed in every mile you go, even when you drive slow. this is the perfect circle big gas sucking cars, gas prices go up just when summer kicks in, heat helps evaporate gas quicker, more gas demand, us built cars go on sale, people buy, gas keeps going up and nobody does anything about it.
    so in the end who ends up with all our money?

    and why has this become a game of misleading and misinforming consumers to buy a supposedly "gas efficient" truck\car?

    This is the main reason why most European cars cant be brought to the US :cry:
    they would simply out sell the us market in most aspects.

    I did feel a bit ripped off when i bought my 06 rabbit " which is really a mkV golf for heavens sake" (another smart move to keep selling the golf gls mk IV when the rest of the world doesnt produce them anymore.) because it only had 150 hp with a 2.5l engine come on! but what was I to expect?
    I bought it because even so its still german engineering... ;)
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    well, first off, the 1.4 tsi is supercharged and turbocharged: it makes 170 hp. and while it does get better gas mileage, it would probably a nightmare to service and vw is trying to improve their reliability , not make it more complicated.

    I did feel a bit ripped off when i bought my 06 rabbit " which is really a mkV golf for heavens sake" (another smart move to keep selling the golf gls mk IV when the rest of the world doesnt produce them anymore.) because it only had 150 hp with a 2.5l engine come on! but what was I to expect?
    I bought it because even so its still german engineering...

    huh? an excuse to keep selling the mkIV gls? The Rabbit IS not the MkIV, its the MKV golf with a different badge limited to the U.S.

    why do so many people find this difficult to understand? the rest of the world has this car as well, they just kept the golf name plate. But what you drive is still an MKV, wether is says golf or rabbit is irrelevant!!! :mad:

    actually, its good that you are into the german engineering thing, because the mkIV's? they were pretty much mostly made


    get the facts straight man.

    i do agree about gas guzzling suv's, but since most european cars are small and hatchbacks MOST americans wouldn't be too interested unfortunately.

    plus, if we go by your logic, we cant drive them here anyway, because our gas is too dirty. :blush:
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    Thats it for the bunny.

    On thursday of last week, my wife and i traded in our car for....

    a brand new honda fit. :)

    love it to death, but totally understand its weaknesses and strenghts when compared to the rabbit.

    got 13k for him even on dealer trade in.

    what i miss: the impeccable materials used in the cabin, the amazingly quite ride, the smooth steering, the off the line torque, the low cruising revs, the simplicity of the desgin, the slighlty smoother tranny shifts, the feeling of solidity/ 130mph top speed.

    Now what i DON"T miss: (you can guess what i like about the fit after reading this:) the less than stellar fuel economy (though i knew what i was getting into), the not so precise road feel, a rear seat that does not fold flat, a lack of high end power and low redline, the body roll, the lack of 2 doors (though the rabbit can obviously be had with 4.), the expensive serivice.

    Needless to say, my experience with the rabbit has made me look at vw in a different light, a good one; instead of looking at them like 'Whoa! that would be cool to try, but i wouldn't own one'.

    A great hatchback with some forgivable shortcomings. and by far the most luxurious car you can get for under 20k that isn't a used luxury car.

    Bye sammie.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Congratulations! Hope this car fits you better. :)

    So is this your third new car in about a year? Didn't you have a Civic before the Rabbit? For this kind of buying pattern, you might consider going the short-term lease route.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    thanks backy!

    yeah, i dunno whats wrong with me, i should be a lease kinda guy!

    But the fit should be staying with us for awhile, as the main reason we bought the rabbit when we did was back when fits were pretty much impossible to find! So its kinda like how things should have been. I plan on having him for a loooonnnggg time!

    So far, he has fit much better! Still things i miss about the bunny, but the fit counteracts them in other areas.
  • Congrats Eldaino, I guess you wont be posting on the rabbit forum much anymore? I plan on keeping my Rabbit for at least 150k. We'll see what happens.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    thanks man! but don't worry, i frequent these threads and will never stop posting! i figure a year and 27k is enough to have some say-so in the rabbit forums!

    my rabbit gave me no mechanical problems, so if you take car of her, 150k should be a snap!
  • shirotorishirotori Posts: 51
    I just had the 20,000 mile service on my 2007 Rabbit that I've had for 14 months. For the full service it cost me $218 in a smaller city in Wisconsin, though if I had had it done at another dealership near Chicago where I'm living now it would have cost me another $100 or so. A clamp in the driver-side window had loosened, but that was the only issue...of which it was very small. The Rabbit is running very well; it's been a very good purchase for me. I also had my windows tinted a while back and it makes the car look quite nice. :shades:
  • daylabordaylabor Posts: 1
    I just bought a rabbit, and so far I love the thing.

    I've already got a question the dealer can't answer: if you put the key in the door and twist to unlock and hold it, the windows all open. Can you program the remote control to do this?

    Thanks to anyone who has an answer!
  • shirotorishirotori Posts: 51
    I believe this is a European feature. My German friend told me about this and then I asked my dealer (last year) and was told that this is not a feature on the North American or at least U.S. vehicles. The dealer could have been wrong though, so I suppose it's worth further investigation.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Dealer won't want to do it because they do not want to mess around with, or risk making an error in, changing the coding. But in theory, it can be done. It can also be done with vagcom, I believe.

    Look for "Comfort opening power windows via remote control active" in the list here:
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    i just was browsing the forums, decided to stop by.

    still have the fit, have racked up over 30k in less than a year.

    i figure my rabbit would have fared the same, it just would have been more expensive to do so.

    we just got an 08 bug for my wife and she loves it, as it reminds her of sammie. it was nice getting back into a vee dub, and like i said before, they have thier very nice points. (and yes, we opted for the one time charge, and now we have free maintenence for the next 3 years regardless of mileage.)

    so how is everyone's bunny doing? i may get back into one in a couple of years, probably an mk6, wether or not it'll be a gti remains to be seen.
  • I have 22,000 miles on my 2007 5M Rabbit and am enjoying it a lot. I have had no trouble. It's been a great car thus far.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    Rabbit Log: 2200 hours, 997 miles:

    August 13th:

    Observed and driven 2008 Rabbit 4 door automatic for 30 days. No problems noted, except for 2 moderately-deep half-inch scratches on rear bumper caused by lame attempt to load road bike through rear hatch.

    A bit more power desired. Should have bought a GTI.

    Will do better next time.

    Over and out.
  • reading some of my old posts! new user name, couldn't remember my old email.

    probably will be getting into an mk6 in the next year or two. maybe a tdi.

    hope everyones rabbit is doing well.
  • 4itgog4itgog Posts: 15
    My 2006 Rabbit just passed 61K. Unlike my past VWs(4 GTIs, 1 Passat), This car has been extremely reliable and a pleasure to drive. My only issue was a fluid leak after a 40 K mile service. Castrol Syn. oil every 10K. No electrical glitches for a change, and with the Mk5 independant rear suspension it handles better than my past GTIs. I have never owned a car for over 3 years and there is no rush to replace it, but a new Golf TDI or Jetta Sportwagen TDI could get the nod soon.
  • chaoslooterchaoslooter Posts: 4
    edited September 2010
    Just purchased a 2007 Rabbit with only 22,000KM's,yes a little old lady story,she trades them every 3 years weather they need it or not!Yup,I hit it lucky,right time,at right dealership.Anyway,so far I love it!Goes like stink.So Heres my Question of the day.Does anyone know where I can get a front upper strut tie down bar for this thing.In Canada would be great if possible,but doesn't really matter.Thanks for any help.
  • Stay away from any prods from Evolution Motorsports pertaining to air intake kits!They don't even send an instruction sheet as to how to install them!It is up to you to use your imagination as to how the parts go to-gethor,in what sequence,or what original parts not to use,etc.Very perplexing.I recieved mine to-day and was flabbergasted!I contacted them and they told me "No dice,we ain't got one"!.They did say they would have one of their "Tech's" talk to me on the phone and give me some tips.GOSH,that will really help.For a substantial layout of bread of this amount at least you should get a "How To" sheet!I must admit it looks like good quality stuff,but how does it go togethor?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    The question I have is why you're bothering with an intake at all. I mean, unless you want your engine to sound louder under most driving conditions, the intake isn't going to do much for your car.
  • Ok boys and girls,I take back what I said about Evolution Motorsports,they finally did come up with an installation "How To",but I think there is one part missing from the kit!And yes Shipp,other than the noise it dyno's out to over 10 extra ponys!Almost fifteen with some exhaust mods that are simple.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I'll bet you that A) the dyno numbers are more than a tad optimistic and even then only when operating at WOT at redline, B) the "usable" midrange torque numbers are actually reduced, and C) a modification to the exhaust will just make the midrange loss even more apparent.

    Now, if you routinely drive around with the tach somewhere north of 5,000 RPMS, then yes, an intake may help you get there a bit quicker, but otherwise, all you're going to get is more noise.
  • OK folks,if you care at all,I got the missing part straightened out with Evolution and they are going to send it to me post haste at no expense to me.I guess I jumped the gun about them,they are nice to deal with after all.Hey,there are bound to be some neglible screw ups with any mail order stuff I guess.Check out their website, they have a lot of good prod's for the Rabbit.
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