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Nissan Sentra Audio Questions

wolfe74wolfe74 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Nissan
I bought a 2007 Sentra last week. Very happy with the car so far. My biggest complaint is with the radio displays and controls. I know these complaints are very minor, so that shows how happy I am with the car.

#1 When the CD playback is set to mix, using the "next" control will play the next sequential song not the next random song. If I were to buy the iPod control would it act the same way?

#2 When the name of the MP3 file is longer than the display it will scroll the remainder of the file name only once at the beginning of play. Does it also behave this way with the Sirius display or iPod display?

I plan on installing the Sirius receiver and antenna when they come off back order. Can I install both the iPod controller and the Sirius receiver?


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