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I mentioned this in the other CTS thread, but wanted to highlight for others that Cadillac is planning to make a wagon (for the Euro market) and a coupe version of the CTS. I am very excited at the prospect of a CTS-V wagon, but time will tell. I think it will serve Cadillac well to have a G35/335i coupe fighter in its lineup.


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    I assume that Caddy has done it's homework with the CTS wagon. Personally I don't think it would fly in the US even with AWD. I'm sure that's why they're only going to market it in Europe.

    On the other hand, a coupe is nearly a necessity if they're going to do battle with BMW, M/B and Infinity. It's amazing how many BMW and M/B coupes are being driven around town.

    There seems to be some differences of opinion as to whether Caddy will actually make a coupe. Motor Trend acted as if they'd seen a finished concept the way they praised it. while the most recent news release seems to hint that it's still a big maybe. Can anyone shed some light on the coupe subject. I'm holding off buying a 08 CTS sedan until I know for sure.
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    Well, I don't know about you, but I'd love to have a wagon version fly into my garage to replace my C320 wagon. In my mind, wagons are much more practical than sedans....just look at Europe.
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    The point of a wagon in Europe (as it should be in the US) is to replace the need for an SUV - not to replace a sedan.
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    My point was the wagon gives more easily used volume space than the sedan..remember luggage racks on the trunk?. I don't know why you want to bring up the SUV can of worms. Hey, I loved my Tahoe and I like the new ones...just too big for a single guy and two dogs...three, if I bring a date.
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    Hey gang, am I the only one who's excited about the CTS Coupe. This new vehicle seems to me, to be the perfect fit for not only the younger buyers which GM wants to attract, but also the Boomers ,like me, who have been salivating over the thought of actually having a full sized car with only two doors. If Caddy wants my opinion, make the coupe with everything the sedan has to offer, 300hp, AWD, 18 inch wheels etc. etc.

    Is there anyone else out there who shares my enthusiasm? If so get on the wagon (no pun intended) and let Caddy know what you want.
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    Ooh I definately share your enthusiasm. I would LOVE a 2010 Cadillac CTS coupe with the 300hp and AWD. Right now that's probably my dream car (other than a CTS-V coupe AUTO. But since the V probably won't be automatic I'd 'settle' for a CTS coupe w/AWD.
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    Let's hope the CTS Coupe arrives long before 2010. I'm looking for an arrival date of Fall 2008 as a 2009. BTW, I understand that CTS-V will be offered with an AUTO next year.
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    I'm definitely enthusiastic about the idea of a CTS-based coupe. There have got to be enough Boomer / Gen Xers out there who want something bigger than a BMW 3 series coupe.
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    I stopped by the Caddy store yesterday to get my first look at the new CTS. It appears to be everything that everyone has been saying about it (didn't have time for a test drive). I mentioned to the salesman that I was really interested in the coupe and he said Caddy has not made a decision yet as to whether to build one or not. Now I know that a salesman is the last place you go to get accurate information but has anyone heard or read any news regarding whether the coupe will be built and if so when?
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    As an early babyboomer, I'd like to see a Coupe de Ville again (CDTS??) but would settle for a CTS coupe for sure. And I could wait for 2010. Would be a good retirement present to myself....
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    I can't wait for 2010 for three reasons:

    1) I'm an earlier Boomer than you are, I retired two years ago at age 60.

    2) I have an 02 MDX which is performing very well but is getting a little long in the tooth.

    3) This is the longest I've gone without a new vehicle and I'm starting to getting very itchy.

    P.S. The Coupe De Ville ie: DTS is going by the wayside along with the rest of the Caddy Barges of the past. Thank goodness for that.
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    I'm really starting to get very nervous, none of the recent publications I have read have mentioned anything about a new coupe. Also, a recent article speculates that a coupe may be as much as three years away.

    Is there anyone out there who knows anything about when or if a coupe is on the way?

    The new 08 CTS looks awfully good and if there is no coupe on the horizon, I may just jump on a new CTS sedan.

    Can anyone help?
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    Well fret no more ;)

    According to the UAW contract, CTS Coupe and Wagon production will begin in 2009

    link title
    (see pg.11)
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    Interesting find in that UAW document. Even more interesting are the two "Zeta" products for 2011. It has been said that only Zeta could be modified to be large enough for a full sized premium RWD product. I guess now we have our answer on the new Cadillac flagship. I wonder what the other "Zeta" car will be? A new SRX perhaps?

    Other tidbits...the Corvette and Cadillac XLR get replaced in 2012. The Caddy DTS lives until 2010 (consistant with the 2011 Zeta product debut).

    Finally, the Chevy Volt shows up in 2010. It's locked and loaded.
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