Buying an older S-Type

roy20roy20 Member Posts: 2
I'm looking at buying a 2002 S-type Jag yes or no?


  • oilman151oilman151 Member Posts: 1
    I just got my 2002 3.0 and very happy with it.
  • mvsmvs Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know the difference in pricing of the mesh grille and the single lined grille in a 2005 s type 3.0? I prefer the mesh grille.
  • johndahliajohndahlia Member Posts: 7
    My 2000 just had the Fail Safe light come on. Has yours ever done the same? The engine will start and you can give full gas pedal. Once you put it in gear it will only go idle speed. If there is anyone out there that has had the same problem, please let me know.
  • pats26pats26 Member Posts: 6
    Hi all.

    I am looking at a 2003 or 2004 S type 3.0. I have two questions.

    1) Can I fit three car seats/baby seats in the back?
    2) How does it handle in the bad weather/snow?

    Thank you for the feedback.
  • blonddie66blonddie66 Member Posts: 7
    I have a 2002 S type, 3.0. You can fit 2 car seats in the back. As a rear wheel drive, it's prety good in the snow with snow tires on the back wheels.
  • pats26pats26 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info. I purchased a 2003 3.0 and I love it. I was able to (before I bought it) fit 3 car seats in it (which I need with a third one on the way). It is very cramped but I don't figure I will have to transport all three very often.
    Anyway, I was going to get a set of snow tires for the winter. Any suggestions?
  • soyelisabethsoyelisabeth Member Posts: 3
    I recently test drove a 2004 S-Type with 83,000 miles . It comes with a 4,500 mile warrenty. What power! My concern is the hesitation between the time I depress the pedal and there is accelertion. Such responsive steering! My concern is the whining noise I hear during sharp turning. Quick breaking! I wonder why my foot sinks ever-so-slowly to the floor? I REALLY DO love this sexy, elegant, stylish car whIch exudes curb appeal! 'any ideasas to what is wrong with the car by my descriptions? I'd like an idea as to what this European beauty will cost me should I decide to take it home. The dealer tells me there is nothing wrong with the car. (Who's surprised?) Thanks.
  • cmommacmomma Member Posts: 1
    I had to have my Jag jump started two days ago. Since then....the "message center" area of the instrument panel isn't working right. When I start the car....a lot of gibberish stuff is viewed in the center and then lines of nonsensical characters. It all disappears after the car has been on a minute or so....and goes blank. Any ideas what might have happened? Taking it to a Jag dealer sometime this week but would like to know what to expect or what to ask the dealer about!! Don't want to get soaked.....I'm a recently divorced 62 yr. old woman and scared to go into dealers and have them tell me I need a new elec. system, computer, whatever!!!

    The car is also NOT good in the snow....just didn't drive it last winter til the roads cleared. Any suggestions for good snow tires....and do they help at all??? I have good all-season tires on it now....about one year old.
  • thesmanthesman Member Posts: 1
    I had a 2000 S-type with the same problem you described. The first time it happened, I did not know what to do. I pulled over to the side of the road, put on my 4 way flashers and just coasted at idle, while pressing on the accelerator hoping it would take off. Finally, I came to a complete stop, hesitant about turning off the motor, for fear it may not start. I shut the motor off, waited several seconds and re-started the vehicle, to my surprise the motor was running normal again. Took off down the road again for several miles, the check engine light came on, and then the Fail Safe light, and back to only go in idle. Slowly I nursed the vehicle back home, took it to the dealership the next day and waited for the bad news. The results came in, 2 bad coil packs had to be replaced. The vehicle had a 4.0 motor, and for some odd reason it burned up coil packs. I do not know if this same condition was prevalent in the 3.0 L S-types.
  • n92cpn92cp Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 S-Type 3.0 with over 100,000 miles and have had absolutely no trouble with it and love it. I recentl;y purchased a 2007 S-Type-R and like it even more. I would highly recommend either one.

  • billyrockfishbillyrockfish Member Posts: 3
    Not sure about '02's - I recently got an '05 S Type and I love it! 3.0 V-6 and irregardless of what car critics may say, the 3.0L V-6 has more than enough power. In "sport" mode (mine has the 6 speed automatic with Jaguar J-gate), this "cat will run".

    I rented an '05 V-8 S type (back in '05 - yeah!) and that car's engine will knock you back in your seat, but the tank drained dry after about 180-190 miles (ouch)!

    I'm averaging 22-23 mpg in town/highway driving with the V-6

    The Jaguar Select 100K powertrain warranty transfered over to me (2nd owner) as did the basic 4 yr/50K warranty (mine has 32K). I did buy an extra extended bumper to bumper warrantly for another 4 years/36K. So far, so good. Mine is Seafrost Metallic.

    Good luck on your S-type search. They're out there for affordable prices. Look for a good lease return!
  • oldcemoldcem Member Posts: 309

    The first of the year I picked up an 06 S Type VDP with the V8. My wife and I took a 1600 mile vacation trip in it last week. With the trunk loaded, and, the A/C working hard (It was in the 90's all week), the car averaged 28.4 MPG for the entire trip.

  • linz1956linz1956 Member Posts: 1
    I am looking at a 2003 jaguar with 120,000 miles on it. I am wondering what basic repairs would cost such as a fuel pump or new brakes.
  • oldcemoldcem Member Posts: 309
    If you took it to a Jag dealer for these repairs, I expect you'd pay $1K + for either of these. If you can find a competent independent garage that can handle it, you should be able to get them done substantially cheaper ( I'd guess about 30% less) . I do all my own maintenance and minor repairs to my Jag, and, avoid the dealer except for warranty work. For example, I changed the rear brake pads on my previous Jag (an X-Type ) myself - cost me $50.

  • janabellajanabella Member Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone,

    I am so glad I found this site! I'm a bit nervous about possibly having an older 2001 Jaguar, S type Sedan. I have written the check and it is now being detailed, I don't yet "have" the car nor has the check been cashed (I'm in the middle of transferring funds from one account to the other)...SO, I still have some time to change my mind, if need be...I had a good friend of mine, an older man, who knows a lot about cars go with me to the dealership yesterday. We both drove this car and thought it handled wonderfully and wow, it looks beautiful and elegant too. The dealer even offered to try and get the name and phone number of the previous owner so I could speak with her about it, which my friend thought was nice

    However, this is my very first time buying a car, which will be completely mine and after reading some of the reviews on this site as well as others I'm a bit concerned about both the reliability of the car and also the sometimes expensive work involved with it, and I certainly can't afford any major repairs...the car itself has no rust, two previous owners and looks as tho it has been kept in a garage. It was traded in by the owner towards the purchase of a truck (!). It is dark blue and has 70.093 miles on it. I will be paying $7800 for it. As I said, this is my very first car, and its a HUGE purchase. There were two minor problems noted: the front drivers side back window would not automatically roll down, nor the passenger side window...both of these are supposed to be repaired by the dealer.

    Also, both my friend and myself felt that the brakes were a bit squishy and those are going to be adjusted as well. My friend raved about the car, saying that I am getting A LOT of car for the money...but, as I said, I'm nervous about this and now after reading some of the reviews am feeling a bit hesitant about this car. So I would like to ask all of you lovely people here, who have the older versions of Jaguar S type Sedans your thoughts, advice, and suggestions, on this...I don't do a lot of driving, but I am looking at this as an investment and am hoping that I can maintain this car for as long as absolutely possible until I can afford another one. I just...feel conflicted and confused now...I'm trying not to be swayed by how "cool" the Jaguar brand is, or how pretty and elegant the car itself looks yet, at the same time, I don't want to feel as if I am purchasing a vehicle that could potentially become a "money pit" either. So, thus my dilemma. Please, if anyone out there can offer me any thoughts on this, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a lovely day/evening :)
  • les28les28 Member Posts: 1
    On my 2002 4.2 V8 S type the only trouble I have had in nearly 100000 miles is my wind sceen wipers stopped working. It was not the motor but at the top section this had seized. Had to remove the complete unit clean and re grease it, it now works fine. Has anybody had the same problem?
  • cc1965ripcc1965rip Member Posts: 2
    Did anyone ever answer your post? I, too, just bought a 2001 JAG S-Type yesterday & I, too, have not had the check clear yet. Drove it home & 2 miles from my house the check engine light came & stayed on.

    Now, I am super freakin' out. I have 30 days to change my mind on this purchase.


    Rip "the stressed"
  • ctobiasjrctobiasjr Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    Just curious if I could get some feedback and opinions.

    #1 I have never owned a Jaguar
    #2 I know nothing about them

    I have found a Jaguar that a private seller is looking to sell for a tax write off. He is planning on giving it away to a Donation Center. I can most likely get this car for a steal.

    The car looks mint from the outside. It's the V-6 3.0 2000 model with chrome rims and sunroof.

    The check engine light is on, and he doesn't know exactly what is wrong with this car. From what he was last informed, the engine needs some sort of adjustment

    I'm just wondering if this car could be a problematic money pit, or if its even worth investing in.

    I would appreciate anybody's feedback on this.
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    Hiya's... I'm "that girl" they wait for who knows nothing about her car! In the dark so any guidance would be Greatly appreciated! Engine warning light went on. Mechanic said is was the "air flow intake valve or sensor? & #7 or 8 coil" needing replacement. Strangely he replaced coil #6 for free saying there was no cost because it was his error, hmmmmmm. Couldn't afford to fix at the time and he told me it would not harm the car if I didn't fix it but when it finally stopped working completely, I'd have to replace it. Didn't get part replaced then. Drove car for a year. No problems other than engine light stayed on & car felt like it was missing a bit, until... Temperature guage suddenly jumped to the hottest guage could show. Drove it home. It drove fine but stopped driving it, afraid of overheating, Car sat for 4 months, other than driving up & down block now & then for battery. Warning light remained on and Each of those one block drives tipped the scale on Temp guage to the danger zone before I could park it. Finally forgot to start it for a bit. Battery died. AAA jumped it, started fine, said battery fine just needed a good charge. had it towed to shop for initial repair, finally. Tech says car is trashed & Jags are Junk!Claims he can't keep it running long enough to do diagnostic, has to put a new battery in it & and wants $1000 to even begin working on it!! Any car symptoms sound familiar to anyone? I really need a little Jaguar S-Type V8 knowledge to get it fixed already, not get taken advantage of, and to NOT break the bank unneccessarily. : (((( I REAly miss my car!
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions
    And thanks for reading through this Reeeeeallly long question
  • swordesswordes Member Posts: 3
  • frank175frank175 Member Posts: 1
    Do you still have the temperature gauge issue with your Jag? I do not have a complete solution, but I have tried something with my car that allows me to drive the vehicle. Please respond and I will share it with you and hopefully someone out there or yourself(if you solved it) can help us(me). Thanks.
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