Hummer H4: Any updates?

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This seemed to have died down after Hummer failed to release a prototype at the L.A. Auto Show. I've read that GM would create this vehicle based off of the current Wrangler if they decided to buy Chrysler.

Anything else?


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    Don't believe everything you read.

    IF GM buys Chrysler, (don't bet on it) any GM models based on current Chrysler vehicles or vice versa would take at least five years to hit the market.

    If GM decides to build an H4 it will basically be a shortened version of the H3.
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    Just caught up at autoblog and hummer guy. It seems the h4 is a general wrangler. Buy. Take off doors and roof. Guess we'll never own an h4. And it seems that hummer is staying the course towards jeep and moab. That probably means never to be able to buy a street hummer. One third of h owners go off road some of the time or so was posted somewhere.
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    GM's announcement today that it will close four SUV and pickup-truck plants -- and possibly stop building Hummers -- is a startling turnaround for Detroit's biggest automaker.
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    as far as the Hummer is concerned this is good news imo

    it shows that Americans are feeling enough pain at the gas pump to scale back from buying an excessive road beast.
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