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Nissan Quest Interior and Trim

Does anyone know a a decent pair of seat covers that are easily removed if you want to watch them that fit the 2007 quest?


  • frankiewfrankiew Posts: 10
    I am having a problem with my Interior Lights working (AT ALL) on my 2005 Nissan Quest any clues???

  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Make sure the dimmer light switch is not in the off position and then start checking the fuses (look in the owner's manual). If those check fine, then it is off to the dealer.
  • As you know the mercury villager/nissan quests have issues with their seats rattling. I have a 99 quest and the origional owner

    With alot of effort from my dealership they never figured out the problem. After spending a few days on this forum I finally decided to chime in my findings.

    Basically there is 2 main places that I found that rattles. One is the hindge between the 2 seats that everyone complains about, and the other ironically is in the 4 brackets that hold the seat down to the van.

    To fix the rattle Its not rocket science. I been making new alignment pins for the car but found the easiest and simplist way to kill that rattle is to get some 1/4'' rope or something thin like a shoe lace. i used the string from my sweatpants 'tightener'. it should be thin maybe about the size of a CD.

    There is a spot that when you close the seat in the down posistion that you can see where the upperseat glides on, shove it in there and wrap it around (if u push the upperseat forward you will create the gap (thats also why it rattles).

    When you done both sides put the seat in the up position and then manually pull the seat down. if it doesnt come down your good, if it did then you have to readjust your position of the string or get a thinner one.

    as for the other part of the rattle lies on the 4 anchors that support the seat to the floor. If i forcefully move the seat I noticed that there was very little play but enough play to vibrate and rattle the whole seat! There are rubber bushings on the open end of the front anchors that by now has probably fadded away to non existance. Those help if they are new. Also you can see that the car's anchors have been rusted and lost its paint, thats cause of the seats jumping up and down and not sitting in one spot (your rattle)

    What i did was grab some 'friction tape' from home depot. It was in the electronic isle and basically it looks like thick electrical tape that is kinda sticky on both sides but the material is tough and has to be cut with a blade or a scissor. It resembles a roll of tape though.

    Since the material is thick im assuming it can hold up to the pressure of the seat. I then wrappedthe tape around the metal anchor ON THE CAR about 2 or 3 times depending how much slack is in that area. Do the same for the rears.

    At this time its probably wise to grease very little things that need to be greased on the seat.

    put her back on the car, it may take a small effort to get it back in, because you have thicker mounting points or you just used to much tape.

    and your done! Its really a cheap fix and really ghetto but I been driving around for a week with blown struts and havent heard a rattle. Since the anchors arent bouncing around the tape down there hasnt even made a mark either. Make sure the seat doesnt move off of posistion, I vigorously shaked mine just to make sure.
  • haughhaugh Posts: 12
    Great stuff, I'm going to give this a try when the outside temperature increases and advise if this has worked for me. Thanks!
  • hillcountyhillcounty Posts: 3
    edited September 2011
    Hello all.

    Does anyone know if either of the 2nd row seats (on a 2011 Nissan Quest) can be *unbolted* and removed without removing or impacting anything else?

    I know they fold flat, but we have a couple of long trips every year where it would be handy to remove one of these seats (without messing with any under-body components, for example the gas tank).

    Background only: FWIW we were deciding between a new Sienna or Odyssey (several test drives each) when on a recent trip to Virginia the only minivan at the car rental agency was a 2011 Quest S. After driving it for a week I'm very impressed by the visibility (I'm 6'0), and it's the only minivan whose driver side column dosen't block my view (seat all the way back). I also love the big mirrors and quieter ride.

    That said I'd really like to know (neither dealer asked did) if I can simply unbolt and remove one of the seats with a ratchet driver without impacting or removing anything else.

    That and why Nissan dosen't offer (even as an option) sun-shades on any but LE models; also why I can't get the sunroof without the DVD player. But mostly the seats question. :)

  • Don,

    Sorry I can't help you with this answer since I do not own one, but I was wondering which car rental place in Virginia you were able to rent the Quest 2011 from?

    All the places I've checked around here either offer Dodge or Chrysler. I was able to find Sienna rental from local Toyota dealer which I plan to do, but no luck on being able to rent a Quest for a weekend to test it out on a longer drive.

  • Sorry for the delay, I don't seem to have gotten a "watched" topic reply. :-(

    We rented the 2011 Quest S from the Avis at the "Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport" (SHD), and returned it to "Washington Dulles International" (IAD).

    For what it's worth... SHD is a really neat airport, and the people at the Avis counter were fantastic! We'd actually rented a car from IAD, but switched cars at SHD due to putting a hole in a tire - the folks at the Avis counter @ SHD went above and beyond - AND we got to drive a Quest for the next week. :D

    I'd still love to know about unbolting & taking out a seat though.... Anyone?
  • georgi6georgi6 Posts: 2
    edited September 2011
    Thanks, if you had gotten it from IAD, that's very close to me, I will try calling them.
  • Hello Everybody,

    A good friend of mine has a 96 Nissan Quest he is willing to sell me. The van is in good condition the only problem I have with it is that the 3rd row bench seat is missing. I was wondering if anybody knew where I could find out what other van seats would be compatible with this van. I understand the mercury villager seats might work? What other years of Nissan quest vans might have a 3rd row bench seat that fits in here? If anybody could help me with this I would appreciate it. If I cant easily find a 3rd row seat at a junkyard etc for this van then it is useless to me because the reason I need a van with a bunch of seats is to haul a bunch of kids around. Again thank you all
  • haughhaugh Posts: 12
    Years later and I never did get this seat fix done. However, I did confirm the seats are the rattle problem. Head gasket is leaking and my front catalytic converter is partially blocked up. Had to loosen my front O2 sensor to relieve the backpressure a bit. Too much effore to repar and since the van is on its way out and getting quite rusty I figured I wouldn't bother. My wife drives it most and she doesn;t seem to care about the rattles so I thought not to put in an extra task to my already busy schedule. We are looking to replace our van, ironically, with a 98 Villager in much better shape and with no rust.
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