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I have a 96 Isuzu Rodeo, the wheel studs have come loose from the hub front n rear causing problems when it comes to removing a wheel or tighting a lug nuts properly, they either break off or just spin loosly in the hub, then when I try to buy new studs the hole is now rounded out to big, any suggestions, do I have them all welded in??, or anyone have success repairing this problem, Thank You .


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    Having the same problem with a friend's car, except I cant even separate the hub to put the new lugs in. I didn't want to risk doing more harm than good so I stopped. How did you do it?
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    Anyone heard of "Appliance Industries" / ROTO-Lug Eccentric Kit?
    I have here #5970, BUT I do not have the installation tool for them which is #5999.
    Company no longer exists. I know someone out there knows of these Kits OR perhaps has the installation tool #5999 that MAYBE I can purchase or perhaps borrow so I can remove the wheels from my car.
    My Dad purchased the Buick back in 1975 and had these wire wheels put on along with the ROTO-Lug Kit. The tool is no where to be found. I now have the car and need to remove these wheels. HELP!
    I have tried HEMMINGS, On-Line Auction, Swap Meets and a local Dealership who "sometimes" has old items around.
    Thank you,
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    Hey, I recently bought 2 sets of the old Appliance Striker wheels. I have found the new gorilla brand lug nuts for it, and wondering exactly how the original set worked I happen to have found an original roto-lug eccentric kit (#5958) so I bought it. It came with a small (about 2-3) socket that fits over the eccentric part. If you want to reply I can email a picture of it to see if it would work. ">
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    I have a 98 Rodeo. The lug nuts are fine, but Ihave had 3 of the actual stems break off when chaning the tires, how do you replace those?
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    I am a tool maker and if it was made once it can be made agane. I need to see what you got and we will try to make one. my laber rate is 25.00 per. If you realy need it email me. I love a challenge Larry "G"
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