Researching Buying a Range Rover?

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If you are anyone you know is looking to purchase a Range Rover or Range Rover Sport my advice is -- whatever you do in LIFE, DO NOT buy it. Take it from someone that now realized a monumental mistake, and I will have to live with it.

Land Rover will not stand by their products. They are selling inferior vehicles, and they know it.

In two years my RR has been in the shop over 20 times. Land Rover North America knows the product is inferior and will do nothing about it.


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    That's not a lot to go on. How about some specifics?

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    really had it in the shop over 20 times in two years you could have had it lemon lawed in any state several times over no problem.

    Make enough noise at Land Rover CRC and they will bow down to give you a new car.
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    had it in the shop over 20 times

    Yes, but again, how about some specifics? You certainly couldn't "lemon law" it for defective wiper blades or loose knobs and the like.

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    Our 06 RR HSE has serious suspension problem. 4 time in the shop since July is crazy. We are not getting any satisfaction with the dealer or customer service. Any suggestions?
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    call any number of lemon law lawyers in the phone book. the manufacturer has to pay your attys fees and costs by statute. wont cost you a thing
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    Thanks. I was really trying not to go that route but it looks like we do not have any other choice. The car is a dream when its working. I am torn between just getting another one and trying it out or go with a totally different car. I need something reliable.
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    if your looking for a suv , go look at lexus that lx 570 coming out should be a dream i have had 2 lx470 i had a issue come up before waranty ended it was dash lights would pop on , and they replace different parts and almost every time i go in for a service i tell them that a light pop on but could not replicate and no charge to look finally 2 years out my dash lit up look like a christmas tree my head lamps went so bright should had blew the bulbs , it spike the battery at 18 volts so it was weeks in shop back and forth 3- 4 times always got a loaner and finally it was fix a tech from corporate came and it was finally fix and it was found by local tech , but good news is NO CHARGE , some aggravation but lexus service staff wow so i am going to let my 470 go in oct and get a new 570 i really can not say enough good about Lexus team :)
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    I'm having serious suspension problems on my 06 RR HSE as well. Initially, the right side was lower than driver side. First time, they re-adjusted...second time they said it needed to be re-calibrated. Now the suspension fault message lit up (max 30 mph) and they can't seem to recalibrate it after ordering some new valves for the suspension. It's been in the shop for 4 full days now and counting...
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    hmm,,,,,I feel that the air suspension has to be changed on the side that is lower. I am not an expert but I been to so many repair shops and had so many issues with my 03, i can pretty much diagnose these things. If lived in new york I would be able to give a shop that would definitely find what's wrong
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    funny - the north america dealers were the ones protesting the sale to the company out of india because it would tarnish or lower the class of the vehicle. I think Ford and its dealers should be more worried about quality control; India companies are known for the quality and efficiency, so at this point anything is a step up from the junk coming out of Land Rover now.
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    Is there any major difference between the 2006 Range Rover Supercharged and the 2008? I'm interested in buying used, but I wanted to know if the body style or the interior were different. Thank You.
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    If you are considering buying a Land Rover Product you need to go ahead and do it. Then you can join all the other Land Rover Owners that are disgusted with the products this company puts out. Get ready for many trips to the dealership and learn what No Customer Support and poor high priced service is.
    I think you should go ahead and buy it. You deserve it for yourself.
    Good Luck!!!!
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    Criticism of previous models for cheap trim pieces is gone with the revised interior for 2010. Major interior revisions improve the look and feel throughout the cabin.
    Among the changes is a simpler, cleaner dash. As Edmunds notes, "the multitude of buttons and switches have been reduced by half." Car and Driver likewise praises the improvements to the interior, saying "anything that isn't wood-trimmed or covered by leather is made of high-quality materials." The same reviewers even go so far as to assert it's "on the same level as an Aston Martin or Rolls-Royce interior"-high praise indeed.

    Complaints about previous models' hard-to-read gauges are likewise gone, thanks to the 5-inch TFT display that replaces previous analog gauges. ConsumerGuide states, "[g]auges are clearly marked and easy to read." notes, however, that "the screen catches glare badly and can sometimes be difficult to see." There remains some complexity due to the high-tech nature of the 2010 Range Rover Sport's features, too. ConsumerGuide reports that "setting Terrain Response, hill-descent control, and other off-road gear puzzles the uninitiated.
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    Is there going to be a 2012 7 passenger that is not the LR4? I saw online it looks like the Range Rover but a salesperson could not confirm that this is true. I really love the look of the RR but I like having the extra seats in the back for kids and room for luggage for trips. I'm torn on what to get.
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    Around October the 2012 RR and LR will hit the lots in my area. Is is best to wait for one or will I get a better price on a 2011? I hate to pay the same price for a 2011 when I could get a 2012 unless the price increases.
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