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Blazer Rear Wiper Problem

99 Blazer Rear Wipers do not work. Replaced fuse and motor. Rear window latch and rear defogger work. Washer fluid on rear also works. Ideas ?


  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Supply power to the motor via a jumper and see if it works. Ground good also. If so check that dash switch out.
  • The plastic gear inside the motor has a tendency to strip out as well. Push the switch then try to move the arm by hand. If you can feel the motor running, the gear is stripped.
  • gmc94gmc94 Posts: 4
    Hi i have some issues with my Jimmy my rear window wiper works but fluid does not come out i dotn know were i would find the pump can anyone help me
  • i was just looking at my 1994 today, the rear wiper motor and pump is located at the back of the truck. and the small black hose that goes to the rear window is the fliud hose. the wiper motor is a combination pump and motor...
  • dart09dart09 Posts: 2
    I disconnected the rear wiper on my '99 Blazer LS and ended all problems. :)
  • Re: motor and pump being one, this is incorrect. The Washer reservoir has two pumps near the bottom. One for the front, one for the back. the hose passes near the motor, but the motor is unrelated. The switch has both functions built in, but the systems are separate.
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