2008 Equinox Sport

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Does anyone know anything or have the specs on this? I've always liked the looks and size of the Nox/Torrent but felt they drove like a wet paper bag. The new Sport model, apparently due out in Q3/2007 as an '08 claims to have addressed many of these 'driveabilty' issues. I'm wondering what engine, suspension changes etc. are being offered. No one at the GM booth at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto last week could tell me anything about it (they had one there in a roped off area but I think it was a std regualr Nox with a few 'extras' on it).


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    Lowered suspension like Saturn Vue Redline with larger stabilizer bars and stiffer bushings, GM's high tech 3.6L V6 - 263 hp and 250 ft-lbs. torque with a six speed automatic.
    Check this link

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    Excellent news. Thanks for the link (great site!). I'm just hoping they engineered some 'feel' back into the electric steering that was so awful to ne on the LT model. Will be definitely worth a look/drive.

    Do you (or anyone) happen to know if that 6speed transmission is the one that GM developed with Ford that's in the new Edge?
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    Does anyone know specifically when the 08 Equinox goes on sale? How about the sport?
    I have to purchase by the end of August. I was going to get an 2007. Should I wait? I would love the increased performance!
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    Wait. Should be a much better powertrain.
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    Anyone have any ideas about the residual values for a 2008 Chevy Equinox Sport? I'm looking for 24 and 36 month residuals.

    Thank you.
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    Check here: Equinox Lease Questions
    I believe that car_man just posted some info about residuals there.


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    Thanks, I'll check over there.
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    By the way I love my 06!

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