Volkswagen Touareg Tires and Wheels

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I have a 05 V8 toureg. I have 30 thousand miles. On my third set of tires. I replaced original tires at 26 thousand miles with capital and one tire bubbled out on the side wall. So they replaced all four tires and charged me an arm and a leg. I asked why they did'nt do two tires and the dealer told me "on this car it has to be all of them at the same time. Is this true or am i just a moron. And oh yes the car is a piece o junk all of the electrical car going dead new batteries and a new stereo amp (They had my car for a month to fix it I picked it up no stereo working they said my amp blew and charged me to fix it. God I hate VW.


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    Go to discount tire. You can get the same tires your dealer installed much cheaper and free lifetime rotation. Hopes this helps.
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    John, you would probabaly be well served by reading your Warranty Book...Your 2005 V8 Touareg has a 48Month/50,000Mile New Vehicle Warranty...No Charge on any warranty repairs...
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    Here's the deal. All wheel drive. Any variation in tread from one tire to another will cause vibration in the steering wheel. Had the vehicle "road force" balanced with 3 new tires and one newer tire (had it replaced due to a screw) and that one tire with slightly different tread makes it vibrate. Pain in the you know what. Had a Passat with all wheel drive. No similar problems but the wheels were smaller.
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