Lincoln Navigator 4WD Questions

jadded2878jadded2878 Member Posts: 3
My 2000 navigator 4wd high won't turn off but even when you switch it to 4wd low no light indicator will come on, on the dash What should I do?


  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Sounds like your shift motor has failed. About a $500 repair to replace it.
  • jadded2878jadded2878 Member Posts: 3
    Where is the shift motor located on a 2000 lincoln navigator?
  • jadded2878jadded2878 Member Posts: 3
    With 4wd in all wheel drive, the motor running, transmission in neutral, with your foot on the brake I hear a ticking sound about 6 ticks it automatically goes into 4 low. Would that be the shift motor?
  • alindsay33alindsay33 Member Posts: 1
    my new 2008 Nav doesn't like to switch into or out of 4x4 when the vehicle isn't warmed up. The last setting stays set until the vehicle is warmed least that is the only common thing I can see. I can take it to the dealer next week but I wondered if ayone else has experienced this.

    Thanks, Alllan
  • newkbombnewkbomb Member Posts: 2
    Curious... my 2004 kind of slips then jumps into gear when the AWD decides to kick in the front wheels... to me it sounds hard on the tranny. I took into dealer and they said it's because my front tires and rear tires are a little different. Do you guys think this is true or are they just using that as an easy out? Warranty just ran out... so I'm hoping this isn't the beginning of the end for my tranny... thoughts??? Thanks.
  • 4jrt4jrt Member Posts: 1
    How do you get a 2008 navigator into 4x4 low range? The selector has only 4x4 auto or "4x4". Ford tells me that it is selected by the computer when needed. I need it, but can't get it.
  • ljrowtonljrowton Member Posts: 1
    Can the transfer case be shifted to neutral? I need to do this so that I can tow the navigator behind my RV. This is possible in the explorer 4X4s with the addition of a neutral tow switch.
  • dino1981dino1981 Member Posts: 1
    This is the first time I have drive a 4x4, how do I use low range and high range when is the right moment to do so. What are the effects when useing them. I have a 2002 lincon navigater in minnesota a 4x4 is needed. Pleas help me in this one thanks... :confuse: :)
  • tmf006437tmf006437 Member Posts: 1
    My 1998 Navigator , switched itself to 4wd low and I can't get it out . Any comments on what might be the matter. I would have thought the default failure of the switch would be to 2 wheel drive :confuse:
  • salligator1salligator1 Member Posts: 1
    There is no 4x4 low range on your Navigator. They did away with the 2-speed transfer case after '06. Beginning with the 2007 Navigator (which I own) Ford switched to a single speed transfer case on the Lincolns but made still available on the Expedition. If they told you that the computer will put it in low-range as needed then I hope the computer has the ability to build it's own set of gears for that to happen!
  • blackbear33blackbear33 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Navi. Im having the same problem. It all started with a issue with tires. I put smaller tires on the front then the back aand it responded with nagativity right then and their. i took in right back to the used tire spot i visited 2min ago. being cheap i bought used tires with good tread but not exactly the same tread height and ware, all same size they was........ well like i said im having the same problem so im going to park mines till i can aford 4new tires. it sorta makes sence to me now sence i have done my home work. Im just kicking myself from not knowing that you cant mix match tires with 4wd from the start.
  • blackbear33blackbear33 Member Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    I would like to know can i disconnect that awd/4wd feature permitly. is it something a doitselfer can do....I figure theirs some sorta relay / sensor relay that tells it to engage and dis-engage. ARE THEIR ???
  • heydudesheydudes Member Posts: 43

    I've had a 2004 since new. Used it in snow etc with good results. I remember reading a motor trend comparison when it first came out and they were pleasantly surprised how well Nav performed off-road. Well, I hope I have a pleasant surprise soon as well. I'll be going to a couple of places in May where I will be driving off road and sometimes thru 'deep' sand and perhaps mud. My Nav is in good shape, has low range, and I will put new Michelin M+S tires on before I go. I have anecdotal information that Subarus make this 4x4 trip usually without incident.

    My worry is that the Nav might be too heavy to negotiate deep sand well, especially with me sitting in it and allmy gear in the back.

    Does anyone have good or bad experiences, news or predictions for my success or lack thereof? TIA.
  • cybersiscybersis Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    We changed the senor in transfer case module - but it still tries to engage - we have it disconnected but really want my 4wd back.
  • flight1aflight1a Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Lincoln Navigator. Recently, I began hearing a constant ticking noise apparently coming from the transmission hump. It ticks as long as the key is turned to ACC or if the engine is running. A mechanic told me it had to do with the ventilation system, and it would require removing the dashboard to fix. But the noise seems to be coming from under the center console/transmission hump between the front seats. Is anyone else familiar with this noise and what could be causing it?
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