Jimmy Idle and Stall Problems

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I took my 96 Jimmy 108K mi, out rockhunting today. It was running fine, but I had to use 4lo to get thru the mud. After I got on the road, I ran it up to about 35 mph to throw the mud off the tires. ( We're talking thick, adobe mud here.) Ran rough all the way home, and now it really sputters and misses when idling. gets much worse in gear.


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    See if you got mud in the crank position sensor down under the front of the engine (see the wires and connector or on the plug wires so they are arching. The front inner fender mud flaps are usually worn out by now so could have thrown mud anywhere so have to look at the cap/rotor also. Then when do you last change the fuel filter/air filters (did you suck crap in the front air box).
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    Finally got an idiot light code. Fouled the number one spark plug. new plugs, runs fine. Thank you, I did look at that crank sensor, it seems fine, no mud
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    HELLLP I have a '95 GMC Jimmy, was having rough running issues, replaced plugs,wires, cap, rotor, fuel pump, fuel filter, spider cpi, checked map sensor, cleaned but did not replace egr valve, checked fuel pressure. Mechanic is not having luck, I don't want to take from shop until it is running correctly, I am left to diagnose the dang thing....small town deal can anyone offer further ideas. Starts right up, just idles rough as a cobb! Thanks, M
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    How about the coil and ign module - check them. Then you have a crank sensor (if starts doubt this one) and cam sensor - need scan tool to look at - any codes. Vac leaks on rotted out lines drivers side - check all. Timing off?
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    I was sitting in traffic for a short time (maybe 2-3 minutes) when my "check guages" light came on. My temp was hovering near the high end (don't remember the temp) and it was maybe 70 degrees outside. I figured I'd check coolant when I got home as it had been a while and I was only a mile away. Anyway as I got going again, the light went off and my temp got down to the normal spot (around 210). When I sat in the driveway, I let it idle again for a couple minutes and sure enough, the temp started its way up the scale again. Gave it some gas and it went down eventually after I had it around 2000 rpm for a while. Checked the fluid level and it was full. I will likely take it to the shop soon, but does anyone know what it might be causing it? Something easy to check or fix?

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    Fan clutch is going so no air flow, cap not holding pressure, water pump going, thermostat could be sticking, or the whole system crapped up - fan and cap get my vote as only when sitting. I would flush it out and add a new thermostst and cap and see if OK. Then on to the fan clutch. WP normally leak at seal holes if bad.
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    I have a 1995 Jimmy that was running beautiful until I recently had a complete tune up. The mechanic who tuned it up seems to have done something wrong. My truck now runs so rough at take off and idle. Can someone please tell me what do you think he done wrong. I've taken it back to him several times and I believe he has done nothing to fix the problem and now he's not answering my calls. I was told that the firing order is probably not correct. If this is correct what is the correct firing order.
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    well igot 97 gmc jimmy got a complete tune up distributor rotor butten plugs plug wires and oil change then it would every onge in a while statrted 2 die when i stoped then i went sumwhere and it got bad sputtering cutting out and dien while driving but when it died it would crank back ted it up no problem after that it ran goodfor 2 weeks or 3 then started it again last night and today did the same thing but now it died and wont crank at all please sumone help me out here thanks ed.
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    what would be causing my rpm's to go up & down while my 2001 gmc jimmy is just idiling? there's no problem while i'm moving- just when i'm idiling. it's got a 4.3 v-6 vortec engine in it.
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    My 99 Jimmy does the same thing only when my heat is on. A few years ago I was out of state and my alternator took a crap, had it replaced at a dealership, and that's when it started. If you find out why e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks.
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