Hyundai Santa Fe Spoiler Questions

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I am new to the forums and new to the Hyundai world actually. I was a toyota guy, but so many people have told me about the new face of Hyundai that I am checking them out and really like what I see. I had a few questions

I am getting rid of my 4runner and I am going to buy an 07 Santa Fe. I like the syle and the price is super and all the goodies you get. The test drive sold me though.

I am thinking of an SE. I am torn with AWD though. I have always felt a truck type vehicle should be at least somewhat capable. I have had 4WD on any truck type vehicle I owned in the past. To be honest though, I have had my 4runner for 7 years and live in the NJ area. I have probably used my 4wd feature about 6 or 7 times the whole time I owned it. It was nice to have and convenient, but it didn't save my life or anything. How different is AWD? It is nice to have if you feel any advantage in driving helps, but honestly how much of a difference does it make. I have heard people mention here it is nice for snow or very limited off roading ( like a slightly muddy dirt road etc. Is it worth it to get AWD?

Also, I love the little spoiler on the back of the 07 Santa Fe Limiteds. It is only small really and just sits on top of the back window, but now I know it's there and only on the limited, the SE seems like it would be missing something. The third tail-light is different on both models ( limited and SE ) due to the spoiler. Does anyone know if it would be a problem to get a limited spoiler and have it mounted on the SE? Or is it something that is restricted to door design etc?

Thanks in advance for the help


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    If you wont use the AWD then it does not make sence to fork out the additional $$$

    I have a friend who wanted the spoiler on his SE and the dealer told him it could not be done due to door design. However, I looked into it for you and found one listed on this site. It doesnt specify what model it will fit but strangely they show it on a Limited which SHOULD already come with one. I would call them up and get more details. If its true and it fits, the spoiler will run ya 200 + 60 for the color of your choice. Let me know how you make out...Anthony
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    Thank you for the link. I am actually going to pick up my new Santa Fe in about a week or so. I guess I could inquire at a regular body shop about installing the spoiler from the site. It doesn't seem like it would be too difficult, but the third brake light is different between both models. We will see, I will keep you updated.

    I know the extra money for AWD seems to be a waste if not used. How is the FWD Santa Fe in regular snow? Front wheel drive is a bonus. Is there a difference in the ride with AWD? Is it on all the time or is it activated? Thanks
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    I had the 03 Santa Fe with all time 4WD. It was great in the snow but ate quite a bit of gas. My 07 AWD 3.3 Limited is on demand. In short, front wheel drive until you need the extra traction. I only noticed it turning on during a recent ice storm otherwise you dont even know its there. I have to tell you its much much better than FWD/4WD IMO. Very nimble and sure footed in spite of crappy OEM tires. I am in the process of purchasing a new set of Nokian Tires. They seem to be the best winter tire without giving up ride comfort on dry pavment.
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    Well I went to buy my new Santa Fe. One dealer tried to talk me into a loaded Limited with everything except AWD. I do like the spoiler on the Limited but it wasn't enough to get me to buy. I went to a more friendly dealership and got the SE I wanted and it does have AWD. I thought about it would really hate having such a nice vehicle and one day getting stuck in some snow because I didn't have AWD so I decided to get it.

    I asked about the spoiler being added later. I was told it isn't really possible because the rear door on the GLS and SE are different from the Limited. There is the third light issue and also the window washer spray nozzle in the way. No biggie I guess. I am very excited to have it. Plus as a bonus it did come with the XM radio built in so to me it is awsome :)

    Thanks for the help and input.
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    Enjoy it. Good luck!
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    Congrats!!! I bought the same SF SE AWD (white) and love it. The main reason I didn't get the limited is that I hate the auto climate control. The spoiler is not an issue, but it would have been nice to get leather, but not that big a deal. Good luck.
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    Hey thanks :) Congrats to you too! I feel like i am part of a great group of people with Santa Fe-s

    I was wondering myself about the auto climate and I heard a few people having troubles with the digital outside temp display that the Limited has.

    One thing I will say about the power leather seats in the Limited. I am 6'1" so pretty tall. The seat inside the SE and GLS is a tad bit high and slightly angled forward. Not a big deal at all for me, but I noticed in the Limited Electric leather that the seat actually sunk and tilted back a nice amount and had a slight advantage in comfort level because of that. I guess when you have so many good things in your vehicle, if that is the worst thing I can come up with I am way ahead :) I am very happy with my purchase and glad I got out of the original deal to find what I really wanted.

    Congrats again. See you on the road!
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    went to my dealer this morning for i looked at the spoiler on the others it looks like it can be added.there is a cut out for the washer and it looks like its taped in the middle and screwed on the ends. the high mount lamp looks like the wires are used for the spoiler light. i have a se the tail gate looks the same as the others .makes no sence to make two differant kinds of tail gate i,m going to get one soon.
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    I just looked at an exploded view of my spoiler installation at Hyundai Webtech and my tailgate has two large holes for the mounting screws. You dont have them on your tailgate, otherwise they both look the same.
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    yes mine has two holes one on each side coverd with rubber plugs.took one plug out and there a hole i guess you have to drill it all the way through then mount the spolier and screrw it on.thanks jim :)
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    could you please tell me where on webtech you looked for spoiler install i can,t find it. allso so please tell me if you can why hyundai puts the relay and fuse in the fuse and relay box for fog lamps if its not pre wired.thanks alot jim :confuse:
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    I just bought an SE and paid $400 to get a spoiler added. The Hyundai dealer ordered the parts and I dropped my car off and just received a call that even they were confused with. For some reason there was a 2 inch difference and the wiper fluid in the back don't line up!! I am mad about this because I really liked the look of the limited but did not need the leather seats or want to pay more $$$ for the limited.

    They claim that there should be a part coming out soon that will allow them to add the spoiler. This does not make sense to me since the SE and Limited are the same cars.
    Has anyone else tried to add a spoiler to their SE with their Hyundai dealer?

    Thanks for your help. First post on here.
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    I agree the spoiler adds a great look to the vechicle, I just picked upi my Deepwater Blue last night. If you hear more about the spoiler, please let us know.
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    The dealer I bought my Santa Fe SE has a great bunch of mechanics I am told. They like to custom older Hyundais for themselves. When I called and talked to the parts manager, he told me "Any vehicle can have a spoiler" I told him about the different third tail-light housing and the window washer spout and you could tell he was sort of scratching his head. I guess not many people asked him about adding the limited spoiler to teh SE.

    I am going back there to talk to the mechanics in person to see what they think. Hopefully I will have an update soon.
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    I also was interested in getting a spoiler for my SE. While having my oil changed, I spoke to the guy at the parts counter. He proceeded to lookup the parts in his accessories manual and gave me all indications that this could be done, for about $700.00. I thanked him and decided it was not worth it. Dealer is in central Maryland.
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    I just bought a 07" SE and paid $400 to get a spoiler added. The Hyundai dealer ordered the parts and I dropped my car off and just received a call that even they were confused with. For some reason there was a 2 inch difference and the wiper fluid in the back don't line up!! I am mad about this because I really liked the look of the limited but did not need the leather seats or want to pay more $$$ for the limited.

    They claim that there should be a part coming out soon that will allow them to add the spoiler. This does not make sense to me since the SE and Limited are the same cars.
    Has anyone else tried to add a spoiler to their SE with their Hyundai dealer?

    Thanks for your help. First post on here.
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    Officially, there's no spoiler available as option for the Santa Fe 2007, at least in North America. If you want to install one, you must import it or buy it from a store that sell imported parts Ex:
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    I actually already bought the spoiler through the dealership and they are the ones who ran into a problem installing it. I do not see a difference with the one I bought and the one on this web site.

    Not sure what to do next. The dealership said that there will probably be some new parts made if the demand is there and that they will eventually be able to add the spoiler.
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    I asked this question on the thread "2wd awd and spoiler oh my".

    I too bought an '07 SE and really liked the spoiler that comes on the Limited, but didn't want to spend the extra $$ for that model. A few people commented there about the ability to add it or not.

    If you look at the rear of the SE and the Limited, they have differences in the area of the spoiler. The 3rd brake light is different on both models and the window washer is visable on the SE but hidden in the spoiler on the Limited. Someone on the thread I mentioned was told by their dealer that for 700.00$ they could do it. But I am guessing that the dealership might have the same type of headscratching your dealership did.

    I have yet to find someone that has had one installed. I asked my dealership ( In NJ ) and the parts guy said "You can install a spoiler on anything, no problem" I mentioned the different 3rd brake light and washer spout to him and I was put on hold for a long time. He then told me i would have to speak with the parts manager.

    I have also heard the rumor of a kit coming out that will allow you to add the spoiler and align the washer spout and brake light. Who knows.

    Overall, I think Hyundai did that on purpose to steer people toward the Limited if they were on the fence. I am not sure how many people really wanted the spoiler, but once I saw it for myself I really wanted one and it almost swayed me from the SE.

    I am going to aks a local body shop and see what they say. Maybe we can finally all get a fix for this soon :)
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    I liked the look of the spoiler also and if they do come out with a kit to add on, I will take advantage of it. The primary reason I didn't buy the limit is that I am not crazy about leather seats and I absolutely hate automatic climate control. I think this is a major step backward as I prefer to control the temperature of the air and where it comes out as opposed to setting a desired temperature (and fiddling with it to get the desired cooling/heating effect). Very very stupid IMHO.
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    Hi Rick,

    I can see your point about automatic climate control. In some of my past cars, it was a major disappointment - either blowing air that was too hot or too cold and not where I wanted it.

    I have the 2007 Santa Fe Limited and I find the automatic climate control to be the best I have ever used. It keeps the temperature exactly where I set it and I never have air that is too hot or too cold blowing on me. It actually does a better job than I could do manually. Plus, if you really prefer manual mode, the automatic feature is easily turned off and you can control everything yourself manually.

    As an added benefit, my wife is always hotter than I am and she would not let me buy a car without dual zone temperature control (which works very nicely on the Santa Fe).

    2007 Santa Fe AWD Limited with Premium and Touring packages
    Dark Cherry Red with beige leather interior
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    I couldn't agree more about the effectiveness of the climate control on the Limited. One test drive with it was enough to persuade us that it would be worth it. This is the first time we've had it, and my wife stays warm while I can have cool air. It works great, like everything else about the car.

    '07 Silver Limited w/Premium package.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I do understand that a spoiler can be added to basically anything but the more work involved will just mean more $$$.

    My cost was suppose to be $400 installed but I don't feel like waiting too much longer.

    Oddly, I like the spoiler but I am starting to like it without too so I think I am just going to get a refund.

    Thanks again for your posts.
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