Toyota RAV4 Security System Questions

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Hi All RAVrs!
I got a 07 rav4 LTD. It has a key immobilizer with pre-wire. What does 'pre-wire' mean?

I think all models of rav4 do not have a std alarm system like honda does. I just wanna know -are you rav'rs installing the Toyota alarm (has a VIP system that is alarm /remote start). Or has anyone explored aftermarket systems like one local audio/alarm store recommends 'VIPER 560xv' or a '791xv'alarm system - which has remote start as well.

Pls share you experience of the new 06rav4's remote start/Burglar alarm installations etc..

What do you recommend ? Is the LTD's 'key immobilizer' enough or should I go for an alarm with toyota or 'aftermarket ' stuff?


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    Hi! Just wondering if you have found out anything about the alarm for your RAV4. I just got a RAV4 Ltd with keyless entry, and thinking about installing an alarm. But don't know what's involved or worth it. I just want it to make noise if someone tries to open my door and to autolock the doors when I shift into drive. Is keyless entry supposed to do that? From what the dealer told me, "key immobilizer" means that no one can start your car without your key that's programmed for it. dont' know what pre-wire means either. Please let me know if you know anything else. Thanks!
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    Hi there!
    I just got my toyota's VIP installed (has remote start and alarm ) you can use the same keyless entry fab for remote start. Usually done is $800 with labor, but my dealer did it for $499. I preferred this to the after market stuff since toyota technicians know better and after market also come with a bulky pager like remote ,although for same $ you have more options like paging etc . Auto lock while in drive is a car setting , I'll let know once I read the manual! Prewire is prewired for alarm/security,just need to add alarm system....
    If you are near the S.E.PA area I can refer you to my dealer...Enjoy the LTD! I love mine, which is red..
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    Do all LTD's come with the "pre wire"? I don't see it written anywhere I've looked. Do you know if they did any wire-cutting to install your VIP? I don't want them to cut stuff up it that's what it takes. Thanks for the offer, but I'm in Texas, I'll have to ask my dealer. Is your engine pretty quiet or pretty loud/strong sounding? I guess I'm comparing to the camry, but my RAV's engine is loud (I think), I thought it should sound quieter(compared to the camry again). Just wondering, or if I'm just wanting my RAV to be "perfect". Mine is white. Do you have a running board? thinking about getting one of those too.
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    Hi, I read about the prewire from brochures before buying. Not sure about wire cutting but it is clean. My engine is quite loud and others say that too...Its a rav4 thing! What is the use of a running board?
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    I asked the dealer about installing the alarm, and they said something about installing a "port alarm". The alarm that they would install at the port before the car went to the dealership. They said that the doors do not automatically lock when you shift into gear. Does yours do that? They said that they can't get any of the RAV4's to do that for some reason.
    Running boards are for short people who can't step up into the already lower RAV4. :blush:
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    Hi Kris,

    I am in the S.E. PA area and just bought a 2007 Toyota Rav4. I want to get the VIP installed. Can you tell me what dealer you used.

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    I think "pre-wired" means the alarm control unit simply plugs into a male/female jack thingy, no wire-cutting or anything, which is one big advantage of using a Toyota alarm vs an aftermarket unit. But, what I wanted to ask was whether the VIP alarm comes standard with the remote start, or if that has to be bought separately?

    Also, are there user-customizable features on the VIP? Such as passive-arming, motion-sensor, shock-sensor, enable/disable light flash and audible "beeps". Did they give you a user manual that lists all the different settings you can change?

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    I also have a camry and RAV 4. Comparing with Camry, RAV 4 starts loud, a little bit too loud. Don't know why. Maybe because of the timing chain or what.
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    what is the out-Of-Box security system installed on on RAV4 base model - 4430. Does it has any?

    Is there any advantage of installing "Toyota VIP Security System" for base version - Model Number 4430.
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    For RAV 4 1995 model import from japan to united kingdom. Can enyone please help I own a rav4 estate ( 5 door) i disconected the alarm under the bonnet by pulling the plug on the actule alarm horn unit because it was set to fine the alarm kept going off, this was fine for approx 3 months i was still able to use my key fob and all the indicators flashed when i used the fob just as before,then sudenly the other day the key fob did not work and none of the indicator lights flashed any more,I replaced the fob battery and double checked battery is in correctly, can enyone tell me what to do now to get my alarm back, i have reconnected the plug back up under the bonnet but still nothing.
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    I had a passive alarm system installed in my 08RAV4. If you dont exit the car within 30 seconds from the time you shut off the engine it mans itself and the alarm will sound if you open the door. It has become a nuisance and the solution is to run the engine but who wants to burn extra gas. Went back to the dealer and he said they can remove a wire so I can man it with the keyless entry.

    My son feels if they remove a wire from the system if could effect the electrical system in the car and I could have other problems with the alarm. Has anyone had this done and if so what was your experience.
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