Volvo S60 Maintenance and Repair

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I own a 2004 Volvo S60R with 75k miles on it. I'm very happy with the 3 year test drive to date except for one thing; the bi-xenon headlight low beams aim too low. I'm not sure if they have always aimed too low or if it happened following routine maintenance at my Volvo dealership. I've had the Volvo dealership check the lights and they said they were at spec. By the way, the high beams work great. Does any one have a similar experience? If so, any possible fixes - please advise.


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    A common issue with the S60R.
    Somewhere on the net I did find a service bulletin from Volvo to their mechanics that specifies the fix, however most folks shy away because if the procedure is not done absolutely correct will can really screw things up. I myself chose to deal with it.
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    My s60 message panel says low dipbeam failure any reason the head lamps wont work
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    Hi jozso, welcome to CarSpace! I moved your post to a discussion about starting problems. Here's the link: jozso, "Volvo S60 Starting Issues" #4, 18 May 2007 12:11 pm. Hope we can help.
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    I had the same trouble when my 2005 was new, I had to threaten to sue them before they fixed it. Now at 36,000 miles the lights have dipped again, the dealer is stalling the fix eventhough they have a record of it being done before. My Volvo dealer is pretty bad and only does what he has to do. anyway, there is a software patch, just keep on them
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    I am considering buying bulbs from costco for about $43 a pair. I don't know if it is the size 9005 or id it will work.
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    Hi, if you have more details about "how to deal with that issue", I'm interested. I'm in Europe and I'd like to brief my dealer about how they should address this problem while benefitting form others'e experience. Thanks for your help,
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    I have had my Volvo serviced at which time I complained about the headlights are aimed too low. The dealer said they ran updated software and cleared all the headlight codes and that should fix it. The lights are still too low and the dealer is saying they will check but if they don't find anything then there is nothing they can do. I have heard that the lights are in sleep mode and the computer is not recognizing them. Can this be fixed? What can I do?
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    Well, in the meantime, I got a solution from my dealer and after having collected some info on the web. Probably they did a software upgrade with the lights NOT turned on while it should have been turned on. This is the reason. They did it again with the lights turned on.

    If this does not fix the problem, there is a manuel solution to fix this. Here are the pics I got from another owner :
    my 50 cents
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    I would like brighter low beams for my wife's 2006 S60. She has halogen lights and I've heard Sylvania Silverstars are very good. I found Sylvania 9005SU SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlights but they are for high beams. Does anyone know of a replacement bulb for low beams that gives improved performance over the OEM headlight?

    I thought of replacing with an HID xenon headlight kit but they are not legal in the US and I don't want to go there.


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    I own a 2005 Volvo S60. The driver side low beam has gone out and needs to be replaced. Can anyone give me good instructions on how to replace the lamp without taking out the headlight housing?
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    you need check the xenon contral ballast.

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    Hello Volvophiles: My wife headed out for some errands a few nights ago, and came back in the house to report that the headlights were not working. I checked and found she was correct, but the high beams DID work OK. I checked the lamps themselves, and both appear to be good. I could find no blown fuses in the fuse panel on the driver's side (left side...USA). I don't believe there would be a headlight fuse in the trunk fuse panel, right? Obviously, driving around with high beams on all the time is a no-no, so I need some expert advice. I can only think either a low beam relay, or the switch on the steering column. However, I have no idea which relay is the low beam relay under the hood. Any ideas/suggestions/diagrams here. Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks...vwdawg
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    I recently purchased a used 2002 S60 for my children. A few times the car has not turned off. My son said the vents were blowing out air for about 5 min. after the car was turned off. The temp. outside was in the 90's in case that makes a difference. It happened to me once also, I parked the car in the garage, went in the house for a few minutes, came back out and it sounded like the fan was on so I started up the car and turned it off again, that took care of it. Is this normal? Thank you!
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    I have owned my S60 for almost ten years now and I was a little surprised to find my cars fan was operating at full blast without a key in the ignition. During my next service call I reported this activity and they explained that Volvo had done this so the car can cool down more evenly during the hot temperatures. With the even temperature drop they had found that they could eliminate certain problems. So far I have had no problems with the engine or the cooling systems. Good luck with your new Volvo.
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