Mitsubishi Outlander Modifications and Accessories

lantgeolantgeo Member Posts: 9
I would just like to know what mods you would do to personalize your 07 outlander? I would definately get some lowering springs as soon as someone offers some. I have no intention of going offroad and I think this car would look so much better lowered. something like the evolander-- pocket-rocket/


  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Member Posts: 194
    Here's an animated gif of mine, lowered with gray and bronze wheels.

  • lantgeolantgeo Member Posts: 9
    Very nice, I like that but I would leave the rims silver.
  • blackb13blackb13 Member Posts: 35 are the guys that did the Evolander concept. They provided a custom coilover suspension that is available for purchase. I never asked them about price though.
  • farout2farout2 Member Posts: 4
    Ralliart Japan, has lowering springs, front and rear spoilers, and mesh grills. Their site has pics, but no English. Yen to dollars converter looks like springs would go for about $600 US. I think metric to US. also looked like right at 1 1/2 inches lower. Everything did look sweet! If I can find it again, I'll post the address.

    Other than that, I am in the process of removing the 3rd row seat and roof rails.
  • astroboy007astroboy007 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Outlander with the Dvd and navigation system. Anyone knows how to modify it so that I can watch the dvd while driving? I know its required by law some countries but not here. So dont worry I will not hold anyone responsible. Thx.
  • cxt153cxt153 Member Posts: 3
    I have not taken ownership of my outlander xls yet but I plan to fold the outside passenger and driver side mirrors in, drill and install wide angle cameras into the side of the side view mirror housing. Then install two monitors on either side of the inside of the vehicle to eliminate the wind noise issue from the over-sized mirrors. It will take me a while so feel free to work on this modification in your spare time...
  • johnny98johnny98 Member Posts: 88
    I think the exterior of the Outlander looks great. The SUV is rare enough that customizing the outside is not going to make you much more unique.

    On the other hand, I really hate that Legoland dashboard. It looks and feels like a kid's toy and I wonder how sturdy it will be. Does anyone have a lead on a nice padded one-piece dashboard cover that looks like it belongs in the vehicle (i.e., not a piece of carpet)?
  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Member Posts: 194
    My spare set of wheels just came back from powdercoating. I almost went for bronze, but the closest color match was a little too dark and too brown. So gunmetal was my choice, I think the color turned out good.

    I painted the center caps to match. My Tire Pressure Monitors should have been here today, but I missed the UPS guy so I'll have to wait until next week to mount up tires. I picked Pirelli P6 tires in the stock 225/55/18 size, going to compare them to the Goodyears.

    Pics so far...

  • terriehterrieh Member Posts: 8
    Has anyone been able to accomplish this to play the dvd player while driving? I know it's for safety reasons but I will not be using it. My husband and I carpool and he'd like to be able to watch a DVD on the way to work and back.
  • lantgeolantgeo Member Posts: 9
    I had a unit installed in my FX that allowed me to view the rear dvd player over the nav screen. I bought it from a site called can check them out and see if they have anything comparitive for the outlander. Also I know they have aftermarket back up cameras- has anyone tried installing one into the aux input on our screen? I would like to do this mod. I know some people may say this is not necessary, but I had this in the FX and if I did not I would have ran over my neighbors dog because he was laying outside the garage when I was backing up. I would not have seen him if it wasn't for this camera.
  • outlanderlsgeooutlanderlsgeo Member Posts: 21
    has anybody had body side mouldings installed on their 07 outlander? could you post pictures of it, 'coz i'm thinking of having them installed but not quite sure hw they will look like. i'd really appreciate someone's help here..
  • gene_vgene_v Member Posts: 235
    Go to:

    Click on Outlander:
    In left margin click on Trims and Accesories:
    Click on Accessories.
    Scroll down to Body Side Mouldings.

    They are not very big. I have them with the Protection package.
  • outlanderlsgeooutlanderlsgeo Member Posts: 21
    could you post a picture of the whole outlander with the body side mouldings? i want to see how it affects the qover all look of the vehicle. thanks!
  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Member Posts: 194
  • spaceman210spaceman210 Member Posts: 50
    How was your experience with Anaheim Mit. - or do you work there?
  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Member Posts: 194
    I bought my door handles there, good service. They weren't able to fix my TPMS problem, but they didn't charge me for the time they spent. Seems like a more organized facility that South Coast.
  • outlanderlsgeooutlanderlsgeo Member Posts: 21
    bicuit! have you checked out the accessories for the '07 outlander in eirope they have a nice side body moulding and a fog lamp ring too, do you think it'll be available here? or can we order it from there and get it shipped here in NA? what's ur opinion on this?
  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Member Posts: 194
    I'm not sure if those will ever be available here. Your best bet would be to hook up with one of the forum guys from Europe and see if he'll buy them and ship to you.
  • yeno823yeno823 Member Posts: 2
  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Member Posts: 194
    That one isn't available as an option because it requires drilling holes into the sheetmetal.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    Oops that looks like a pic from my blog :D I don't think it'll be a good to dill through the sheet metal to hook that up. But I wish Mitsu offered it standard across all trims. Japan got it, UK got it, US didn't get it. :confuse:
  • jflorjflor Member Posts: 20
    It seems that the best location to buy the new outlander is australia: choice of 2.4L or V6 engines and plenty of accessories.
  • yeno823yeno823 Member Posts: 2
    Maybe a double adhesive will do it instead of drilling holes?
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    that's what i'm thinking. it snows here in our area and they sprinkle salt over the road like crazy. Drilling through the sheet metal is definitely gonna leave some bare metal open for the salt to react with. You may not see it until it's too late. This I'm sure will void your 7 year rust through warranty, unless a dealer installs it, which I doubt they would in the first place since the thing is not a standard part in the US. Although I like to have it, and yeah I was actually thinking along the lines of 3M adhesives rather drilling holes.
  • antoninbantoninb Member Posts: 49
    My wife and I took an LS out for a first test drive, and then came back to the show room and reviewed an XLS that was open, but not available for a test drive.

    I've been following the new Endevour for a while, and have high hopes that it can be our next vehicle.

    We're both tall (I'm 6 ft), and we both found that even with the electrically adjustable seats, leg room for us in the driver and passenger seats is less than ideal (we typically share driving activities). Ironically, we've found that our Ford Focus has several inches more leg room than the Endeavour and several other similarly-sized SUV's.

    We commute about 45 minutes into work each day, so we're not willing to compromise on comfort. Similarly, we're not willing to move up to a full-sized SUV simply to get the leg room, as that would have a negative impact on gas mileage.

    So, I would suggest the following modifications...

    - Greater length of travel for the driver AND passenger seat adjustment.

    - Telescopic wheel (in addition to the current tilt capability).
  • outlanderlsgeooutlanderlsgeo Member Posts: 21
    whoa! nice!
  • gene_vgene_v Member Posts: 235
    Looks good without the roof rack.
  • diybobdiybob Member Posts: 5
    In US, the moldings come in an off-color gray only. Did not look good with my color!
    How do you remove the roof rack?
  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Member Posts: 194 now offers 07+ Outlander body side moldings, about $100 painted to match. (Small).JPG
  • smoke_1erssmoke_1ers Member Posts: 17
    Anybody seen sites for modding the 07+ Outlander? I've been looking for a cold air system, upgrade the brakes etc. Let me know if you've found anything. (i'm in Canada as case you know of something local!)

  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Member Posts: 194
    Your 07 Outlander has a cold air intake stock, no need to change it.
  • zontarhzontarh Member Posts: 9
    Comes without the rails from the factory (different components in the roof drain)
  • diybobdiybob Member Posts: 5
    Can the side rails of roof rack be removed ????
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    Of course. But why?
  • smoke_1erssmoke_1ers Member Posts: 17
    it is set up like a CAI, but still uses a restrictive air box & filter. To take advantage of true CAI benefits, it would need to use a mandrel bent tube with a larger surface area/less restrictive filter.
  • rancho66rancho66 Member Posts: 6
    I have a LS AWD and know (100%) I do not have heated mirrors. I read all the previous posts about the subject and looks like Mitsubishi decided to include heated mirror in different countries/areas, but not up here in northern WI...go figure.
    My question:
    Has anyone installed and or bought/researched the required parts to have heated mirrors? I would gues that I would need new lenses, but have not taken the door apart to see if there is a plug in for the lense. I know how they would turn on, (rear defog) and there is a factory installed 7.5 amp fuse for heated mirrors in the fuse box.
  • growwisegrowwise Member Posts: 296
    I got my front windows tinted. XLS looks sharp now. Got 35% tint to keep it legal. After a good car wash, I have dropped the idea of getting my wheels powder coated. Those factory wheels look fine and besides, chrome on the door handles and roof rails may not gell with dark wheels. However, graphite gray might go with black or gray (gun metal finish)..
  • spaceman210spaceman210 Member Posts: 50
    Has anyone added fog or other driving lights to the XLS with Xenons since Mitsu sacrificed them to DRL's? Appreciate any details of a good kit and hookups.
  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    How did you do that? Have you done it in a Mitsu dealer or somewhere?
  • jhausslerjhaussler Member Posts: 8
    Does anyone know where I can purchase a set of running boards for an 08 outlander.???? Only 940 miles on it, I need them desperately to protect the paint.
  • alexstorealexstore Member Posts: 264
    Does anybody know where I can get fog lights for my wife's outlander. Dealer wants 180 for kit. On auction site they have them for $200+. I am looking for halogens in $30-45 range that will have factory look.
  • comem47comem47 Member Posts: 399
    There is a good reason the factory kit isn't cheap. Besides the true aimable fog lights
    that fit, there is a wiring harness, a relay and above all else a new signal stalk that has the fog light switch in it (unplug the old stalk and plug in the new one).

    If you wish to mount a toggle switch somewhere on the dash and roll your own it will
    work, but now a days you're supposed to make it so that fogs only come on with low beams (wire your own relay circuit for this). I paid the piper and got the factory setup on the internet (saving maybe $40 from the dealer price for the kit only....labor is extra and it did take a bit of my time removing the bumper to do it right).
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes Member Posts: 1,019
    Be careful with aftermarket fog lights. I ordered a set from Ebay for my LS. Auction claimed they fit like factory and they showed a photo of them installed. What I recieved was a generic light set that was too small for the bumper opening.

    Also, there was no way to mount them. This kit had a bracket to mount to a metal surface. There is nothing behind the bumper on the Outlander and the light must attach to the bumper itself. I ended up sending them back.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    Good all season (rubber) floor mats are now available for 07/08 Outlanders from “Weathertech”. At $99 they are not cheap, but at least available.
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    I wonder which ones are better: All weather floor mats ($99 for 1& 2 row set) or front floor liners ($99 just front). From description on Weathertech site, floor liner seams to be better (custom) fit, where all-season mats are noted as semi-custom fit. Also their cargo liner looks good too, unfortunately, it is even pricier. I saw some liners on eBay, from eBay retailer for $49 +SH, but few buyers described them as cheap, flimsy and pretty thin. Majority was satisfied, and pointed to be good fit. Any thoughts?
  • gfunderburkgfunderburk Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Outlander and the fusable Link broke I replaced it and it has a new battery but it still will not start is there another fuse or something somewhere I could be missing
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes Member Posts: 1,019
    I bought a set of the Weathertech's. All weather mats. The fronts fit perfectly, the backs had to be trimmed and just fit OK. The fronts have the holes where they hook in and wont move.

    I'm happy with them. Way better than stock, the rubber is nice and soft compared to cheaper mats, comfortable to drive barefoot, and they keep rain/mud/snow off of the carpet well.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • willcoutwillcout Member Posts: 1
    has anyone done business with this company for the dash kit and seat covers?

    CARID IN Cranberry Towship NJ

    Please give me your evaluation and/or recommend another competent company for these items. thanks

  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    Comments about this product:

    I got a pucture sometimes ago in a muddy and raining situation. This may help. Perhaps forum members should write to this company to ask for a similar model for the Outlander (swing-away spare tire carrier)
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