Passat Wolfsburg Edition

ssteigssssteigss Member Posts: 38
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Does anyone know when these are coming? Are there any pictures available especially of the wheels. I believe they are supposed to be 17" but have not seen much info anywhere on this.


  • wvbobwvbob Member Posts: 13
    Passat Wolfsburgs are out, I leased on on 3-31-07.. they do have 17" wheels w/235/45/17 AS tires
  • ssteigssssteigss Member Posts: 38
    what kind of deal did you get if you dont mind me asking?
  • wvbobwvbob Member Posts: 13
    I have posted the complete transaction under Leassing Questions. I traded in an 05 Cobalt and walked away with under $300/mo payments for 48mo. MSRP $27889.
  • hugo5hugo5 Member Posts: 68
    MSRP $27,630
    36 month /10k lease
    what's the MF and Residual value in May?
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Try also asking in the other place you posted: Passat Lease Questions.
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