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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • HOBPHOBP Posts: 7
    Thx, mcalautt!

    Very Funny, that comment about "parked even close"! - Believe you mentioned in previous post(s) that you are in the Albany area? Hey, maybe our Tacos "traded rust" last year while parked in adjacent spaces in the Crossgates Mall? --- Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!

    My Taco apparently spent the first 67K miles of it's life running back & forth on I-88 - beautiful condition when I bought it 10/04.

    Nov 08 I heard an exhaust noise - crawled under and found a split on muffler seam - OK I can deal w/ that (probably original) - replaced all from Cat back for $390 local shop.

    At the same time I did notice a HELL OF A LOT OF RUST ON THE FRAME AND ANYTHING CONNECTED TO IT. But then I am not an expert on frames/rust - no knowledge/notice until dealer advised me during the 01/09 oil service appointment.

    To date have received no letter/notice from Toyota re the frame problem. No, I am not the orig owner, but servicing dealer database should have generated the letter, yes?

    So much for customer communications...
  • ADK Taco owner - currently driving a Kia Sportage furnished by 02 Taco is sitting in Plattsburgh, NY waiting for a frame replacement. Service Dept. tried to hose me on pre- existing non- frame related (ha..) work. I need a gas tank. rotors and pads, and they said an e-brake. I will have my local honest mechanic do all this......He said he can fix the existing e brake and do the rest of the work for 1/2 the $ the dealer quoted. Dealer got very pissy w/ me when I rejected additional repairs, and especially rude when I requested to know what will be included on frame repair..I am the 1st one for them.....I have my fingers crossed.
  • HOBP,

    You're zeroing in the biggest issue with this frame replacement - "the zero $ repair bill".

    Now do you really believe that they aren't going to break things and try to backcharge you, as what broke wasn't part of the original frame kit? Us Tacoma owners being charged for stuff that breaks during this frame replacement or immediately after the frame replacement is my biggest fear. I simply don't have the money to pay for all the rusted incidental stuff that broke during the frame replacement or fails soon after due to be thrashed on. Come on. You know Toyota and their dealers. You WILL be charged for some of the incidental stuff that breaks and to me that is unacceptable, as that stuff wouldn't have broken if I wasn't forced into this frame replacement.

    Toyota is NOT going to warranty stuff that breaks soon after the frame replacement. For instance, I fully expect my entire exhaust system to fail after the frame replacement, because once you disturb something like the exhaust, the subsequent failures are like dominoes. Toyota is NOT going to fix for free all that ratty stuff that pops up after the frame replacement.

    Because of the sad reality of this out of pocket cost to us owners, that's why I say that high buyback is the only acceptable option.
  • I agree.....but did you see the NY Times on Friday? Toyota is reporting 5 Billion in losses..........not lookin' good for us!
  • Because Toyota is experiencing economic pressures is why I strongly believe they won't do the right thing. We Tacoma owners are going to pay for this, and if it means nickel and diming us for stuff that breaks during the frame replacement, so be it.

    This is why I think the ultimate answer is to force Toyota to do the right thing - easier said than done. My state AG blew me off with a form letter, refering to this Tacoma debacle, as this "matter". My US Rep is supposedly pursuing this "matter". Somehow, someone of authority, needs to force a mandatory recall of this truck. It's hard to get past the fill in the forms to a live person who is actually willing to carry the torch.

    I'm taking the approach that I'm entirely on my own. I need to do everything I can to make this frame last. I need to keep the salt washed off, keep the exterior painted, and keep the interior of the frame covered in oil. Toyota is not likely to solve all my problems for free, even if they played a part in most of them.
  • Well mine is now 'under the knife.' Last week the service manager said they had finally gotten all of the part info from corp and were manually entering the part numbers to order everything. I spoke with him yesterday and was told that all the parts are in and they were beginning to work on it. It was taken for a test drive by 2 "senior techs" to see how it was before they started the work. As they go through it I will be contacted to let me know if any parts should be replaced 'while they're replacing the frame.' Service manager - who has been excellent to date, the only one giving me a straight story - said that it would be a good time to do any work they find needed as the labor would be almost free. Not sure what the heck that means but as others have mentioned I am not planning on paying a thing. If they break anything they're paying for it and if they find that they need to replace something not covered I have no intention of paying. I should know when to expect it back in the next few days so will keep you up to date.

    I would highly recommend what others have done - write and call everyone you can to complain. NHTSB, state consumer protection board, attorney general, etc. Seems quite coincidental that a few days after I received a letter from my state consumer board indicating they had sent a letter to Toyota corporate the parts suddenly became available. Most be just one of those coincidences.

    I am not confident that the truck will ever be the same but am stuck. My regular mechanics will check it out after I get it back to let me know what's what. Hope all works out well but ...........
  • Here's the skinny- my frame "kit "arrived today at the dealer. It includes: brake lines, control arm, brackets, and rear spring...... we'll see how it goes, they are saying end of next week............
  • My local service manager called me this morning to inform me that he expected the kit next week and to allow another week for installation. He DID mention at no cost to me as well which I was expecting but still relieved to hear. We'll see if he stands by his word, but at his point I'm still seriously considering trying to unload the truck right away and get something else ... non Toyota.
    Please let us know how things turn out.
  • Well, stopped at the dealership today. Its been just over a month and no frame yet. They told me they got their first one today. I'm 4 or 5. I also got to talk to the mechanic doing it and he told me exactly what goes on and he said so far Toyota is replacing anything bad on the frame...control arms, springs, lines, etc. They told me it would probably be a few more weeks. The dealership has been great so far and they're actually impressing me.
  • Well I found out yesterday that Toyota is going to replace the frame on my 2001 Tacoma. The frame should be in within a month. I was hoping for a buy back. My problem is I am in Iraq until April, and my brother is handling everything for me back in the states. Does it really do any good to try and fight for a buyback or are you just wasting your energy? I am not sure what direction to go in on my end especially by not being in the states. I haven't had a lot of time to research but have read some of the posts here. Any input/comments/answers????
  • DO NOT give up....I am the owner of a 2002 tacoma. On november 11, 2008, I took my truck in for an oil change and a problem with my check engine light being on. I was told immediately by the dealership, that I had rust/corrosion. I was told toyota would notify me within 45 days with an offer, 1.5 tomes kelly blue book. well, January came, and nothing was received, Tiffany bishop, my case worker, told me I was only to get a frame replacement. I wrote to everybody, toyota, BBB, auto safety, department of transportation, local reps, state reps. tv stations. Ms Bishop was not helpful at all, ans sometimes rude, not sympathetic that we are owners of rust buckets. I honestly feel my truck is unsafe for the highway. as of Feb, 10, 2008, I have received a call, that I was included in the buyback, and offer of 16,300., I am so relieved not to be getting a frame replacemnent. How could it ever be done right without several problems occuring? In my area, there are only 2 replacemnts that they were going to do, mine and another, scary....They are not certified to be doing this work properly, who are they kidding?? Please do not give up...keep writing and calling everybody you can think of...Let everybody be aware of this insafe vehicle, We have fought since November, and over and over were told by tiffany, we only were to receive a frame replacement, keep telling them that it is unacceptable. There was a channel 5 in boston area, who had previously done a story on the older tacoma rust/ corrosion problem, I did contact them, and they asked me if I would do an interview with them. Where are you located in the us?
    Her name is Jennifer bearman. This forum has alot of information to help you, just go back through it, as I did, that is how I got info on boston channel 5. GOOD LUCK and DO NOT GIVE UP!!! tell toyota what you think about how they are trying to screw you with a new frame, keep calling them, keep writing them.
  • Well, [non-permissible content removed].
    I wish I had heard from you earlier. All I've heard is that the replacement issue is the ONLY option. To the best of my knowledge, my truck is having the surgery as we speak.
  • as I posted eariler on this board, I am the owner of a 2002 tacoma. My truck is inexcellent condition, with only 65, 000 miles. I was told by dealer in nov, I qualified for buy back, then was told I was only getting a new frame, after ALOT of complaints, letter writing, etc, I am now back in the buy back program 1.5 times kelly blue book value. So, condition of truck must not make the difference in my opinion.My local dealer service manager was excellent and helpful, sympathetic to me, whereas Tiffany Bishop, could be rude at at times, Latonya and sara were courteous, from Impartial services.I do know that tiffany's boss is Kristi. Good Luck, do not settle for just a frame!!!! Keep on em'...It is Toyota's responsibilty to completely take these trucks off the road. And...months to come, I believe there will be some BIG issues toyota will be faced with..why are they so selective with these newer models? Consumers with newer models are being discrimated against. Write to everybody as much as possible, keep on your claims worker. Write to local tv stations, congress, auto safety, dept of highway transportation , toyota, BBB, and just maybe...eventually they will have to include ALL of defective frames from Dana no matter what year the truck is...People have to write and complain, make officials aware of the unsafety of these trucks. A frame replacement is UNACCEPTABLE!!!! and YOU are being discrimated against.I honestly felt with a frame replacemnt, that my truck would be a road to many many future problems arising.And in my opinion, it can not be cost effective for them in the end. Good Luck
  • well they told me the same thing, over and over again. Tiffany was rude to say the least. I asked for her boss's name, she told me, I MAKE ALL THE FINAL DESICIONS!!! I said everbody has a boss, I kept calling daily, whoever answered the phone, I would tell them my problem. I did find out that Kristi is tiffany's boss. But, like I posted earlier, still write and call, maybe eventually they pull them all off the road, Does not hurt to write complaint letters, and keep a log, and hopefully, when enough problems exist from the frame replacemnt, something will be done, good luck to you!! I eventually look for a major law suit. Keep your information logged, you never know.
  • YES fight for the buy back
    the frame replacment is a scam.
    I had an 01 and fought my way into a buyback.
    but the later it gets the less likely you will get a buyback.
    they really are just stating a frame replacement or nothing.
  • I'm a tacoma 2001 owner and have been told by the dealship that the paper work for the frame replacement needs to be put in with Toyota first and that for 2001 and older the only option is replacement, unless parts take longer than 30 days.

    I'm hoping for the 30 days and will be pursuing all avenues on the buy back.
  • My 01 Tacoma has failed inspection. If someone from Toyota is listening: I do not want the truck back with all the problems that will come with taking apart the truck and putting it back together. I want an option of you giving me KBB as a trade in and I am willing to purchase a new Toyota. Why aren't you offering something other than just the frame replacement? If you read these blogs, your loyal customers are asking for other alternatives to the new frames. Most are not asking for 150% buy back, but something in-between.
  • Has anyone seen any of the tacoma's at a junk yard being crushed like everyone has been told that what was going to happen to them
  • 2001 - 2004 Canadian Tacoma Owners take a look.. copied from Yotatech


    Subject: Advanced Notification on Customer Satisfaction Campaign 917 – Warranty Coverage Extension for Tacoma Frame Rust Corrosion Perforation

    For your advanced information, TCI will be initiating a Customer Satisfaction Campaign 917 on certain 2001 through 2004 Model Year Tacoma vehicles to extend the warranty coverage for perforation of the vehicle’s frame caused by rust corrosion.

    In order to receive the warranty extension, customers must bring in their vehicle to an authorized Toyota dealer for inspection and to have a Corrosion-Resistant Treatment applied to the frame and (where necessary) any frame repairs performed.

    Q1: What is the condition?

    A1: Toyota has received reports regarding a number of 2001 through 2004 model year Tacoma vehicles exhibiting excessive rust corrosion to the frame, causing perforation of the metal.

    Q1a: What is the cause of this condition?

    A1a: The frames on a number of vehicles may not have adequate corrosion-resistant protection. This combined with prolonged exposure to road salts and other environmental factors may contribute to the development of excessive rust corrosion in the frames of some vehicles. This is unrelated to and separate from normal surface rust which is commonly found on metallic surfaces after some years of usage and/or exposure to the environment.

    Q2: What is Toyota going to do?

    A2: Although the vehicle’s frame is covered by Toyota’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty for 3 years or 60,000 kilometers (whichever comes first), we at Toyota care about the customer’s overall experience and confidence in their vehicle. To assure our customers that we stand behind the product, we will extend the warranty coverage, for a total of fifteen years/unlimited mileage from the vehicle’s in-service date, on the vehicle’s frame for this specific condition, subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the owner notification letter.

    Q3: Is it a safety issue?

    A3: No. All iron based metallic material will eventually rust. This issue is related to inadequate corrosion-resistance protection, therefore, we believe this is a long term durability issue.

    Q4: Is this a recall?

    A4: No. This is an extension of the warranty coverage on 2001 through 2004 model year Tacoma vehicles for perforation of the vehicle’s frame caused by rust corrosion. This warranty extension, subject to certain conditions, will be provided for a period of 15 years with no mileage limitation from the vehicle’s in-service date, for this specific condition.

    Q5: Why is Toyota launching this Customer Satisfaction Campaign?

    A5: We at Toyota care about the customer’s overall experience with and confidence in their vehicle. To assure our customers that we stand behind the product, we are providing, subject to certain terms and conditions detailed in the Owner’s letter, an extension of the warranty coverage on certain 2001 through 2004 model year Tacoma vehicles for perforation of the vehicle’s frame caused by rust corrosion.

    Q6: What are some of the terms and conditions of the Warranty Extension?

    A6: In order for the warranty enhancement to apply, the customer must bring the vehicle to a Toyota dealer before October 31, 2010. The dealer will inspect the condition of the frame and apply a corrosion-resistant treatment at no charge to the customer. Owners of affected vehicles will receive the details of this program in the owner notification.

    Q7: Does this Customer Satisfaction Campaign apply to rusted body panels?

    A7: No. This Customer Satisfaction Campaign only applies to the frame of certain 2001 to 2004 model year Tacoma vehicles.

    Q8: Are 1995 to 2000 model year Tacomas covered under this program?

    A8: No. Toyota launched a Customer Support Program in early 2008 for 1995 to 2000 model year Tacoma vehicles.

    Q9: Are there any other Toyota or Lexus models included in this program?

    A9: No. This Warranty Enhancement only applies to 2001 to 2004 Model Year Tacoma vehicles.

    Q10: What is Toyota’s standard rust perforation warranty coverage for the frame?

    A10: Under the Toyota New Vehicle Warranty, the frame is covered by Toyota’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty for 3 years or 60,000 kilometers (whichever comes first). This is typical practice in the automotive industry.

    Q11: When did you learn about this condition?

    A11: We began to investigate this issue in 2001 through 2004 trucks in the first quarter of 2008.

    Q12: What is involved in the corrosion-resistant treatment?

    A12: Any Toyota dealership will inspect the condition of the vehicle’s frame and apply a corrosion-resistant treatment. The treatment will be applied to both external and internal surfaces of the frame to enhance the corrosion protection of the Tacoma’s frame.

    Q13: How long will the corrosion-resistant treatment take?

    A13: The treatment process is an overnight process. However, depending upon the dealer’s work
    schedule, it may be necessary to make the vehicle available for a longer period of time. During the corrosion-resistant treatment process, however, the Toyota dealer will arrange for a complimentary loaner vehicle for the customer’s use at no charge while the vehicle is being treated.

    Q14: What is the warranty on the corrosion-resistant treatment?

    A14: The frame on Tacoma vehicles included in this program will be covered by the warranty enhancement. The enhancement, subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the owner notification letter, is for a period of 15 years with no mileage limitations from the vehicle’s in service date for perforation of the vehicle’s frame caused by rust corrosion.

    Q15: What if a vehicle has already experienced this condition?

    A15: Any Toyota dealer will inspect the vehicle’s frame and apply the corrosion-resistant treatment if the frame is not perforated due to this condition. If the inspection of the vehicles confirms excessive rust corrosion to the frame causing perforation of the metal, Toyota will, at its option, either repair or repurchase the vehicle.

    Q16: What is Toyota going to do if perforation of the vehicle’s frame caused by rust corrosion is found?

    A16: Upon confirmation, Toyota will, at its option, either repair or repurchase the vehicle.

    Q17: Is there any special consideration in the case of vehicle repurchase?

    A17: In the case of repurchase, Toyota Canada will reimburse the customer for the value of their vehicle up to 1.5 times the Canadian Black Book® Suggested Retail Value or at original MSRP when the vehicle was purchased, whichever is lower. The vehicle will be assessed as a vehicle in excellent condition regardless of the vehicle’s actual condition; however, a deduction will be made for moderate damage and/or missing components. Owners will receive detailed information about the terms and conditions for this program in the owner notificat
  • Picking up newly framed Taco on Tue. wondering if i should sign off on the repair- I am worried about the extended warranty.. I know it is inevitable that I will have new issues/problems due to this "repair" but will this warranty cover those problems.....
    any ideas or experience out there? I am not psyched to be one of the first to go thru this.........kinda like a surgeons first procedure...............
  • Hi Rachel - you're one of the first on here to be reframed. I am awaiting the parts for the process for my 01' Tacoma 4x4 myself at Kinderhook Toyota in upstate NY and am curious how your experience has been. I'm currently second in line -I guess it's better than being the guinea pig . I'm also curious about the folks out there that may have received buybacks with their 01'-04's. What Toyota numbers did you call? -what extensions? Did you all have to go through a case worker? Any help you can give would be appreciated - I've already called the attorney generals office, and contacted other government officials that are supposed to be working "for us" to try to get something done about this major issue.
  • I am willing to bet that nothing but the frame and components replaced will be covered by warranty later down the road unless something happen as a result of the frame replacement. for example. you have a fuse that keeps blowing. the mechanic determines that it was a wire that got pinched when they bolted the body back onto the frame.. Here is the catch, toyota wont warranty something that was screwed up during installation so now you would need the mechanic to admit he screwed up.
    not good odds.
    I would get in writing what is actually covered and I would specifically ask the service manager as well as your toyota case manager to answer this question.
    this is why I have said all along that the frame replacement is a joke and toyota is screwing their customers.
  • I got a buyback and mine was an 01.
    there is no special number to call.
    i lucked out because I had mine inspected and failed just prior to them coming out with the frame replacement program. they tried to tell me I was getting a frame and I said NO.
    i fought and they gave in.. but i dont think that will happen now.
  • Had essentially the same experience with my 01. The dealer noticed the rot when it was in for basic maintenance, and originally they said it'd likely get a frame replacement. They were eventually told it was in the buyback, because they weren't quite ready to roll out the replacement process yet.

    Didn't have to call anyone, just waited to be contacted by ISG. I eventually heard from Latonya there, who was polite and helpful and gave me an honest 150% KBB buyout offer. My local dealer was helpful throughout too, with a no-questions-asked loaner.

    Just the luck of the draw, I guess. Wasn't planning on buying a new truck anytime soon, but so far, I very happy with my 09 Taco.

    Hope the frame replacement process goes well for everyone stuck with it.
  • When you know more about the warranty on the frame replacement then the guy who put it in...... got a call from the service mgr. telling me my truck is ready. i asked to receive something in writing regarding a warranty on the work...." I dont know anything about a warranty, I just do the work- come pick up your truck! " I politely mention that I have some knowledge of a 15 yr warranty on the frame (which I learned here- thanks) . " I dont know anything about it- come pick up your truck!" I
    mention that since he is the service mgr of an authorized Toyota dealership that it might behoove him to know something about it......I say that I am hesitant to sign off on the repair without knowing that I will be covered "down the road" for any subsequent problems stemming from the frame replacement. He says : " There is nothing to sign- come pick up your truck!"
    What the @%*&; ! I have not received one piece of anything in writing from Toyota since the whole debaucle started on Dec. 1. I have a call in to our favorite corp. dude Kevin to clarify ( yeah right) the warranty......I am completely bummed about my dealer ( BTW I bought my truck there) and the service mgr. needs some anger management help. I have decided to wait till I speak w/ Kevin to pick up the vehicle.....I am a pretty laid back individual, but am also considering calling the Mgr of the dealership to complain about the aggressive way I have been dealt w/ and thelack of dealer support and knowledge of the situation. ( Like that will do anything.....except ruin all future service I have done there). As you can see, I am frustrated- so thanks for letting me vent- What's done is done, and maybe I will have no problems down the road-
  • Hi - I eventually went a different route and worked a trade on an 09 for my frame rusted 02. Your above frustrations(s) was one of the reasons I did this. The 1st month was bad enough, but knew it would just be more of the same as time went on. For whatever it is worth, my dealer was overall pretty decent about things. The only time it got 'heated' was when we were both being jerked around by Toyota Motor Corp. (Each being told different things) A quick call to the dealers owner got things back in sync. I eventually spoke with his #2 person (owners) but it fixed the problem. In the long run though I am 99.99% convinced this is a Toyota Corp thing and the dealers are also at the mercy of them like we are and are also being jerked around by them like we are. My original case manager @ corp was confrontational, didn't return calls when she said she would, etc, etc. My dealer's CS manager, while we didn't always see eye to eye, was always very respectful. Maybe a quick call to the owner (probably listed in dealers website or via BBB lookup) may get things back under control. After you get where yo need to be maybe you could post a list of what was replaced. The frame and what misc parts? Thanks in advance and good luck.

  • I have been given an approxiamate list as to what's included with my frame replacement. In addition to the frame itself, all brake lines, rear leaf springs, spring shackles, front control arms, and what they generically call frame replacement kit #1 and #2 are included in the swap -that's all I know thus far. I'm still waiting for an actual frame myself -It's been 3 weeks now since I was inspected and failed and no frame yet. Every time I call the dealer service department (who has been excellent thus far) they've been very cooperative and tell me as soon as they have anything that they'll call ASAP. Unfortunately, I've heard horror stories of having to wait a month or more for this process. I hope that isn't the case.
  • Huh, 3 weeks? Try 2 months. Talked to the dealer the other day and mine was to be started 2/23. Was at the dealership 2 weeks ago bs'n to the mechanic and he actually told me it takes him and 1 other guy a full day from start to alignment. Bullcrap. They're gonna have to cut the bumper off mine cuz I welded it on when I got tired of the DEER knock'n it off. Plus I'm having them do the clutch and timing belt. That'll keep me from cuss'n out those top bell housing bolts.
  • I bought my 2001 ext cab 4x4 Tacoma truck in 3/07 and it was perfect. A $400 toyota inspection before a 3k plus mile road trip confirmed that.

    In 9/08, with 122k on the odometer the local muffler shop noticed severe rust on the frame. I took the truck to Toyota. It failed the frame inspection.

    The dealer sent me to 1-800 go toyota. No loaner, no loyalty discount, no help from a human being, and claims "you won't get 150% value (well... who are we kidding, 150% of a truck worth 50% less than I paid for it would be 100% what it should be worth, but let's not split hairs here....)

    I was FURIOUS. I got nothing in writing about the contract Toyta wanted me to enter. I was threatened on the phone that if i did not take their offer right there and then it would be "significantly lower on the next call." Oh, PS, toyota offered me $1,000 less than KBB value.

    After a lenthy debate and 25-50 letters (I'm not exaggerating) to every single authority or elected official I could find I took Toyotas measly offer, and left my baby at the dealership. That list is in a previous thread, folks

    All the used Tacomas or sale out there of the same style and vintage were thousands more than toyota offered me. I also did not want to buy another rust bucket.

    Toyota called today and made a generous financial attempt to right things. I don't know if is some new policy, whether my letters touched a nerve, or someone messed up on their bookkeeping. I'm glad the frame replacement was not avaialble to me - because I would have taken it, and I know it would have been a nighmare.

    My message to people is this" Toyota is not handling this correctly. Frame replacements and sub-full-value buyback offers are simply not fair. I am glad Toyota is doing something, and in this economy, while posting record losses, it seems to me even generous of them. However, the process isn't appropriate for the trouble people are going through.

    I can't believe Toyota is spending so much money on a program like this. Processing claims, losing slae value on loaners, paying dealers and mechanics to process and repair this, risking lawsuit, and finally, paying customer support to try to clean this mess.

    Their policy should be

    -Take the truck to any dealership. If it fails inspection Toyota will issue you a check for 125% the full value of the truck right there and then OR give you 150% the value of your truck to be used as a trade-in. Offer 1% financing for the balance of the loan. Don't give a loaner, no waiting, no frame replacement. Toyota or ISG takes the trucks and sells parts, or ships them to place in Texas that only does frame rebuilds (no rust, no problem) for the southern (salt-free) market.

    Eliminate the delays and the poor customer service. Eliminate the hassle for a loaner.

    Yes, it will be more expensive, HOWEVER people will be more satisfied, the dealer service depts won't be bogged down, inventories will move again. and Toyota will gain loyalty by doing everything the right way. People loved their Tacoma's Get people in a new truck with as little hassle as possible and keep people coming back.

    Yeah... in a perfect world...

    My advice is: Keep records, write letters, and don't take it sitting down. I know it seems that writing letters and calling elected officials doesn't seem worth it - but if you've been treated unfairly, well, no one is going to come rescue you. Perhaps I got hush money, perhaps Toyota paid me not to sue them (I had considered it), and perhaps its a coincidence.

    I think to look at it this way

    - If you make a bad product, that endagers people's lives, then you can't handle customers in a fair manner... well you get what you have coming.

    No more Toyotas for me. They chose the bottom line for this hand and lost the entire game.
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