Please help my 2002 path engine problems!

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I am having a problem with my truck. It’s been over a year, many mechanics, and a few grand. I am about to use my pyrotechnician license with this thing. I am thinking the problem is either the gas pump or electrical. I need some serious help here. I love my truck but I don’t know what to do.

The problem is intermittent consistently so. I drive 3 miles each way to work, on the highway. The problem can happen at any time on my drive, and is not related to temperature of the engine or outside. It goes like this:

· Running fine on the highway. Lots of power. I can increase speed from 110km/hr to 130km/hr by just applying a little bit of gas. The truck will not have to downshift to do this increase in speed. The rpm stay consistent around 2500.

· The problem starts (usually easiest to notice when cruising at around 120km/hr) with the rpm dropping by about 200rpm. The engine starts to run rough (quick and faint sputters). Sometimes, although rarely, the speed drops a bit. I try to increase speed and the rpm’s won’t move up at all, and the exhaust gets very loud. Finally, if I floor the gas the truck downshifts and speed increases slowly.

· Once this problem starts on a run it rarely corrects itself. I have so far replaced the mass airflow sensor, and have had all sensors on the truck checked and replaced. One mechanic said my fuel filter was clogged completely (even though I’m sure it was replaced regularly), and it seemed to have fixed it for about two weeks. Another mechanic replaced some sensors, and that also fixed the problem for about two weeks. I maintained a log of engine performance to verify that each mechanic’s work seemed to have fixed the problem for about two weeks, but it comes back.


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    It sounds like catalytic converter related issues to me.
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    Have you been getting a "service engine soon" light? I have the same symptoms on my 2001. I get a P1320 OBDII code most of the time it does this (sometimes it doesn't trip the code). That code is ignition related. I suspect it's an ignition coil going, as they are known to be a problem with this vehicle. Mine goes away on its' own. Usually after I shut off the vehicle and leave it overnight, but sometimes it goes away as I drive.

    There are two kinds of ignition coils on the engine. Cylinder #1's coil is different than the other five. To fix, Nissan techs will replace all the coils (lots of money). I will eventually be forced into buying one of each kind of coil and swapping them until the trouble doesn't happen any more. It's really hard to fix it when it's intermittent like this. Of course, changing all the coils would work, but it would cost more than $600, just for the parts.

    If you purchase a "Scangauge II", you can use it to read the code and reset it whenever you like. It also can be used as an instrument or gauge pack - displaying four of about 18 possible readings. You stick it on the dash with velcro. It can be used in any vehicle with an OBDII port (any post 1996 vehicle). It can also be used as a "trip computer". Costs around $170 US. I love mine. Information is power.
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    Could not get the Sifter out of Park to Drive.
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