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JIMMY s15 clutch problems HELP

r0th77r0th77 Posts: 7
edited March 2014 in GMC
I just got a new clutch on my 1990 s15 gmc jimmy 2 door 4.3L and it releases at the very top now after a month. also it chatters/ shakes reallllly bad! any info you have to help me will b awesome!


  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Adjust the pedal to release at the correct pedal level. Either a clutch slave cylinder adjustment or manual linkage. This assumes they put a new pressure plate, friction disc, throwout bearing, and surfaced the flywheel.
  • r0th77r0th77 Posts: 7
    they sed that they can't adjust a hydrolic clutch
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    My book doesn't go that far back and some did have a slave cyl that was set, so could be the slave has bad seals inside or same for master cyl.
  • I've got a 1987 /S15 Jimmy. It jerks real bad when I first take off. 1st and 2nd. gear are the worse. I've checked all the Vaccume lines coming off the carb.body and replaced any that were old and cracked. Any ideas would help.
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