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Lexus RX 300



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    $9.95 divided by 25000 miles = $0.08/mile

    My calculator gives:

    $9.95/25000 miles = $0.000389/mile.

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I just didn't show the "hidden" cost of a new engine with 25000 miles oil changes.

    $9.95 (+$2000)...
  • That's what gimpyrx keeps saying. One change lasted 25k miles......of course, his RX engine then showed intrinsic defect at that point. This seems to demonstrate conclusively that 25000 miles on your Amsoil will reveal any mechanical flaws in your vehicle......

    Willard, what have you been using in the calculator?? I noticed a defect in the arithmetic in post 3752.....could there be a sludge buildup??
  • gimpyrxgimpyrx Posts: 198
    Tell them about the glycol in my oil,that ruined the oil.(Others are having glycol show up in the oil sample too) Amsoil is not the one with the sludge history.I have Been doing same program for 8 years, and the GIMPYRX is the heap that has a problem.And lexus says No to warranty service, so much for CUSTOMER"NO"SERVICE. Court date SOON!
    So tell it all or SHUT your pie hole!

    GDANCZYK.....It is NOT my advice,it is AMSOIL'S! since 1972.
    Go do your homework,and learn.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Your lawyers are giving you bad advice, in THEIR best interest of course. Think about it, if you had been changing your oil on a recommended basis then maybe the contamination would have been discovered, or at least it would have been diluted with the new oil.

    I'm assuming of course that the water jacket leak into the engine was so slow that you didn't have to replenish the cooling water on enough of a regular basis that you should have had a GLUE.

    In court neither you nor Lexus can prove "what might have been", but even from afar it is clear to me that you have contributory negligence whereas Lexus can say "if he had followed proper procedures we may have been able to prevent the engine from failing".

    The fault falls on your shoulders alone.
  • rxcurerxcure Posts: 33
    Imagine you are the judge. You have a busy docket of cases, and before you comes someone upset that their engine was damaged. They explain Glycol leaking and the like, which is outside of your area of expertise, but sounds troubling. Then Lexus speaks and points out that the car owner went 25,000 miles before an oil change. Judge raises eyebrow and turns to owner. Owner agrees but says they do that all the time with other vehicles and Amsoil says it's fine ... and the glycol, the glycol!! don't you get it your honor?!?! Judge rules in favor of Lexus and advises car owner to change oil more frequently than 25,000 miles. Case closed.
  • could have fixed the RX glycol leak, right?

    Gimp, can't you do better than "Shut your pie hole?" Sounds a bit out of bounds for the Town Hall Politically Correct hosts.

    Gosh, wouldn't it be great to be present for that trial?

    Of course, with the Gimpster, we won't hear any details of his case loss, just countless posts afterwards about Lexus' bad service.

    Come to think about it, I'll bet that Gimp has NEVER taken his RX into a Lexus dealer for service, unless it was the first couple of free ones, until the engine sludged up at the 25k mileage mark. So, other than refusing to honor a voided warranty, how would Gimp know whether Lexus service WAS good or bad?

    Since Lexus has the highest service approval rating of ANY auto manufacturer for pleasing their customers, I do believe this is a Gimp problem, not a Lexus problem.

    Again, congratulations to Lexus HQ on refusing to honor warranty service for a 25k oil change, Amsoil or no Amsoil.
  • gimpyrxgimpyrx Posts: 198
    RXCURE...What if the judge used Amsoil?hmmmm... OH SHIFT! Oil drain intervals have nothing to do with glycol.
    Oil samples show the oil good for continued use every time... Now what Mr Judge? You are STILL reaching for a way out of this, but to bad,your glycol in the oil has ya by the ....u know!
    hmmmmm how did that glycol get in the oil?..hmmm
    The Amsoil must come with added GLYCOL...
    Get a clue dude.

    jeffmust2...So MR SMARTY..How should I have fixed the glycol leak? It is NOT my PROBLEM......And Why should I take the RX to lexus, when I can do it myself?...I guess that will VOID the warranty too huh...So let me see...I can service & fix an engine on a BOEING 767 (that YOU might be flying on)and sign off the paper work, SAFE FOR FLIGHT....Hmmmmmm
    But if I work on my RX, my warranty is void.....
    WRONG ANSWER! This was my THIRD, AND LAST lexus (LS-400 & SC-400)and now the GIMPY RX!
    No problems with my warranty on the others,and I used the same stuff.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Are you guys this much fun in real life? I just hope you don't scare off other members who might like to talk about the RX300.

  • gimpyrxgimpyrx Posts: 198
    And yes,we are a BLAST in real life.
  • gimp, sorry, wasn't trying to intentionally mislead.....i am aware of the evidence of antifreeze in the oil but was trying to be gently funny...again, sorry

    whilst i can't lay claim to anything like your mechanical skills, i think you can understand why most of us, raised on the idea of regular oil and filter changes, have a little difficulty with the Amsoil recommendations as far as intervals are concerned (and why Lexus does, too)

    happy holidays and, in all sincerity, best of luck in court

    Willard, you still ain't told us what's up with the calculator!!
  • gimpyrxgimpyrx Posts: 198
    Happy Holidays to you too.

    Until "recommendation" is changed to "requirement"
    it is up to the owner to run the oil & interval that they wish. Amsoil has been around a LONG TIME, and they know what their products can do.
    Sludge has NEVER been an issue with the Amsoil extended drain motor oils.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Sorry, thought I had, I made the $2000 engine replacement invisible in my calulation..

    $9.95 + $2000 divided by.....


    I've been changing my own oil for a very long time, all the way back to my first car, a used 56 Ford I bought in 61. I have always considered engine oil a very CHEAP investment, even today with Mobil 1 at $4.00 qt. I still change my oil and filter about every 3 to 4,000 miles.

    And I look carefully at the oil I drain out just in case something is awry that I might spot. Sure, you say 7500 mile oil changes are not a requirement but a recommendation, but your very own qualifications as an aircraft mechanic should put the lie to that.
  • gimpyrxgimpyrx Posts: 198
    Over half of my maintenance bay (about 25,all A&P mechanics)run Amsoil, and have NEVER had a sludge issue. Even at 35,000 mile intervals with AMSOIL 0w30...Honda,Toyota,Ford,Chevy,Dodge,what ever.
    That shows how much you know about oil,not very much.
    I ought to have had you LOOK at my oil to see if you could SPOT any GLYCOL....With, or with out the EYE GLASSES on....LMFAO
    Do ya wonder how often we change jet engine oil?.....hmmmm
    Not until the engine comes off the aircraft.

    BTW.....MOBIL 1 is not worth $4.00 a Qt....
    not even a GALLON.......AMSOIL!
  • Can we agree we have heard enough now?
    We have the message. Let's change the subject....PLEASE!!!
  • Hey folks; need some help on this. My 2000 RX needs a 15K service. A quick survey of the Phila. area dealers has them all coming in around $300. They all insist on doing the 'hi-stress' version, including diff oil & tranny oil change. Manual says this is only needed when towing (I don't). Is this a decent price for the service? Should I ask them to skip the driveline service? Let me know. Thanks!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Tell them that you only want the "low stress" service performed as defined in your owners manual.

    Don't forget, you're the customer/BOSS!
  • Just bought 2002 RX300. Got dinged by a rock which chipped the paint. Went to the dealer in Bellevue, WA where I purchased it and they could not fix. Referred me to Lexus certified body shop. I do not want this to happen again so I am considering purchasing Stongard to protect the exterior. Does anyone know if it is worth getting Stongard and if so, how much $$$$.
  • ig1ig1 Posts: 2

    This has probably been asked hundreds of times before, but I've just gone through several pages of old posts but didn't see one (unfortunately this forum doesn't seem to have a search engine).

    I've found the RX300 I'm going to lease. I've got a quote from my credit union, but I'd like to know Lexus Financial's numbers.

    If you recently lease an RX300, please post:

    - term (36 mos, etc)
    - miles/yr
    - money factor (or interest rate)
    - residual value

    Thanks very much!
  • lil4xlil4x Posts: 15
    I installed Stongard on the upper face of my RX's rear bumper about 18 months ago. I "cheated" the piece back about 3/8" to allow it to turn down well over the rear edge of the bumper, providing protection to this vulnerable area. Loading and unloading heavy gear had damaged the bumper or tailgate lip of previous vehicles, but Stongard has worked "as advertised" to prevent the usual scratches and dings. Installation was somewhat difficult due to the compound curves to be fit.

    Had I waited for warm weather, or warmed the film with a hair dryer as I stretched it to fit, the job would have been much easier. I left on a 6,000-mile trip the next morning, and during the trip I noticed a few small bubbles under the film as the weather warmed. As directed in the instructions, I carefully pricked these with a pin and squeezed the water out, allowing the film to settle into place. Although a couple of small wrinkles remained, within 90 days they too had disappeared.

    Today the installation is invisible and the bumper is in pristine condition. My only complaint was the cost - $75 for one panel. Pricing has responded to competition by now, since Stongard is a 3M product that is marketed under various names. Endorsement? I will certainly install the product on my '03. I'm not sure that the full kit is required for my application, but I will consider it.

    Check their website, for current pricing.
  • sdeamesdeame Posts: 14
    I know weird comparison.

    I have a 4Runner now and looking at a new one and the RX300.

    I like both, and don't go offroad. I do take numerous trips to VT for skiing.

    How is the RX300 in the snow? Do people feel high enough off the ground? Will I be able to plow through 6 inches of snow in the RX300?
  • I would also reccommend putting on a clear film. This is a 3M's 8 mil clear-coated urethane plastic. It is specifically designed to preserve the beauty and integrity of exterior automotive finishes without compromising or altering the appearance of the vehicle. The material itself is guaranteed by 3M for 5 years against manufacturers defects and not to yellow, crack or craze. All kits come with detailed written and video instruction guide. You can also have someone install if for you. It can be removed without damage to paint. The plastic is barely visible from 3 feet away and hardly visible on dark or silver color models. I'm very satisfied, especially knowing it will be protected from the damage

    This is the cheapest price I came across: Call Alan at 407-927-1900. (approx $190) or 1-407-833-0505.

    The kit front bumper, hood, mirrors, rear bumper top.
    Good luck
  • gsenthilgsenthil Posts: 154
    RX AWD handles like a charm on 12" of snow. Drove it 2 weeks back. Last weekend drive my FWD and though it had ground clearance, it sometimes gets stuck having only 2 wheels for traction.

  • ges1ges1 Posts: 10
    I recently leased (in Sept.) a Silver 2001 AWD w/0 nav in Seattle and had it shipped to Alaska. Total cap cost was $38,215 including delivery which is at least $1000. The residual value was $22,495, and the money factor was .00275. Monthly payments for 36 mos, with 15K miles per year, are around $600.
  • You guys hear the news? Lexus is coming out with a SUV larger than the RX300 but smaller than the LX470 called the GX470. yes, that is right, it will be powered by the 4.7 L 8. Coming in 2003 and will be shown at the Detroit Auto show in about 2 1/2 weeks.
  • I found the article and a front-end picture at Search for Lexus GX470. It looks like they Lexus-ized the Toyota Sequoia.
  • sdeamesdeame Posts: 14
    I just bought a AWD Black RX300 with everything for 36,900 + tax, etc.. (Leather wheel, spoiler, premium package, sticker at 41,600)

    I am now wondering if I should have gone for the nav system.

    What's the best deal someone has received for the AWD with or without NAv.
  • Hello!

    Anyone out there with problems with the front speakers buzzing when the radio is turned up?

    What about wind noise with the crossbars?

    Any solution?

    I have a 2001 AWD RX300.....otherwise, SUV is great!!

    Thanks for your help!
  • gsenthilgsenthil Posts: 154

    I have 10k on my RX and gonna put 3k in the next 10 days (Seattle to Phoenix & back). Called Lexus of Bellevue and they quoted $135 for oilchange, filter, tire rotation and vehicle inspection. Another Lexus dealer quoted $40 for oil change and $60 for tire rotation.

    Toyota dealer quoted $18 for oil change (I will take my own oil Mobil 1) and $10 for tire rotation.

    Seems like a no brainer to go to Toyota dealership. Anything else I should get done apart from oil/tire stuff? Is Mobil 1 ok? WW uses it so I guess it must be good. This is my first car and the first time I am so involved in the oil change. Are there any further categories in Mobil 1? How much should I buy?

    Thanks for your patience


    Or maybe I should use Amsoil and not bother about anything for the next 25k miles ;)
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