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Isuzu Trooper



  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Shocks... Lots of discussion. My personal favorites:

    On-Road: Bilstien
    on/off-Road: Rancho 9000s

    On-road: Pirellis Scorpion ST
    on/off-road: Pirelli Scorpion AT

  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    Yes, there is an adjustment to remove play in the steering. It is a flat blade screw inside a locknut on top of the steering box. I have penetrating oil on mine right now so I will soon be able to adjust it. My steering has a tiny amount of play, enough that if parked and you wiggle the wheel back and forth you can feel a slight dead spot. There was no dead spot when new 130K ago, so now its time to adjust, I think 1/4 turn of the flat blade screw will do.

    My 1984 Trooper went without power steering fluid changed because I did all my own work and I did not want to take off the hoses. At around 190K miles it developed a lot of steerig play over a month or so. I had to change the entire steering box to fix that. Now I do the power steering fluid changes, or I have it done, it has RedLine synthetic transmission fluid in it now.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Initially I took my truck to a trusted mechanic. He told me it was the steering column coupling, inside the boot, 1/2 way up the column. When I first brought it to the dealer, they just cranked the steering box adjustment. Which only made it impossible to turn, but didn't stop the play. They finally agreed to replace the entire column when the play got even worse. Now I have a slight amount of play, which I am hoping adjusting the steering box will fix? Otherwise they will have to replace that too. I only have 29K on my '99, so I expect this is very minor now, so I expect the screw adjustment to work, I hope.
  • Greetings Troopers. Thanks for all of your postings which I studied prior to taking the plunge today. Light Silver, cloth interior, 2WD (not much 4WD'ing here in South Florida.) Real happy with it and very happy with the deal. Looked at 4Runner & Montero but went with the Isuzu. Seems like a great value ($28K+ sticker down to $20K and change.) Much happier with dealer and sales process than I was prepared for. In and out in a little over two hours. Highly recommend Dan Jennings at Maroone on Pines Blvd. in Pembroke Pines, FL. No real pressure and the F&I guy showed me but did not push hard on the insurances, so no "fighting" necessary. Hoping this is as reliable as my old Impulse and my current Volvos. Thanks again for all the info on this board which does help those readers in the buying process.

    Mark H.
  • The Holden Rally Team has today taken an outright win in the Australian Safari. The Bruce Garland Jackaroo taking the honours with a 15m 57s lead over a Mitsubishi Pajero (Montero to you guys). There was also a modified Holden Frontera (Isuzu Rodeo) in the top 5.

    Garland did the 3000km of competitive stages in 27h 36m 33s. You do the math on average speed!

    Just to keep you guys happy about your choice of transport, Peter Brock's 2002 3.5L Jackaroo came in first in the showroom class with a total time of 30h 39m 30s, 8m 8s ahead of a 2002 Nissan Patrol 4.8L. These are essentially production vehicles like you and I drive, with minor mods. A 1998 Frontera 3.2L came in 3rd in the showroom class, so don't knock the Isuzu Rodeo's too hard!
  • Just looking at it, I would have guessed it to be something like a Lada.

    Hard to get an idea of how big it is from the photo, but the weight suggests TLC sized.
  • bsmart1bsmart1 Posts: 377
    today. I'm going to drive her until the light comes on, or until she dies from lack of fuel. I have a can of gas in the back to put in if the latter of the two happens. I'll report my findings here when I have the answer. Hope that light actually works!

    Hope everyone had a FUN and Safe Labor Day holiday!!

    Happy Trooping.
  • Enjoy your holiday, all!

    BTW, I made a mistake in my email re the Australian Safari. In the "showroom" class, the 2nd place getter was not a Nissan Patrol. It was in fact the second of the production based Holden Rally Team Jackaroos. So they got a 1-2 victory in that class.

    Now I wish they'd just put some photos of the finish up on their website.
  • Thursday I put a deposit down on a 2001 LS, 24K, grey in seemingly excellent shape. One-owner car and was traded in on a used Porsche 911. $17,250 final price seemed like a very good deal. NADA on our wrecked 1999 with the various adjustments is $17,000 which is what we expect to get from Allstate this week. Not bad, considering that we bought the 1999 this spring for $16,000. If all works as planned, we get a two-year newer truck with power/heated seats, the newer tranny, etc. plus the sunroof and the other good stuff we had on the 1999 for just $250 extra. I just hope this one was as well cared for as the first (which was immaculate mechanically).

    We went up to Rimouski (QB) this weekend and I pulled the CB, antenna, aftermarket stereo, Hidden Hitch and nerf bars (there's no NADA credit for the bars so off they come - the 2001 we're buying didn't have them but will soon).

    I'm back out on tour Weds. but hopefully my wife can wrap this up with the insurance company and pick up the new Trooper. Quebec has a no-fault law which requires our insurance to cover the vehicle even though the other vehicle was (legally, in official papers and otherwise) at fault. Hardly a fair system but what can ya' do.

    Thanks for the replies and suggestions.

  • At least you are covered and it has worked out well for you.

    It's always a bit weird when things work out well in a situation like this. Particularly when people lost their life.

    But .... that's how it is!
  • It is strange when things work out well in an accident like this. Or, that is to say, some aspects may work out well. Two people lost their lives because a driver was careless, my staff member is still uneasy when driving, we have a major claim on our insurance record despite Monique having done nothing wrong (thanks to Quebec insurance law), a tour with guests from all over the world was disturbingly disrupted, we have all kinds of direct and indirect expenses because of the accident, etc.. In short - a nightmare. Finding a good new Trooper for not much more money was a nice bright spot in a rough few weeks.

    We've been leading tours in Quebec since 1998 and I feel safe in saying generally that I've seen some of the world's most dangerous driving there.
    Excessive speed is just the beginning, the following are routine: tailgating very close, passing on double yellow lines, passing in various blind areas, travel at 120 km/h + through towns and, perhaps most dangerous, turning in front of other vehicles without ever looking and/or without caution. NYC is a haven of driving courtesy by comparison.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I've been lucky in 12 years of driving never to have a claim on my insurance. So I haven't had the pleasures of having to deal with that stuff. It's inevitable that I will eventually but hopefully not for a long time.

  • mwwstmwwst Posts: 30

    FYI- I ran the gas tank on my 2000 S down until the light came on this past weekend (no, I was not running a test, just lazy). It took 19.6 gallons to fill the tank back up. I believe the trooper has a 22.5 gallon tank so I had roughly 3 gallons remaining when the light came on. Hope this helps.

  • I replaced my OE shocks with Edelbrock's and have been very pleased. I might have 20k on them now with no issues, it rides nice but they are pricey.

    My '96 came with Bridgestone Duelers which were ok. I replaced them with BFG AT's. Then I replaced the (expensive) BFG's with Kumho Road Venture AT's. I love the Kumhos. They were $88 each, versus about $125 for Michelins or $165 for BFG's.

    They are smooth and quiet after the BFG's, which were more of an off road tire than I needed.

    The Troop now has 113k on it. The wide is eyeing MDX's though....
  • bsmart1bsmart1 Posts: 377
    can you test your gas light by turning your key to the ACC position? I get nothing by doing this on the 99' but it does work on the 01'. That's why I'm driving around on empty. I have had the light come on while driving the 01' and I believe it was about like you described. There was about 2 gallons left in the tank IIRC.
  • The BFG A/T's are the most popular all-terrain in Australia and the tyre that seems to have the least amount of problems.

    What surprises me is that if you do the currency conversions, we get them cheaper than you do in the US. And the tyres we have here are the US manufactured ones, not the Japanese made BFG's.

    A 245/70R16 BFG A/T is about $200AUS, which is now about $110US.

    Michelins A/T's are way more expensive than the BFG's. Yokohama/Pirelli's are about line-ball with BFG, just a bit under at $195AUS.
  • mwwstmwwst Posts: 30

    The gas light does come on when I first turn the key on my 2000 S.

  • jimmyp1jimmyp1 Posts: 640
    but I got hit by my MOTHER-IN-LAW!!!! About 2k in damage to the left rear quarter, maybe more if the body shop decides to fight for a new panel, which the insurance guy said could very well happen. I'll post a picture in a while. Poor Trooper, she just looks so sad. Paisan, the turbo is fine. :)

  • This happens to me two or three times a year, usually after heavy rain, or snow, in the jammed traffic or in front of red light. I have no problem to restart the engine. When I sent the car to the dealer, they said they cannot find the problem.(Sure, they don't drive it to commute) Except this hassle, I like my trooper. It is now 50 K miles and it runs well. I think I have to wait for the next generation trooper (NOT the GM ones) to replace this one. Maybe I have to put on 150k more miles on it before that day.

    Anyone has the same experience? Any suggestion will be appreciated.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Jimmy: Glad the turbo is ok. I am gonna need that for auto-x soon, the SVX isn't gonna make a good auto-x car.

    Peterisme: Try a fuel regulator or possibly fuel pump or fuel pump relay.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Is that an ARM bumper? Have to get me one of those Jackaroos :)

  • made by Rallyspeed. Usually an alloy unit. The air intakes are a custom fitting though.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Maybe we could change the badging on the trooper? I wonder if you can purchase the body moldings for the SLX and Jackaroo? Then I could have 3 different trucks in 1.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Just got an e-mail that ECB has bars for the Holden Cruz, what is that?

  • It's a little AWD based on the Suzuki Ignis. 1.5L 4 cyl, really tiny, doesn't even qualify as an SMV.

    Holden was asked to do the concept design in 2000 by GM Asia Pacific, for display at the Tokyo Motor Show. They accepted and then realised they only had 12 weeks to get it done. They did it!

    It would be better if it was a 1.8L.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    That could be the cute-ute that GM may sell here.

  • mwwstmwwst Posts: 30
    Got my overlander expedition roof rack in the mail today after about one and a half weeks of waiting. Took me about 1/2 hour to put the rack portion together. Very simple even with the inadequate directions. Unfortunately, when I opened the box for the mounting brackets I found out that Overlander doesn't supply the 6mmx25mm bolts that you need to screw the brackets (which hold the rack) into the existing bolt holes in the roof of the trooper. This makes no sense to me since Overlander was nice enough to note on the bracket directions which were inside the box that 94 troopers and newer don't have bolts already screwed into the factory holes. So how about supplying them!!! Very disappointing. I'll have to wait until after work tomorrow to get the bolts and then do the final assembly. I'll let everyone know how it looks, works, wind noise,etc. after I've had a chance to use it a little.
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