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Isuzu Trooper



  • pugger1pugger1 Posts: 42
    Thanks Flyinlow, I contacted Isuzu and they were really nice about the foot rest question. My sticker didn't show them. I am not entitled to anything.

    WHAT KIND OF MILEAGE IS EVERYONE GETTING? 629 mile interstate trip and I received 16.6. Speed averaged about 65. Can I do anything to make it better?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    How many miles on there? If it's under 10K miles you'll do better milage after 10K. Increase your Tire Pressure to about 37f,42rear.

  • pugger1pugger1 Posts: 42
    You might try calling Isuzu for some help getting service on the seat or go to another dealer if possible. If you have a problem with a part of your Trooper then it is a problem. It sounded a lot like the dealer did not want to deal with your seat and gave you a line. If the seat is not repair able then replace it. Bottom line is the entire vehicle is under warantee, not just the things that they recognize as problems. What did they tell the first guy to have any problem, sorry we do not recognize this as a problem? Call Isuzu.

  • pugger1pugger1 Posts: 42
    Milage is 5500 so I guess I will wait. I will also check my pressure.

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    my front drivers seat squeaks over bumps. I think it is the springs in the cushions...It is annoying, especially when bouncing across sand dunes for 20 minutes...I am not too concerned about it however.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    Paisan - Will your suggestion to increase tire pressure to 37f and 42r have any adverse effect on tire life expectancy?

    Is it a tradeoff between saving at the pump but spending money more often at the tire shop or is the effect of increased pressure and tire degradation negligible (and is it still safe) in case of our Trooper?
  • I just read this report: and it seems that Isuzu is gradually folding its SUV business. I am considering getting a late model Trooper but if Isuzu is on life support, I may have to look elsewhere.
  • I haven't seen any posts about this so if someone has opinion, let me hear it. I got this brochure about the Isuzu Protection Plan, which I guess extends your basic warranty. Its a little confusing, there is the "Select" plan and the "Ultimate" plan. Anyone have this and think its worth it? Don't know what to do. I have 2001 S 4wd.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Your tire life expectancy will actually increase with slightly higher pressures. Downsides? Bumpier ride. Handling will be crisper, better milage. It's possible if they are too inflated that you'll get center tire wear. For me I replace my tires every 25-40K so even if it cuts down a 50K tire to 40K that's not a big issue for me.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I too am looking into the extended warranty plans. Not sure which I'm gonna get though.

  • Slow down. Seriously. The Trooper does much better at 60-70 than it does at 65-75. And I know when you said 65, you meant 65 to 75... :o)

    Paisan is right about the tire pressure.

    I found that using Mobil 1 seems to have increased my mileage a little. It could have been the K&N air filter though.

    Overall, at 65, I'm happy with 18.5. If I'm driving to New Jersey on 78 through Pennsylvania (flat), I might get 20. If I'm driving out 68 towards Western Maryland, I'd be happy with 18.

    Around town, I get maybe 14. Lots of stop and go on my commute.

    And on a personal note, I hope the State Police capture and kill the wackjob that's picking off folks here in Maryland. And then I hope he rots in Hell. I know this isn't the place, Sorry.
  • My seat just started that a month ago, I have a 2001S (18k miles). It is only the driver seat in my vehicle, hasn't bugged me enough to pursue a fix yet. Let us know what the dealer does to fix it.

    KeeponTroopin - I sprayed alot of silcone in the driver window weather stripping as you suggested -it definitely improved the windows performance, but it's still only 80% as compared to the passenger window. I think I'll just watch it for a while, I still have 2 years on my warranty.

  • Anyone ever have this happen?

    The pin that the turn signal stalk pivots on worked it's way up and out on my '98. The stalk came off in my hand while attempting to signal a turn.

    It took all of 10 minutes to put it back together, but I'm wondering if it will happen again. I guess if it take another 55,000 miles before it goes again it won't be a problem! Just curious.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Here's another story about Isuzu "folding shop" in the US:

    Isuzu to end SUV output in U.S.

    But it really seems that the joint venture is being dissolved and Isuzu's will still be available here:




    SUVs, Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards

  • kevtomkevtom Posts: 11
    Spoke to the service manager at the dealer today (Lou Sobh in Atlanta). As I began recounting what happened yesterday, he asked if I had brought it in, I told him no and said that was the reason for my previous call. He stated that he did not understand why I was told the stuff I posted here yesterday and that this is a new vehicle and everything is covered and if there is a problem it needs to be fixed. He expressed his concern that the person I talked to yesterday gave me wrong information and asked if there is anything else wrong with the vehicle. I have an appointment tomorrow for them to look at it. I feel much better after talking to the service manager and I did not have to "demand" anything. He was very quick in correcting the information I was given yesterday.

    I did ask about the AT gear shifting because this is my first Isuzu and 4x4. I do not have the Auto 4x4 activated. When driving in a 35-45 mph area, I don't press the gas as far as when I'm getting on the interstate. What happens is that when it gets to 30-35 mph I am already in the highest gear with around 1800-2000rpm. It seems to go through the gears very fast especially the 3rd gear. At times it seems to go in 4th and back into 3rd for a moment before going back into 4th.

    He told me that this sluggish feel due to it going through the gears quickly at those speeds is its way of trying to provide better gas mileage. He suggested that at speeds below 55 (or basically when I'm doing city driving) that I keep the transmission in 3 instead of D to avoid that sluggish behavior. Is this how others drive in the city with an AT?


  • cobbocobbo Posts: 34
    Aloha again ya'll...
    Just catching up on some of the posts and figured that I would put my own 2 cents in, so here we go...

    Replace your tires on a Trooper at intervals of 35,000 miles or less...I waited to replace mine at the 40,000 mark (as I had done with 3 prior SUVs over the past 12 years) and low and behold the trooper hydroplaned off the interstate at 39,936 miles. While my passenger & I walked away without a scratch, my Troop was not so lucky as we careened into the guardrail, crushing the front end. $11,550.00 and one month later I have my baby back and the first thing I did was go buy a full new set of Michelins...still have one or two post accident kinks to work out (including getting over a month in a clown-car sized rental to fit under my insurance reimbursement) and I've got to consider replacing my baby if they can't work out the final bugs...Too bad the Ascender has prevented any local dealers from stocking a black limited 4x4 gold package for me to replace mine with...

    Anyway, hope ya'll are having a good week & will write more later...BTW, just to cut off any arguments that the hydroplane was driver error I was doing 15 mph less than the prevailing speed of traffic & 3 other cars all hydroplaned off within 1/2 mile of me from the sudden storm...appears there is an ongoing investigation about a stretch of the highway which was repaved last year & left large ruts consolidating the water & causing such accidents...Hasta la pasta,
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Keep it in D. You said you just got it right? The tranny ECU takes about 2K-5K miles to "learn" your driving habits. So give it some time. Also it is probably not dropping to 3rd gear. It is probably just unlocking the torque converter in 4th which is normal. If you feel it shifting a lot between 3/4 then put it in 3. Most of my driving is city, but it's stop and go not 35-40mph.

  • kevtomkevtom Posts: 11
    I got it in July and have 3300 miles logged. About 5-6 trips of approx. 300 miles round trip and the rest driving around city/suburb streets. It seems to do the drop back to 3rd gear during the acceleration from a dead stop within a 35-45 mph zone. Your explanation of the torque converter makes sense because it is such a brief moment. When I punch the gas, there is a more pronounced shift and acceleration. Thanks for the advice.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Be sure to check out I put up all kinds of good info there How-tos etc.


  • serranoserrano Posts: 107

    You can also select the "Power" mode for the transmission, which will alter the transmission shift points. You will find it much less hesitant to downshift.

  • cknottcknott Posts: 61
    Well folks, my "check" light below the TOD indicator box is flashing on occasion. This is in a 1999 Isuzu Trooper w/ 61k. It will flash 4~5 times in a row and then it will not blink for a while. Does anybody know how to read the codes? or know what typically causes 4~5 blinks of the red "check" light.


  • Some moron scraped across my spare tire in the Lowe's parking lot yesterday. It's the painted cover on a '00 Trooper Ltd - Moonmist Grey Mica. The marks MIGHT come off - it looks like mostly black rubber - but I imagine a repaint might be needed for the scratches in the finish. A couple of thoughts though...

    1. Any thoughts on replacing the spare with a matching alloy wheel? I found one at for $178 not including the center cap or lug nuts. I assume the spare would fit on this wheel, and that the wheel would mount on the door okay.

    2. Should I call a body shop for an estimate on repainting the cover vs. ordering new? My dealer said the body shop would have to paint a new one to match anyway. The mark is right across the trooper lettering, with another big mark near the bottom of the tire.

    3. Do you think if I'd caught the s.o.# that did this, that he would be alive to talk about it?

    Thanks for any advice -

    Nashville TN
  • breakorbreakor Posts: 398
    I think the days of counting flashing lights are long gone. Instead with OBDII you have to have a code reader to pull the stored codes. That can be done at the dealer ($$$), a shop ($$), or at AutoZone for free. I assume they also have the code meanings. If not, try here -

    Also, I also think the flashing light is the "major" warning and the constant one more of a "minor" warning. Thus, you shouldn't let this go. No doubt if I am wrong someone will quickly jump in.

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    2. I wouldn't worry about the scrapes on the cover. If anything try meguiars wax/cleaner on it or maybe some touch up paint.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    If it's the check TOD, I bet it's the speed sensors. I had this problem when I had 20K on my truck. As soon as the weather got chilly with some dew at night, the connections must have gotten corroded and bam check TOD light came on.

  • cwp2cwp2 Posts: 19
    Has anyone attempted to change out the gears in the rear axle of a 2wd to get better mileage? Is this possible? I'm sure the warranty would go out the window, but increasing the gas mileage sure sounds like a good idea.
  • I don't know if this has been posted before but I thought someone might read it: In short, a horrific head-on clash between a 2001 Trooper and 2000 Durango killed both drivers instantly. There was an Accord driving behind the Trooper at 50mph. When the two SUVs collided, they became airborne!! The Accord couldn't stop of course and went underneath the SUVs and its roof was damaged by one of the SUV tires. Simply amazing!
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    Make sure that all 4 tires are the same size/pressure/wear pattern. If TOD senses a difference it sends a message. I believe Piasan has had this experience also from a previous post long ago.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I had bad speed sensors which setoff the Check TOD. But I had a whining noise that was a result of 1 tire having a different diameter (measured) than the other 3 tires. Even though the tire was the same size, tread and wear it was off by ~1/4" and this was enough to cause a minor whining.

  • rubber marks remove with solvent carefully selected and tested on an out of the way spot to make sure it does not attach the paint.

    Try a set of 235-85-16 tires for taller but not heavier for better MPG. Be sure not to get load range E those are for heavy trucks. A lighter load range will mean a lighter tire. Some tire stores can get tire weight information, you want a light tall skinny tire for max MPG.
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