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Questions About Selecting a GMC Acadia

aroxasaroxas Posts: 10
I am looking for an Acadia SLT2 AWD in blue-gold crystal metallic. Going through some dealer inventories, I cannot locate such a car. Can anyone provide any help/insights?

Thank you


  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Many times the manufacturer does its painting in lots by color. Some times there are problems with a certain paint color and those orders get delayed. My guess is that the early production was in certain colors they think will be more popular. Of course, if they offer a color it should be available at any time. My experience with ordering cars in the past has been that is not always the case. I am anxious to see this color myself, as it has appeared on both the Acadia and Outlook in models that were tested by some of the car magazines. It is hard to judge a color from a magazine due to printing irregularities. I have yet to see this color "in the metal" on the street. Good luck!
  • aroxasaroxas Posts: 10
    I saw the blue-gold at a local dealership in Northern NJ. It was not showing in dealer inventory. According to another dealer and GM, the car might have been an auto show car. The other dealer says he would not buy that car knowing that it was one of the very first ones off the production line!

    The local dealer told me he just sold the blue-gold.
  • awigginsawiggins Posts: 1
    Has any of the new Acadia owners experienced the smell of exhaust fumes in the vehicle when the windows are up? Especially if the AC is on w/ air comming in from the outside. The smell ceases if i turn on the recycle air button. Besides that everything else is great w/ the vehicle. Thanks
  • kel30kel30 Posts: 1
    I saw one today in St. Louis - I know this is too far for you, but I just wanted to comment how cool it looked, like an icy pale blue. The dealer said once they saw how awesome :) the color was in person, they ordered several.
  • rousterrouster Posts: 1
    My company supplies parts to the assembly plant. It's a new facility. Thus, the ramp-up is slower than one that transitions between models, affecting output and versions of colors. I visit the plant about once a week and can attest to the fact that the output is at or near capacity. and have been producing in quantities of your favorite color for at least a month or 2 now. It's a geat product and nice color for that vehicle.
  • I am looking to lease a GMC Acadia. Is it worth an extra $2K to get AWD since the gas mileage will drop approx 4MPG over the 2WD? I live in the NE part of NJ ....Thank you for the assistance!!!
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    seems like the mpg delta will be barely 2 mpg not 4mpg but either way I think seasonally swapping snow tires/wheels could be better since snow tires help the vehicle stop in winter where and AWD doesn't. i'm not even sure snow tires are available in the 18" size, maybe not.
    if you don't have a mountain/mud-pit driveway i bet you are probably good with FWD.
    either way, most people will want the AWD.
    i wonder what % is made AWD vs FWD for this vehicle.
    also, what % of people say ARCADIA instead of Acadia?
    and what % of owners wish for a diesel engine?
    keep those cards and letters coming, people.
  • ndelndel Posts: 12
    I also have smells that come into my 2008 acadia through the vents. I get smells of gas (propane). I noticed the smells the first time I drove the car. I took the car into GM who told me the smell should burn off. At 2500 miles I still get the smell. I have had the car in 4x's but they keep telling me there is nothing wrong with the car. GM corp is no help. The dealer said he switched out the catalytic convertor but I still get the smell. I can smell it when I get out of the car as well. It is a very strong propane odor. When it comes up I get a bad taste in my mouth and get lightheaded. Having children in the car I am very concerned. Yet GM says they can not identify the order. What did you do to resolve this problem. They are talking about switching out the gas tank. I leased the car and don't know what to do. Please let me know.
  • dzabeldzabel Posts: 1
    I drive an 07 Acadia that is a company owned vehicle. I drive hundreds of miles per trip at the highest legal speeds in the Great Plains area of the country. Like many others, this Acadia has strong odors entering the cabin. To me it smells like hot engine oil or hot hydraulic fluid that is vaporizing. It happens now and then when driving into the wind--this horrible odor comes in. Very nauseating. After a while it quits. By then I've got the windows down gasping for fresh air.

    One GM shop foreman said that it is an "incredibly poorly designed vehicle" in this respect. Somehow the heating/cooling system is able to suck air out of the engine compartment, at least according to him. One thing he tried was to clean all the spilled oil from the engine compartment that might be vaporizing when the engine is hot. That didn't help. Nearly every other vehicle in the world is designed so the oil filter can be removed from the bottom. Not this one. It has to be removed from the top and it's hard not to spill oil on something. It might be a faulty crankcase ventilation system, but we're not going to worry about it. The boss says we're going to try something else. It has just 40,000 miles on it.

    If you hear a 'growling' noise when the engine is well warmed up it might be the power steering pump. Mine went out at 36,000 miles. Just got it in under warranty. First they said it would take 5 months to get a replacement, but the dealer worked hard on it and was able to find one in 30 days. The new pump is starting to 'growl' a little with just a little over 5000 miles on it.

    It's had the 2nd revised transmission software installed and it helped. However, in hill country or if bucking a slight breeze it shifts constantly. It'll shift down 2 gears, work it's way back to 6th and then do it all over again. I put it in manual and shift up to 5th, thus locking out 6th, and it drives like a normal vehicle. But wait, you can't put it in manual "L" if you're going down the road 70 mph because that puts in low gear. I did it once at 40 mph and it was a good thing I had my seat belt fastened, otherwise I would have been shot through the windshield. You have to stop and then shift up to 5th. Very poor design. One should be able to shift down without placing it the "L" position first. Jeep has this one figured out far better than GMC. Best way is to get into the habit of putting it in "L" or manual before speeding up. But then you better remember to shift up, too. I've found that 70 mph is about the sweet spot for 6th gear. Engine RPM's are high enough to reduce the shifting. Slower or faster and there will be lots of gear shifting. Someone mentioned a neck brace--good idea!

    And then there are the other little things that are just annoying. I like to hang pressed shirts on the clothes hanger in back. However, I can't reach the hook from the back door, nor can I reach it from the hatch without actually crawling into the vehicle. I'm 62 years old and I don't want to be crawling on my hands and knees to reach to clothes hook. I'd like to have a chat with the designer that thought it was a good idea to put the clothes hook out of reach.

    We need to remember that the Acadia and it's many siblings are really just front wheel drive vans. They took the sliding doors off and installed regular rear doors. They gave it an aggressive, masculine look and like magic it become a crossover SUV. It's still a van that's helpless whenever there is snow on the ground.

    I'm really glad that I don't have any of my own money tied up in this vehicle. I am currently on my last trip in it. As soon as I get home I'm switching vehicles. A date with the car crusher would be a suitable ending for this lemon vehicle.
  • ndelndel Posts: 12
    I too have been complaining about strong odors coming into the car from the air/heating system for the past year. Yet, not one GM mechanic has taken my plea seriously. My children and I get headaches and nauseous. We ride in the car with the windows open or the heat off. Even when it's 20 degrees out. It's awful. Unfortunately, I have a lease and I'm stuck in the car. Any suggestions or advice. I know other acadia owners have the same problem. What should I tell my mechanic? Thank You!
  • GMC now has a fix for this problem. They add a vent hose/kit from the transfer case to the rear of the vehicle. I think it is part no.01CDZ110. Tech line case #11084683 was assigned to my repairs.
  • GMC has a fix for this problem. They add a vent hose/kit from the transfer case to the rear of the vehicle. I think it is part no.01CDZ110. Tech line case #11084683 was assigned to my repairs.
  • Why doesn't my 2010 Acadia SLE have "Acadia" on the driver and passenger side door, like others I have seen?
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 112
    If Im not mistaken they stopped putting the "Acadia" badge on the side starting with the 09 models.
  • Quit looking and find another car!!!!! The other posts about the continuing problems with the Acadia should scare you away from this car!!! I LOVE my car; but, I'm on the path to HATING it. These posts about the Acadia's problems are very true for ALL the models & years.

    All I can say is, "BE CAREFUL!"
  • Do I have to pay to use navigation? I am not interested in the upgrade to real time traffice - just want directions.
  • slt2billslt2bill Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    Hi there, is any one has SLT1 OR SLT2 but did not have (in-dash 6-disc CD player) if you are not sure, so just visit the web:(
    you should call GMC about it to get your right, I just did and they will take care for me.( keep calling if they don't solve the problem)
  • hdaohdao Posts: 20
    edited October 2010
    Odor smell can be fixed easily. The problem is that the in-coming air vents are designed under the hood in front of windshield. While most (old) cars have these vents visible outside, so air is usually dried. However, Acadia, may include its other siblings like Buick Enclave, Chevrolete Traverse, and Saturn Outlook, have these vents under the hood. When using re-circlulating air conditioner, there may have some air water still remain in there. After some times, it causes smelling like mildew. So, if you open the hood, spray some water into these vents to flush out. Then turn the a/c fan (without a/c on), you should notice that mostly smell are gone. To even make it better, wait util vents are dried, then spray just little air refreshment into these vents. Hope this trick will fix your odor smell problem
  • bobfishbobfish Posts: 48
    Traded in my 07 Acadia for a 2011 Acadia with the trailer hitch. My 07 had a cover on the bumper that you removed to reveal the receiver,on the2011 there was no cover. Did they do away with the cover? Anyone out there own a 2011 with the towing package? Does it have the cover?
  • Hi Bob fish
    , I see this is a old post that you may already have the answer to. But I have a 2011 Acadia, the trailer closeout as it is called, is an accessory you hav to order thru parts dept. I have done so.
  • I bought a 2011 Acadia Denali with Nav and Rear entertainment. I love the car with the exception of gas mileage. Last week i ended up renting a minivan for a trip and was able to appreciate the guidelines on the rear camera. The guidelines on the screen gives perspective with how far you are as well as if you are parking straight or no. I was surprised that many cars have that feature and fully loaded Acadia lacks that. Blindspot indicators are yet another new features in the car i think are very useful.

    Anyhow, I have heard that 2012 has those but am not able to confirm it. Does anyone know if some software upgrade is possible that would allow guidelines to be on the rear camera?

    For those who don't know what i am referring. Please click the URL below to see the picture. Even a hyundai has is a p splay-thumb-717x537-80695.jpg
  • c_emptorc_emptor Posts: 2
    What gives with all these Captain's Chairs? Dealer's lots are inundated with these things. Alas, you'd be hard pressed (if at all) to find a 60/40 SmartSlide 2nd-row back seat amongst them. Some of us tire kickers are actually traditionalists who could give a hoot for Captain's Chairs, preferring a full-across SmartSlide back seat. Access to the 3rd row is excellent. And with a bonus: You've now got an 8 seater -- a freebee option. But GM has made Captain's Chairs the default seating -- a 7 seater. For the dealers to order the 8 seater -- the no-charge SmartSlide option -- requires a check in the box. We traditionalists extend our thanks.
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