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I was wondering what type of gas milage people are getting? I know that the hummer sucks down the gas but neither this site or consumer reports list a range for the gas mileage for city/hwy.


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    Do you have any particular model of Hummer in mind?
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    I was thinking the H1 or H2. I'm guessing they are in the same ball park. The H3 has listed number which give people a rough number.
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    Surprisingly the H1, which is diesel, gets a better return than the H2. 12-13mpg compared to 8-10mpg.
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    on the H2 is the 8-10 city/highway or just an average in a normal mix of driving? Also where did you get these numbers as all reviews I've seen don't list anything for fuel economy.
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    H2 figures come from half a dozen personal acquaintances, though I can't vouch for the accuracy of their calculations. However, they do all agree. None of the H2s are later than '05, and it's it's possible that later models may do better. Cruising at 55mph can return 12-13mpg but pushing above that drops it down. Expect 10mpg or less around town and offroad it can drop to low (very low) single figures.

    H1 figures are mine, filler neck to filler neck, speedo GPS verified
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    I have questions about h1 gas mileage just like phisher. You said an h1 can get about 12-13 mpg. I have heard around these numbers from most people. I have loved hummers ever since the age of 3-4. This year is my senior year and my parents have offered to buy me a used h1 (year 2000 and up) for graduation. My dad has talked to a few hummer owners and they had everything bad to say about them. We even test drove one of his customers 2002 h1 soft top. The experience was wonderful, but the vehicle had some problems during the two days we drove it. The first problem was the dome light kept on flashing and would take up to 15 minutes to stop flashing parked or in drive. The second problem was the rattles and sqeauks. Don't get me wrong I know a h1 will rattle and shake, but I mean these rattles sounded like the door was going to fall off. The third problem we had was the check engine light came on. We were not sure if it had to do with the hood latch to be somewhat up, because when we pushed it back into place the light went out...? It sounds like you have a lot of info on h1's or you may even own one. If you could give me a breakdown of the h1, the pros and cons, maybe even bust some negative myths such as 7 mpg...? That would be more helpful than you would ever know. I want to research this vehicle before I ask for a used one for graduation. I hope the h1 we test drove was just a fluke. I hope you get back to me soon and thank you...
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    It's very hard to diagnose specific noises, rattles and electrical problems over the internet. However, I can tell you that it's no more normal for an H1 to have bad rattles and shakes, a flashing dome light, or an illuminated CEL than it is for any other vehicle.

    I'll hazard a guess that there's a bad electrical connection causing the dome light to flicker. The shaking is most likely caused by improperly balanced wheels. Mine is completely smooth at all speeds, but it wasn't until I took care of the balancing that it became that way. As for the CEL, you need to have it checked for codes, just like any other modern OBDII equipped car. You can have it done free at Autozone.

    As for mpg (don't forget it's diesel), I'll get 12-13mpg driving briskly in town, easily keeping up with traffic but anticipating stop lights so that I keep rolling wherever possible, and maxing out at 65-70mph. However, I've recently been doing several thousand miles of 100 mile round trips, 1/3 town 2/3 highway. By driving as I normally do, but restricting my highway speed to 55mph I consistently get 14.5 mpg. As well as saving fuel, it's quieter at 55, and more relaxing too. Downside is slightly longer journey times.

    An H1 is not the cheapest or most practical vehicle (unless you live in the wilderness), but it really is FUN!!! It's hard to justify for any other reason than you just want one, but that applies to many other vehicles from Corvettes to Jeeps.

    If you have any specific questions I'll be happy to answer them if I can.
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    Thank you very much for all your info. If another question comes up i'll ask you. Thanks again you have been very helpful!
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    we really love our hummer is there anything i can do as far as modifing/adding anthing to get better gas mileage. or does it just require a tune-up?
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    ...anthing to get better gas mileage. or does it just require a tune-up?

    Kind of hard to answer without knowing what your current gas mileage actually is. ;)

    Any reason this is posted in 'H2 Wheels and Tires'?
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    We've moved the post over to the generic Hummer mpg discussion. :shades:
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    It's like magic! :surprise:
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    Magic would be increasing the mileage to 35 mpg. :shades:
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    Steve, I really didn't want to post again on the main topic(and hog the discussion) and I didn't join digg to give you some hits. But the diesel keeps rearing its head and following is the ed wallace review of the new jeep v6 diesel.;jsessionid=4E0CB8EBBF43F9CD95577EFFF9D50F3A?contentId=3632590&version=2&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

    A recent test of of our '06 H3 auto w/adventure pkg with 13k miles on the odometer, 10% ethanol, a maintenace dose of red line fuel additive, 42psi in the 33's, no noticable wind, a/c running, 500lbs total passengers and cargo, and cruise at 68mph yielded 19.5 mpg. Off of cruise and not keeping up with the front runners and yet not bringing up the rear lowered mpg by 2.
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    I have an '05 H2 and I get 12 mpg. You are getting 8-10?
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    No, I have an H1 and I'm currently getting 14.5 mpg (diesel). :)

    See post #6 for what I said about the H2.
    Your 12mpg is pretty good. You might do a little better with a lighter right foot, and you'll do a lot worse towing or off-roading.
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    Recent north south trip strong head wind even stronger tail wind. 8k miles on that expensive thick 5w30, original still very clean air filter, tires at 38psi with 12/32 of tread remaining, keeping up with the flow, a/c running - 17mpg.
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    The reason you don't see EPA numbers listed for the H2 is that the weight of the vehicle is so high that they can get it excluded from the EPA rating system. Many heavy-duty full size trucks qualify for this exemption as well. I think it has to be over 3 tons.
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    just another reason to put a bullet into GM

    it's exemptions and tax breaks for cars like the Hummer that clearly show a lack of vision and undue poor influence in Washington. Of course no one in the current administration really cares about curbing our use of oil.
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    if you don't like them don't buy them. i'm sure there's a kia with your name on it. :P
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    Sounds to me like he wants to go back to the days when the only choice was a model T in any color you want as long as it was black. I'd like to know what kind of job he has that he can make the comment about letting GM go out of business. I'm betting within a year he to will be out of a job along with the other 3 to 5 million people that are directly impacted by GM from suppliers to dealers to the corner store. The government figures that CNN posted on line last week said if GM went out of business it would put us into a depression. It would cost the government 56 Billion the first year, 156 billion the second year and up to 500 Billion in 3 to 5 years. Just think of the tax dollars we would lose if GM went out of business. Payroll taxes gone, property taxes gone, and the many, many millions of dollars GM employes give to different charities. How can anyone make such a off the cuff remark just because a Hummer in his opinion is to heavy. So everyone should drive a Smart car as I'm guessing it is the lightest car now on the road.
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    i would agree. when you buy american you buy more than just the car. you are investing in the future of your people and your country. gm,ford, and chrysler all build good cars. the problem i think is perception. quality costs money. and with the service programs offered on the H3 cost per mile is competitive. :D
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    If you didn't know most honda's, toyota's ect are assembled here in america by american workers. While cars like the chevy aveo are assembled in Mexico and others are assembled in places like Korea. Just in case you forgot until recently Chrysler was a German Company. Just because a manufacturer started in america doesn't mean that thats where there cars are made. As far as the increased costs for domestics I saw a recent estimate that the first $1600 of a cars price come directly from health care costs. I'm amazed that the big 3 aren't screaming for national health care like other industrialized countrys. I'm not saying that that is the magic answer just that it's hard to compete when you start off $1600 in the red per car.
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    May be assembled here but their profits don't stay here. I also wonder what the american people would say if the Big 3 ganged up on Washington demanding a national health system. They may want it and may lobby for it behind closed doors but I think for the most part they stay out of politics. Even when Congress ups the mileage figures they complain what it will cost them but I don't ever remember them going all out to stop it. They [non-permissible content removed] a little and follow through. So what do we do? I'm not really for national health care. My friend from Canada had a knee replacement same as I did last year. He had to wait almost 2 1/2 years before his turn came up and he was shocked that I decided I wanted one and waited less than a month. So he suffered in pain all that time while I was back up and working in a month due to mine not detereating from the wait.
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    again i would agree with mathews, follow the money. and as for vehicles from mexico , why not we have plenty of people here from mexico. :confuse:
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    "just another reason to put a bullet into GM

    it's exemptions and tax breaks for cars like the Hummer that clearly show a lack of vision and undue poor influence in Washington. Of course no one in the current administration really cares about curbing our use of oil. "

    Actually, the exemption was provided because most vehicles above 3 tons are used for business purposes, such as contractors, farmers, etc.

    Blame the customers for buying 3 ton vehicles - GM built them because the customers wanted them.
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    yes your absolutely right , it's good to be king. just remember what a wise man once said , dance with the one that brought you or drive yourself home. you have your options and i have mine. peace and may your hyundi bring you many minutes of happiness. :shades:
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    Actually the profits go to the shareholders and they can be located anywhere. Sure some of the profits go to Japan but the majority go to the shareholder. As far as health care goes sure other countrys have problems but I was trying to point out that it's hard to compete when you start out at a disadvantage compared to everyone else. :)
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    When is the last time here in America have you ever talked with a Shareholder from Japan? I talked with my money guy who has been in the business for almost 25 years and he said he has never met one either. Reason I asked is that your answer on profits go to shareholders which is the standard answer from people on these Yahoo sites use for justifing their purchase of foreign junk. So I asked him and told him why I was asking him. He thought it interesting and called me the next day after talking about it around the water cooler type talk and no one else has either. Point being is american money, american company, money for the most part stays here. Foreign car, Foreign car, most of the money goes there.
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    I used to have some shares in a Japanese weighted ETF and they owned some car companies (forgot which ones - Honda and Toyota iirc). I still have some shares in an Asian weighted ETF and they own some Hyundai last I checked.

    I have some Ford/Holden and probably lots of other auto related stock buried in those things but usually I just skim the major industries the funds hold. Tell your money guy he needs to diversify so he can lose his shorts worldwide like the rest of us have. :)

    But ... we're really hear to talk about HUMMER MPG.

    For the other issues, check out Buying American Cars What Does It Mean?.
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    "yes your absolutely right , it's good to be king. just remember what a wise man once said , dance with the one that brought you or drive yourself home. you have your options and i have mine. peace and may your hyundi bring you many minutes of happiness."

    You talkin' to me? Well, I confess I did own a 1989 Excel (for about a year), but my current ride is a Ford Escape Hybrid...

    Back on topic, I'm wondering how many people actually use the excellent off-road capabilities of their H2?

    OK, REALLY on topic, what MPG would it get off-road, or is it so bad on-road that it doesn't really make a difference.
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    Shouldn't it be not MPG but rather, GPM (gallons per mile) rating for these?
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    actually does better per mile than some ford pickups and explorers. and as for off road it is a silly guestion. i don't care what someone's boat cost to run on the water. if you have an atv enjoy yourself. 16 t0 18 mpg is more than acceptable to me. what with all gas everybody else is saving under obama's plan there is plenty for me. :D
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    but rather, GPM (gallons per mile)

    How about MPQ (miles per quart). That might get you up into double digits! :P

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    you may be on to something he-he-he ;)
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    PG&E is buying a couple of PHEV SUV's from these guys

    Looks like they are using an H3. See the video:
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    CONGRADULATIONS!... H1 Hummers can go green!!... Converting your Fuel Guzzling Diesel H1 to CNG can triple your fuel mileage!

    1) CNG is Compressed natural gas (the same stuff you heat your home with)... you can install a home fueling station, or (in our area) WeEnergies has a public pump with CNG now at .97cents per gallon!
    2) In a Diesel Many people are doubling or tripling there fuel mileage 30-40mpg is very common on hybrid systems... use diesel or CNG (compared to 15-18mpg on diesel only)
    3) torque is often 100-200ft lbs higher
    4) CNG is more than 90% less polluting
    5) Longer oil change intervals (engine runs cleaner)
    6) Engines last longer (do to the absence of contamination).
    7) Non EPA approved systems are about $3500 installed, EPA approved systems are $6000-$12000 (niether system is better, but BIG OIL is doing eveything they can to slow down the CNG revolution!...
    Did you know the EPA is claiming they are restricting CNG installations in the name of "Public Safety?"... when in fact the EPA only has authority on air quality.. they have no authority over "public safety" only air quality "Does this REEK of BIG OIL?"
    Also.. the EPA is charging manufacturers $250,000 to test thier equipment?... WTF?... (but no certification is required on the installer end?.... YIKES...Did you know the rest of world is moving very fast converting everything from Construction equipment, Transit buses, Trucks, Forklifts, etc!

    Some say CNG tanks are dangerous. but lets look at the truth!... CNG is lighter than LP (propane), Deisel and gasolene, in the event of an accident CNG tanks have been tested in 100mph impacts without rupturing.. even if they did the gas escapes into the air... unlike LP or gasolene that puddles on the ground... and spreads an explosive flame!... what would you rather have?... a stamped tin or plastic Bomb under your car filled with gasolene?... or a tank than can withstand 100mph impacts?

    WAKE UP AMERICA! the USA and Canada have a 250 year supply of Natural Gas.. that gives us an almost pollution free alternative... until Electrc Batteries are 75% cheaper, we can refuel them with solar, and battery life is at least 25years!.. Lets forget about Hydrogen... its doesn't make sense to take huge amounts of energy to convert Natural Gas to Hydrogen!... why would anyone want to take a fuel NG... spend tons of money to convert it to another fuel?... just use the base fuel to begin with (CNG).... Am I the only one that gets this????
    Dr. Benz
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    Well, I certainly can't fault your enthusiasm. :)

    However, I'm sure you know that while a CNG conversion to a gas engine is relatively simple, converting a diesel engine is a much more complex and expensive process.

    Unlike a gas engine which actually benefit from an increase in compression if desired, a diesel must have its compression ratio reduced, which is usually done by changing the pistons.
    Next, the gas injection has to be in a very non-linear fashion to meet the differing requirements as throttle opening and load changes, which will require an additional ECU. Fueling of the diesel injectors can be reduced though, but this will require reprogramming or replacement of the vehicle's ECU.
    The CNG/diesel fuel mix doesn't ignite under compression so easily now, so an ignition system must be added and controlled.

    Of course, this is a picture painted in broad brush strokes and there's a lot more in the details.
    Perhaps the availability of CNG should also be considered. Probably all that need be said on that score is that major users of CNG in their vehicles usually take care of their own fueling needs and keep their fleet close to home.

    So, for my H1 it certainly wouldn't be cost effective. I couldn't drive far enough or live long enough to recoup the cost of conversion, let alone save money.
    It would be impractical, with every modification to the original being an additional potential point of failure.
    Finally, it would be inconvenient to say the least, trying to track down CNG filling points in addition to conventional gas stations.

    Now, in a world with CNG as readily available as gas or diesel is now, and in a vehicle designed from the ground up to use it as fuel, I think we'd find ourselves in much more agreement.
    However, this argument for CNG has been made at since the 1970's to my knowledge, and probably before then too, but the adoption rate and availability of the product is little changed now to what it was then, and I really don't see it changing much in the near future either. :(
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    has any one had problums with throttle response on there h2 ho to correct this problum
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