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Infiniti G35 Climate Control Questions and Issues

johnnyt1johnnyt1 Member Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in INFINITI
My 04 G35 ac is swithiching from recycle mode to vent mode. I have had at the delaership several times an they seem to be dumbfounded. They have replace the open winding, auto control panel and ac controller. This switch happens within 15 minutes of driving. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Anyone else experience a similaar issue?


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    jjflores424jjflores424 Member Posts: 3
    I'm having this exact same problem, been going on for years. I was at the dealer again today re-hashing the whole thing, they can't figure it out. Did you ever find the cause? I live in a tropical climate and use the ac constantly, so it's extra annoying for me especially when I'm in the tourist district driving behind a tour bus and the ac keeps switching to outside air letting in all the fumes, ugh!
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    imkramerimkramer Member Posts: 26
    My 07 Journey Sedan (without Nav) Air Conditioner seems to always default to the "vent" position. I prefer to have it on "recirc" most of the time, but usually find myself having to override the computer default. Sometimes, if I'm lucky enough to have it start up in recirc, it winds up switching on it's own to vent within minutes. It's very frustrating when you think your still on recirc only to smell the fumes of a vehicle in front of you. It's as though it's got a mind of it's own. At that point, if I go ahead and switch it to recirc, it will then generally stay there for a while. But once the car has been parked, turned off and restarted, it's back to the recirc/vent game again. :(

    I've learned that it's necessary to press the vent/recirc button a couple of times to be sure it's been properly manually overridden into the recirc position. But I don't believe this is normal for any vehicle, let alone a vehicle this technically sophisticated.

    When I had it in for maintenance at the Infiniti dealer a couple of months ago the technician had no idea what to do or suggest. Is anyone else having this issue or know if there's a computer upgrade available to fix? :confuse:
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    jjflores424jjflores424 Member Posts: 3
    Sounds like a similar problem. My dealer was insisting that I had my temperature set too high and was switching to fresh air to keep the temperature constant. He finally had his tech take it on a long ride with the ac set to max cool at 60 degrees, and after about 15 minutes of driving it kept switching to fresh air. You can push the recirculate button and less than 5 minutes later it switches back to fresh air. This is problamatic in a city situation with no smog laws, fumes are constantly coming in. I did some research and saw a TSB at one time stating something about a sensor for the aircon and if it was bad it could be sensing the wrong outside temp thus screwing up the interior AC functions. I can't seem to find the tech service bulletin for this again though, anyone know about that one?
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    gooddeal2gooddeal2 Member Posts: 750
    He finally had his tech take it on a long ride with the ac set to max cool at 60 degrees, and after about 15 minutes of driving it kept switching to fresh air. You can push the recirculate button and less than 5 minutes later it switches back to fresh air.

    What was the outside temperature? I think if the outside temperature is about the same as in your car, this A/C might just change to fresh air so it doesn't need to run the a/c?
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    imkramerimkramer Member Posts: 26
    The temperatures here in Atlanta, GA were in the 90's+ all summer.

    However, it's not a matter of that. To clarify, it's not that the AC is turning off - it's that the system is choosing vent instead of recirc while in AC mode. The AC never switches off by itself.

    An additional problem that I should mention is that there is no way to run just the fan (AC off) in recirc mode. The system won't allow it. With just the fan on, as soon as I hit recirc, the AC is turned on. There are plenty of times when I'd like to do this (when humidity is not an issue) but it won't allow it. In all other cars I've owned (even ones with "Auto Temp Control"), many of them Nissan's, I've always been able to do this. :(
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    scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    I mostly keep mine on recirc, at least during the summer months, and I have never had it switch to freash air.

    I use fresh air without the A/C during the cooler months just to get fresh air in but still use the recirc button if behind some smoke dumping car or something.

    It stays where I put it, unless I play with the mode button.
    (floor, defrost, vent, etc.)
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    serfer1serfer1 Member Posts: 2
    The G35 has has an AUTO mode for intake air (See pg 4-25 or your manual - '08 version for me). To go to manual push the button you prefer. To go back to AUTO mode, hold the button for 2 secs.
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    jjflores424jjflores424 Member Posts: 3
    The outside temperature for me is always around 85-90 degrees, I live on an island in the pacific.
    It's just that the ac won't stay on recirculation, it will randomly switch back to fresh air, mostly at the worst times such as behind a bus with diesel fumes.
    Mine is an 03, it never did this for the first two years but since 05 it's been constant. Any infiniti loaner they give me doesn't do it.
    I didn't know about setting the mode by holding the button, but I did try that before as I thought it might be similar to programming a button on the radio. So I held the recirc button down for a while and later in my drive it started switching to fresh air again.
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    jimpier1jimpier1 Member Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem and brought it to my dealer's attention a while ago. They plead ignorance and tell me it's a normal thing that when it's on recirc and ice builds up on the evaporator pan it switches to vent to melt the ice. I don't believe a word of that since it was fine for the first 2 years. Also I am having a problem where the AC won't blow cold when it's very hot out, but will blow cold when it's normally hot outside. Again the dealer things I'm nuts but it didnt use to be that way, so I know better then they do. Personally, I think the dealer is the problem...
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    bengongbengong Member Posts: 1
    Hi scottm123, could you tell us how to keep the fresh air without the A/C to get fresh air in?

    Thanks for your help.
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    johninnjjohninnj Member Posts: 243
    I may be mistaken....but fresh air can run either way...it's the recirc that kicks on the AC..always...it is a terrible design flaw that I hate. Reminds me of a mid-90's american car actually. If anyone figures out how to override that and the ridiculous touch screen lock-outs on the nav/control screen...I'm all ears ! !
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    jpp75jpp75 Member Posts: 1,535
    I have the same issue with my 2003 Maxima. I want to upgrade to a G35, so I've been reading these forums. Interestingly enough, I have the manual A/C controls, and anytime I switch it to recirc (behind a bus, stuck in traffic, etc.), the A/C comes on. The light under the A/C button doesn't come on, but I can hear the compressor kick in and the air coming out of the vents cools immediately as if I had turned on the A/C. Not sure if this is a problem with my climate control system or if it's a bad design idea by Nissan, but it's annoying.
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