2008 3-Series Hardtop Convertible

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The new hardtop convertible is now arriving in the US as a 2007 model (originally some were saying that this was going to be introduced as 2008, but that didn't happen).

Does anyone know when the 2008 models arrive in the US? One of my sources in Europe mentioned that they will be available to order in June 2007 (with first expected delivery in September). That is not making much sense (i.e., why would they change the model year in only 4-5 months), so wanted to reach out to see if anyone has better information or comment on how this works.


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    Does anyone know if the new 2007 or 2008 hardtop convertible will be available with all wheel drive and if so about how much it will be.

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    Hi Jack

    BMW has posted the pricing and options on their web site http://www.bmwusa.com/vehicles/3/335iconvertible/default

    unfortunately, no all wheel drive option for 2007
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    I went to check out the new 3 series convertible... what a bummer! My initial bummer is that it only comes with run flat tires and no spare. Seeing that we take tons of trip far form the city, this will not do. (i've had bad experiences my my girlfriend's car). Also, no trunk space, but that was somewhat expected.
    Finally, I have the old convertible and this new version has no back seats! Perhaps it was built for a different market. For a tall guy like me (I'm 6"3) means it's now a 3-seater. Other than that, i was impressed by how quickly the top retracted and of course the car looks good... but those damn RFTs will keep me away from the purchase. (No need to comment back that i can switch the rims and get a donut in the trunk - i checked and the trunk is not big enough)
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    Interesting dilemma. I have hear nothing but bad reviews of run flat tires, although apparantly there are some that are less offensive than others.

    If it's any consolation, my 911 came with standard tires, no spare and a "repair kit" consisting of a bottle of foam and a compressor. I'd give that about a 10% chance of actually working. I survived 13k miles on my rears before replacing them and have never had a flat, but I'm not sure I want to try a cross country trip, at least not in "Deliverence" country.

    I am surprised that you can't fit a donut in the trunk of the 3 series. I can fit a Porsche compact spare that inflates to proper diameter after it is mounted in the "bonnet" of the 911 (which is roughly 4.4 cubic feet compared to the BMW's 9 cubic foot trunk). Unfortunately, when I checked into it, the full size tires that the spare would replace won't fit in the bonnet, so they need to go in the rear seat. I may still spring for the Porsche $900 spare wheel and tire, but it's still only good for 150 miles.

    In a couple of weeks, I will be picking up a 6'1" golfing buddy for a 4 day golf outing. We'll be putting two sets of clubs over the rear seats and duffle bags in the bonnett. And filling every other nook and cranny in the car. Heaven help us if I hit a nail in the road. But it doesn't sound like I would be much better off in the 3 series.
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    are disapointing...
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