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Mercury Villager Noises

shazushazu Member Posts: 2
I have a 99 Mercury villager Estate. When I press on the gas after coming to a stop, I hear (and feel under the front of the van) a thumping noise. Sometimes it is only one thump, sometimes a couple. What could this be?


  • savhiltsavhilt Member Posts: 1
    Mine did that and I had to replace the motor mounts
  • elisabelisab Member Posts: 1
    edited February 2014
    I have 98 Mercury Villager, with a Nissan engine. She’s never had problems, aside from regular maintenance. She started sounding like she was “missing”, to the point I couldn’t get her to go 30 miles per hr., hesitating, ‘sputtering’ so to speak, stalling…I think you understand where I’m at with her. Was told DON’T drive, we’ll tow. She’s been in the shop for 3 days now. Three mechanics are perplexed yet came up with the following:
    Initial Diagnostic gave them no answers, so did what they needed so ‘codes’ would come up….they cleared those and got a “3rd gear” something not doing its job. {that’s what the man said and to him and the others, it made no sense} SO…the Cap and rotor were replaced…all 6 plugs {not wires} replaced. [Wires are fine, they allege.] Changed oil and filter, don’t know why. Checked timing marks -- there fine. Removed oxygen sensor from converter, didn’t make a difference. Tested the distributor, alleges is fine. They Changed the Ignition Coil. Voila! NOT!!!

    When the coil was changed, she fired up, and they said yeah! Drove her out of the bay, and assumed it was fine. When I arrived to pick her up, she started, idled for a few minutes. As I was about to leave, put her into ‘drive’ and she sputtered and shook again. Then she stalled out. She turned over 2 more times, but was still misfiring. Then she stalled out and wouldn’t restart. They haven’t a clue as to what to do next. I want my baby back. I am concerned, especially when the main mechanic said he’s never seen a Nissan engine inside a Mercury Villager. EXCUSE ME!??! What kind of mechanic do I have? Be that as it may, she’s still not working. I offered up the “Possibility” of the alternator having an issue. They said no way, since it has nothing to do with the electrical system. Can you POSSIBLY offer suggestions to ‘what else it could be’? May be I could call the mechanic and pass on your advice. Don’t worry, I won’t be taking her back to them EVER. Need a mechanic whom knows what their doing. Please Help!
  • dieselissydieselissy Member Posts: 34
    hI, LOTS TO TALK ABOUT, BUT MAKING IT QUICK!!!Well I have a 95 mercury villager, and had someone break into my vehicle with a locksmith master key and take off with it. luckilly, my van was found with no damage and have had it ever since. Lots of people have complained about a sloppy ignition key lock, and well mine was so sloppy that one day it broke and would not shut off. Had nightmare after I took ign lock off and gear on other end of lock off in column. Wasted some more time, thinking the ign switch at bottom of column was broken but no, it is a plastic rod connected from ign lock to ign switch in column. Anyone ever had this problem? taken column apart before? let me know! great van, but ignition by hand is giving me headaches!!!! :sick:
  • efitzgeraldefitzgerald Member Posts: 62
    HI, i have a 98 mercury villager also. 3lt v6 with 269000kms on it. This very same problem happened to me. I took it to Can Wheel for it to be fixed, they put a new cap/rotor and coil, wires plug, catalitic convertor, still nothing was right so i took it to the ford dealer who put on a o2 sensor, still not right, then they did a diagonstic and told me a knock sensor was to blame, had that done, and still wasnt right. They paid for a rental while they called the ford hotline for help. They said to check the ground wire on the computer, the tech worked on it for a while and said they found the ground wire was in need of attention which they fixed for free. Now runs like a dream. hope this helps.
  • haughhaugh Member Posts: 12
    99 Mercury Villager Sport, 3.3l, 139K miles. I have had rattles coming from under the sliding seat rails in my van when driving over bumps and primarily at lower speeds. I had an opportunity of placing my ear on the floor of the van with one of the captain's chairs removed while my wife was driving. The noise sounds like it is coming from under the van and not on the inside. The noise is also located closer to the front of the rails. I have not had the opportunity to raise the vehicle to look underneath as we got rear ended and are having the rear hatch replaced (almost impossible to find these new - nothing used). Other than this noise the van is fairly quiet.

    Has anyone experienced this noise?
  • tsirchertsircher Member Posts: 1
    I had to change a by-pass hose on my van, The lower radiator hose will not get hot, stays cold, When the van is idling it won't heat up, but when your diving, u get some heat. when i come to a stop, heat gets cold. could this be the thermostat oe something else?
  • accordztechaccordztech Member Posts: 2
    check out my new thread that I made, I fixed that exact issue.
  • justin742justin742 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 1998 Mercury Villager Van and i had an problem vary similar i added coolant over and over ever time i stopped and the engine was cold it would take a another cup or 2 after like 4-5 days of adding coolant every time i stopped it was fix haven't had a another problem for 2 years now... (I replaced the thermostat first this did nothing) i think it was air in the line but idk for sure.

    also it help to park on a hill with the cap side of the radiator on the high side.
  • 2006quest2006quest Member Posts: 1
    My Wifes van leaks engine oil toward the passenger side, and it sounds like one or two tappets make noise when first started. The noise goes away after about 5 min.
    Is this in fact a tappet issue? How difficult are they to change? How much are they?
    Any insight on the oil leak?
    Both of these issues started close to the same time, right around 100,000 miles. It now has 108,000.

    Thanks for the help
  • ctankobuctankobu Member Posts: 7

    I've got the same issue. I think it's the hydraulic lifters... and it takes some time to heat the oil up. I switched the oil to a full synthetic.

    Regarding that oil leak... It could be the oil pressure sender (switch). Mine was leaking onto the oil filter...which made me think it was the gasket around the filter that was leaking. After installing a new filter...it still leaked. Then I noticed that the pressure sender was leaking. I got a $8 pressure switch from Autozone, and installed it with teflon tape....NO more leaks!!!

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