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Here's a direct link to Edmund's First Drive of the 2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7, by Karl Brauer.

What do you think? ;-)

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    Does anyone know when the XL7's will be in the dealers showrooms? Iheard Dec1 and another dealer said Jan1
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    What's that you're quoting? If this information is copied directly from an article you read somewhere, could you please provide us with a link instead of posting the article here?

    We appreciate your efforts, but for copyright reasons we cannot allow articles from other sources to be directly copied onto this website without written consent from that source. Please send me an email, if you need to discuss this any further. Thanks.

    And now back to the subject of the Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7. Happy Motoring. ;-)

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    I saw the spec data for the XL7 on the Suzuki web site. The data puts the rear seat leg room at just over 33". Does anyone know if this is the rear seat leg room for the second row of seats or for the third row of seats?

    I am a former owner of a '93 Sidekick JLX and really liked the vehicle. Rear seat leg room was not great but it was livable. I am interested in the XL7 but the 33" of rear seat leg room does not excite me. If the second row seats are around 36" like the Grand Vitara and the third row is at 33" then it may be something I could consider . . . however, if the second row is 33" and the third row is even less than that it is another matter altogether.

    I have test driven the Subaru Forester several times and like the driving position but I could never fit a normal sized person in the back seat of the Forester while I am driving. I'm 6'-7" tall and need the driver seat all the way back when I drive. The Forester has 33" of rear seat leg room and it is WAY too small for a normal sized person to fit behind the driver seat. If anyone has any input I would appreciate it.
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    Sorry Pocahontas,forgot about copy rights. Saw it at

    As far as leg room is concerned the second row is 36.4" max as it could be adjusted and the third row is 31.3". It's also got a wheel base of, get this 110.2" long. The closest of it's competitors is only 104.3" in the KIA Sportage!!

    Should hit showrooms the end of the first week of Dec or early second.

    See ya
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    Oh great, now another one enters the market. More confusion now on what to buy...
    This sounds like its going to be an Escape/Tribute killer. It has my interest peaked...
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    I am with you on this. I am looking at small SUV's and have considered the Escape/Tribute and the Sante Fe. I don't like the looks of either the Rav4 or the CRV and the wimpy 4-bangers in those cars don't impress me. The extra seating capacity, seating flexibility, V6 engine, ladder box frame, as well as the part time 4WD with low range transfer case make the XL7 look pretty good. I also like the physical appearance of the XL7.

    car19 - in reference to the legroom numbers that you have posted; is the second row legroom numbers based on having the second row all the way back AND the front seats all the way back? That 36.4" sounds pretty good to me if that is the case. But the MAX number at the end of the 36.4" makes me think that they have the front seats forward and the 2nd row seats back to achieve that 36.4" Also, does the 31.3" third row number have the second row slid all the way forward? I assume from the 31.3" MAX number that you need to push the 2nd row up to get that number.

    It looks like I may have to wait until early next year to get in one and verify this stuff myself. The Suzuki website has some information but doesn't specify 2nd and 3rd row data for head and leg room. I was told by a local dealer that the brochure will become available about the same time as the XL7 hits the showroom floor (sometime in January). I was hoping that the review by Edmunds would include a link to the vehicle specification. The article does elude to the fact that there is sufficient room in the 2nd and 3rd rows for adults for short trips though.
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    Never had a Suzuki. Any input about expected reliability given track record of other vehicles? Any problems with dealer service or parts availability- dealer network is pretty small in our area. Also notice that powertrain warranty is only 36/36- about the shortest in the industry.
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    I am not sure if you read my previous post (#6 above), but I am a previous owner of a '93 Sidekick. I had a very positive experience with that small SUV.

    There are not a lot of Suzuki dealers in my area either but there are several auto shops around that are familiar with the Suzuki vehicles. Once the warranty expires I know of several places I can take the vehicle for service. Parts availability is kind of an unknown for me. I owned the Sidekick for seven years and the only major part I had to have replaced (besides tires) was the water pump and that was available for installation the same day I brought it in for service. I also replaced the battery after 5 years but that was also readily available. The local "quick lube" places here in town did not have the air filter in stock on several occasions. I don't know if that has changed in the past year or so. I do see a lot of Suzuki GV's and Sidekicks around the roads here so I would think they would be stocking them now. Just my $.02
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    I drive a '93 Sidekick JLX w/ 93k miles are so on it. The only things I've had to replace is the spark plugs/wires/rotor/cap, battery...and that's all about all i can think of now (mostly routine maintenence, air filter, etc..). To date I've had no major mechanical problems(Need to change that timinig belt soon....ugh wallet's gonna be alot lighter..). I also drive the tiny 4-banger hard too. If you need more info just e-mail me.

    [email protected]
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    Last night I stopped by the Omaha, NE, area Suzuki dealer (actually in Council Bluffs, IA, across the river from Omaha). They did NOT have any XL-7s in stock but are anticipating getting their first one in sometime this week or early next.

    They did have the full color detailed brochures. I've been pouring over the info. While the brochure does list interior dimensions for 1st and 2nd rows, it fails to for the 3rd row. However, it does say there is 37.0 cf of space "with 3rd-row seats down" and 73.0 cf "with 2nd- & 3rd-row seats down". Has only a 16.9 gal fuel tank. The EPA mileage figure for the 2WD manual tranny model is 18/20. The other 3 combinations, incl 4WD manual & automatic, are 17/20. Doesn't clearly say if it comes with 4-wheel disc brakes or rear drums.

    I was pleased to see that the XL-7 Touring can be had with a 5-speed manual. The Limited, which only adds leather seats and automatic tranny to the Touring, can NOT be had with manual.

    Biggest failure is the serious dearth of safety equipment. Wife and I know already we'll have to wait till '02 model out. XL-7 does NOT have side air bags, no traction control (ABS is standard on both Plus and Limited but not an option on Standard or Plus). Does have front seat pretensioners but no mention of force limiters. Too bad. I'd love to get one but won't risk my life to do so.

    Oddly enough, in 01/01 issue of R&T there was a big ad for the XL-7. It said call an 800# for more info. I did but the Suzuki customer service reps at the # had yet to get anything from Suzuki on the XL-7.

    I've owned two Suzukis and loved both. An '89 Geo Metro 3-dr hatchback and a '91 Suzuki Swift 4-dr sedan. Wife and I loved them both. Never had any troubles with them but when we added kids the cars were just too small. Traded the Swift in for a '93 Chrysler Concorde and the Metro for a '92 Merc Tracer Wagon. We loved them both so much that we still have pictures of them both. Praying the XL-7 is as reliable.
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    The 12/4/00 issue of AutoWeek has a nice review of the XL-7. That writer shares many opinions with the Edmunds's road test reviewer at this site. The Suzuki USA web site also has a couple of reviews. There is a nice comparison page there showing how it stacks up against CR-V, RAV4, etc.
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    Upstate NY- We just unloaded 9 2001 Suzuki XL-7 off the truck-be right back I see customer out on the lot!
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    In this thing is OK. I am 6' tall and fit in the third row with a 6' person in the 2nd row and 6' person in front. Seats are easy to move around and to get in and out of. I would not want to take a trip sitting in the 3rd row but it is OK. BTW it is a Touring model with a sunroof and automatic transmission,power windows, power locks, cd& cassette, cruise control, tilt wheel, rear air and keyless entry and the sticker is $25,094. Good looking vehicle.
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    Just test drove the XL 7 There is not much leg room at all in the third seat. It looks like it might be ok for children under 5 I am only 5 2 and would not be able to sit there for a long haul. The back row or second seat is ok if you push the track all the way back and the front seat is forward. The salesman was 5 11 and said he had plenty of room with the seat forward. One thing that bothered me was that the headrests in the middle row cut down on my visibilty
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    The head rests are removable and can be stoerd under the seat. How did you like the price tag?
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    The sticker price for the touring model was 25,094 that includes just about everything
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    Has anyone drove this vehicle yet? Why is there no talk about this vehicle.
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    We now have 11 XL-7's in stock. Call Darrell or James at(402)494-5904 to get yours today!!
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    Looks like the xl-7's are in..but is anyone test driving them? I am just and interested consumer trying to figure out what SUV to buy. This appears to be a good vehicle, with 7 passenger seating. How does it compare to the durango or mdx? I know price or quality?
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    We just drove one. Looks like Edmund's has the trim levels off a little. There are actually four trim levels. The highest is "Limited" and is the only one to come with Leather and cannot be had with a 5-speed in either 2 or 4wd.

    The leather is a big issue for the Mrs. and we're thinking about getting the Touring and having leather added b/c the dealer didn't know when or if he could get the Limited and the display only showed a grey leather.

    Overall, the ride was good. It's quiet. It's very windy here today and we had it up to 75mph on the highway and it was still smooth and quiet.

    Unfortunatly, the power isn't anything to write home about. There were three of us in the car and it never seemed to really want to accelerate. I changed the transmission to the Power setting and didn't notice any difference.

    Third seat room was Ok. Not as good as the Durango, not as bad as the Montero. It was a little tricky for an adult to get out of.

    We're considering this as a more stylish substiture to a Toyota Sienna. The Toyota wins on quality and ease of use. Don't know which way we'll go.
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    I sat back there and they were pitiful at best. Also it sacraficed the 2nd row of seating in the durango...

    But back to the XL7, this looks like a good competator with the execption of the power issues. Especially because it should come in @ around $23K max for the one that is stickering @ $25K

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    I really love it. Power everything, cruise, power tilt & retract sunroof. CD/Cassette (stereo sounds decent), beautiful white pearl paint, deep tint windows... all standard with this line.

    We are a family of 4 plus one large dog and had been looking at either Passat Wagon or Toyota Sienna. We were going to save up a down for either one to make our monthly's more affordable, but when we saw the deal on the LX-7, which seated 7 and had the v-6 engine, we bought one.

    Got it for $99 over invoice, about $24,7 out the door. It's a nice ride. Much better than our '89 Isuzu I-mark we were going to have to depend on for a year while we saved up a down for a more expensive car.
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    Wife just purchased Cool-Beige color XL7 on 19 DEC. Cool color and nice vehicle design. A little small in the next 4 seats behind drivers and shotgun seating. Extremely smooth ride over railroad tracks and handles great. My wife has sunroof, but not a plastic sun shield. Doesn't touring model supposed to come with the sun shield?
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    Bini44 -

    I have the Touring model. By sunshield, do you mean a outer visor attachment along the front windshield top edge? If so, no -- no models come with that nor is it available as an accessory.

    If you mean the manual sliding inner cover that blocks the sun from shining through your sunroof, yes, it should have come with one.

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    I live in Europe and the XL-7 will not be here until Spring, so I will have to wait and keep reading the comments the XL-7 gets here.

    bini44! The color of your car is it the same as seen in the page is that the "cool beige" color, bright beige/silver ?
    + I cant see that sunroof wind reflector is included, they talk about sunshade, colored glass roof or the thing you pull across the sunroof.

    Is it possible to remove the 3rd seat row, I find it unbelievable if you are stuck with them. I want them in or out at my own choice.

    And for anyone to inform me, I see that the car is bigger, versus the standard Grand V. But what car does it compare to size wise.
    The body is wider, correct me if I am wrong!
    Or am I a Landcruiser wannabe !

    I really like this edit-30 min. thing ;)
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    I got a chance to test drive the XL7 recently. Very nice ride, quiet. Power is acceptable but nothing to write home about. The third row of seats is barely functional and difficult to get into. They might be better served to have a version without the third row of seats and offer more 2nd seat legroom and more cargo room. I eventually purchased the Mazda Tribute based on price and reputation but I would not have been disappointed with the XL7.
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    You do realize the Tribute = Ford Escape which has 6 safety recalls and 2 stop sales, and 2 stop production line recalls! I'd take the suzuki anyday over the FORD Exploder little sister :) Good luck with your mazda, i just hope you didn't believe the commercial where it claimed to be raised by miatas, cause there isn't one single thing mazda about the Tribute :)

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    I test drove an XL7 today. I liked the ride and the acceleration was o.k. The second row leg room could be better but isn't bad for a smaller SUV. The rear most seats are for kids or small adults. The second row of seats can be slid forward to make third row leg room better but the second row leg room gets worse. I would like to take my family down for a test drive in the XL7 to see how it behaves when it is loaded down with people and to see how the leg room works out with the car loaded up.

    noleman - The 3rd row seats are not removable but they do fold down out of the way. The rear area is not flat with them folded however, the folded seats cause the floor line to slope up towards the second row of seats.
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    Yes I had heard about the recalls etc. and I have concerns over the issue, but what I meant is that over the years Mazda has a decent reputation as does Suzuki. You said that there wasn't one single thing Mazda about the Tribute which is not quite correct. The only thing not Mazda about it is the engine. The Tribute/Escape were designed by Mazda. I am watching and listening very closely for anything out of the ordinary. By the way, the Tribute and XL7 were neck and neck with me. The final decision came down to paying a $2K premium for the third row of seats. For my needs it was not worth it.
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    1. Just came back from the Omaha Auto Show. Nice chance to check out all the major brands. XL-7 really stood out due to its 3rd row of seats. My wife, I, and our daughter climbed all over the 3 XL-7s at the show--2 Plus and 1 Touring, all automatics. I have to have side air bags so until Suzuki puts 'em in we'll just be looking. However, in comparison to the Santa Fe, Sportage, Escape, CR-V, RAV-4, etc. the XL-7 was clearly a bit bigger and more functional, and I think just plain better looking. Great proportions. While 3rd seat cannot be removed, it folds pretty flat, as does 2nd row. Too bad 3rd doesn't fold into the floor like some minivans' 3rd seats. I'm 6 ft 2 inches and 185 lbs. I was able to get into the 3rd seat without too much trouble. Wife and I were able to position all 3 rows of seats simultaneously so 3 adults could fit adequately well in each row. If kids in 3rd row, 2 sets of adults can fit nicely. Noticed that the driver seat lacks height adjustment. Tire jack is located under the driver's seat. With sunroof, my head was nearly touching. Rear gate is a huge one piece with fixed glass. It opens from the left side with the hinge on the right side. Designed for British & Japanese roads; will be awkward to load and unload on US and Canadian streets.

    2. Feb '01 issue of Car & Driver has a 1-page preview on p. 89. They are a bit hard in their review: "it's a stopgap, a product of undergraduate whimsy in competition with grown-up machines."
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    If you fold the back of 3rd row down, in what position is the second row ?
    Is it in the most forward position or does it let a full grown adult sit normal with foot space and back in good position.
    Or does it just fold up and down without touching the 2nd row

    When they say part-time 4wd, what do you do when you drive off snowy
    road to a dry one, does the 4wd go automatic off or do you have to
    take it in and out of 4wd.
    I wonder because I read somewhere that you cannot drive in 4wd on dry
  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    You need to take it out of 4wd in order to drive on dry pavement. You can't drive it in 4wd on dry pavement or you run the risk of binding the front axles, and ruining the driveline. Only full time 4wd systems or ones specifically designed for dry pavement can be used on dry pavement. Trooper, QX4, Some pathfinders, some 4runners, landcruisers all have full time or systems able to drive on dry pavement.

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    The XL-7 has removable head rests. If you remove the head rests from the 3rd row of seats (which split fold separately), then you can fold one or both down while leaving the 2nd row all the way back. You would have to move the 2nd row forward in order to fold the 3rd row down with the head rests in place.

    A nice touch: the 2nd row seats have height adjustable seat anchors. A little glitch: the cupholders for both the front and 2nd row seats are in the low center console, near the back. Shaped rather square. Looked like many type cups wouldn't fit well and it was a bit awkward reaching for them when in front seats. 3rd row cupholders are round.
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    Does the XL7 have the same unimpressive 2.5L six-cylinder that's in the regular Grand Vitara? I thought the XL7 was supposed to have a larger (3.0 liter?) V6 instead.

    I saw one with a manufacturer's plate at Lowe's the other day. I thought it looked pretty sharp, 2nd row legroom seemed pretty similar to regular Grand Vitara (not that great), third row seat was folded down to yield a smallish cargo area. I have a good overall impression of Suzukis even though I've never owned one. Considered a Sidekick/4-door Tracker but ended up with something bigger and more expensive (Isuzu Trooper) .
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    The XL-7 has a 2.7L V6 engine with [email protected] and 178ft-lbs of torque. Click here for more detail.
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    hi everyone, i test drove an xl7 plus model 2wd auto and liked it very much. i only have a few concerns like i think the gas tank is to close to the rear of the vehicle which can be a hazzard in an accident. then there is no cover for the cargo area unless there is one but the salesman just did'nt know and finally i think some of the interior materials look very cheap! what does everyone think of these complaints? let me know, thanks.
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    I am wondering if owners of a 4wd XL-7 have measured their fuel consumption yet. The stats read that the XL-7 has a 16.9 gal tank and fuel consumption is 17/20mpg.

    So, if I assume that I use up 15 gallons with average mpg 18.5, this only allows me to drive 277.5 miles on one tank. What have owners experienced?

    BTW, I owned a Suzuki Sidekick JX 4X4 2dr for 5 years and never had any problems. Great car.
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    I'm seriously considering buying the XL-7. I've test driven about 10 other vehicles and overall this one came in at the top of the list. I was impressed with the standard options on the touring model. However, I have one huge concern. I'm military and have orders to Germany. No dealership seems to know how the warranty situation will work over there. They say if I buy the extended warranty that it would be covered through AAFES. If anyone out there has information about this, could you please respond??
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    I'd check with Suzuki. Do you know if they sell the XL-7 in Europe? If so, maybe they could do warranty work. However, I wouldn't get one unless I had something in writing from Suzuki explaining what I should do for warranty work while in Germany.

    I was stationed in Philippines in '90-'91. When I first arrived I ordered a new Geo Metro (a Suzuki product) from Stateside. I bought it thru the GM dealer on Clark AB, RP. It arrived by boat about 3 months later. Fortunately I didn't have any warranty work while I had it in Philippines. AAFES garage did the routine work: LOF, rotations, etc.

    Hate to say it, but if I was you, I wouldn't buy anything. Wait till you get to Europe. Then by a BMW, MB, Saab, Volvo, etc.
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    Saw a TV commercial last night for the XL-7. I was a bit surprised to see the ad essentially geared toward women. I think all the drivers pictured were women. Commercial made a big deal about the size and how it "fits". Vividly remember the part showing the women trying to exit the standard full-size SUV and how high the jump out of it when compared to the more normal size door to ground distance on the XL-7. Would be nice if they also commented on performance, utility, off-road capability, etc. I think the XL-7 is equally a guy's vehicle and don't want Suzuki to wrongly genderize it in their commercials.

    The print commercial at least points out the towing capability and shows it pulling a nice boat out of a lake.
  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    The XL7 is pretty small since it's basically an extended Grand Vitara. Not that it is bad, just that it isn't exactly big. What is the towing capaticy rated at?

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    I had a chance to load up my family in an XL-7 at the local Auto Show. I had myself in the driver seat, my wife and 3 year old in the 2nd row and put my 7 year old in the 3rd row. There is no room for my 7 year old in the back without moving the 2nd row seats up to a point where there was not enough leg room for my wife in the 2nd row. I like the design of the XL-7 and it is a good idea but it is not big enough. By the way, I'm 6'-7" tall, my wife is 5'-10" tall and my 7 year old is about 4'-7" tall.

    What they should do is offer a XL-7 model that only seats 5 and increase 2nd row leg room and leave the back for cargo. The biggest complaint I had on the GV is the lack of cargo room behind the 2nd row and the lack of 2nd row leg room.
  • isellpotiacisellpotiac Member Posts: 122
    can tow 3000 lbs. The point that Suzuki is trying to make with the XL-7 is more stowage and more leg room in 2nd row. Use the 3rd row if needed. I am suprised that your 7 year old did not fit in the 3rd row. We had 6' in front row, 6' in second row and 6' in rear, granted it was not at that comfortable but for a quick ride to school, practice or short trip I thought it is more than adequate. When Suzuki did the blind test with the XL-7 the target market is women(60%)Just a little insight from a Suzuki sales person, hope this helps.
  • giowagiowa Member Posts: 599
    Given its weight and overall dimensions, the XL-7 does a great job providing room for 7 (4 adults and 3 kids). When I poured over the 3 XL-7s at the recent Omaha Auto Show I was able to arrange all 3 rows such that I could just fit into 3rd and 2nd rows and drive like I wanted. I'm 6' 2", 190 lbs. My 5' 8" wife was able to fit into the spaces even easier. The 3rd row wasn't intended for limo space. But it is perfect if my wife and I want to take our 2 kids (ages 8 & 10) and 2 or 3 of their friends.

    I think the XL-7 is nicely styled, functional, and tough enough to be more male-oriented. How did that Irish Spring commercial go? Manly, yes, but I like it, too!

    I've just got to agitate enough so that Suzuki will put side air bags into it!
  • douggildouggil Member Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me if the XL-7 requires premium gas.
    Also, is there a cover for the cargo area?
    Many thanks...
  • ninajalheninajalhe Member Posts: 3
    I'm planning to get a 4x4 xl-7 because I believe it suits me
    well(7 seats are mandatory)except that I normally won't be
    doing any hard-core off roading.

    I understand that 4 wheel mode is not for dry pavements but
    I would like to use 4H mode when the whether is bad.(rain or snow)
    Will it cause any damage to the drive train if I use it that way?

    What should I consider when using 4H mode?

    I believe peace of mind AWD will be a more good option for me.
  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    In your situation, there are a few vehicles that would probably better suit your needs...

    Toyota Sequioa (seats 7, AWD Mode)
    Toyota Land Cruiser (seats 7, AWD mode)
    Dodge Durango (seats 7, AWD available)
    Mitsubishi Monter (seats 7, AWD mode)
    Isuzu Trooper (seats 5, AWD mode) you'd have to add a 3rd row from

    Or, the best bet for you would be an AWD Mini-van. Have you thought about the following:
    Dodge Caravan AWD
    GMC Safari AWD

  • isellpotiacisellpotiac Member Posts: 122
    Don't forget to tell that guy to be prepared to pony up BIG time for all the options that you mention. The XL-7 is priced far below all of those models. Not trying to be PIA but I think Suzuki has a winner here and when compared to vehicles in its' class it stands alone.
  • guxuguxu Member Posts: 32
    You may also add Acura MDX, but are they in the same price range as XL-7?
  • rallychamprallychamp Member Posts: 14
    In response to Premium gass requirements:
    I believe that the XL7 just requires regular 87 Octane gas.

    In response to Cargo Cover:
    I believe that if you get the Touring or Limited model, you get a cargo cover.

    In response to AWD vs Transfer case:
    You can drive in 4H in the snow. You can shift to 4H on the fly up to 60mph. You can also use 4H in rain, although I would only use it in heavy rain when you expect some traction loss or hydroplaining.

    In response to Suzuki target audience:
    Suzuki is targeting Women for the XL7. in particular "soccer" moms that don't want a minivan and don't want a huge monster SUV either.

    Regarding other 7 seat automobiles in this class, there are none except for a couple of minivans in this price range. The cheapest 7 seater after the XL 7 is the Dodge Durange, which will cost you between 26L - 31K.

    Any feedback from current XL7 owners on actual fuel consumption. How many miles were yo able to drive on a tank. What is your mileage City/HWY?

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