Dodge Ram Options and Packages

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We hear they made a new 2007 Dodge Mega Cab after January 1rst with 6.7 engine and 6 speed automatic. We are wanting to test drive one 4X4 Dully any information on these, anyone seen one?


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    Trucks are being built with this powertrain, but most have been held at the factory... Dodge wants to get the remaining 5.9L Cummins trucks off the lots.

    The 6.7 is 50% quieter than the last 5.9, and the 6-speed automatic (68RFE) has 2 overdrives and a nice low 1st gear - should be a tower's dream. I would suspect you will find these rigs on lots by the end of March.

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    I've noticed on that some dealerships have 6.7's in their inventory. None are close me me however. Does anyone have any experience to share.
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