Toyota Echo Accessories and Modifications

figuresk8figuresk8 Member Posts: 9
does anyone know if there are any after market
accessories for the echo yet....?


  • bill11770bill11770 Member Posts: 29
    I don't think there's anything yet except for an air freshener or something....
  • figuresk8figuresk8 Member Posts: 9
    wow how exciting....fresh air...LOL...the echo is so cute "as is" with all the options but it could use like a front mask and a couple of other little knick, knacks....if anyone has any info...pls do share...ciao
  • jimr1818jimr1818 Member Posts: 7
    Toyota lists a mask as an after market item for the Echo. I don't know if it's available yet.
  • figuresk8figuresk8 Member Posts: 9
    it is very deceptive that toyota would offer features on a car, but when upon ordering my car, i found that abs and powerdoor locks werent availabe! then comes the accessories, they list the mask being available on dec' 99 and still nothing, very disturbing! i still love my echo, but it would be nice to have options available when they are featured.
  • gol4ram1gol4ram1 Member Posts: 2
    Toyota seems to be arrogant and know that buyers will not be turned away because of the "Quality".

    Let's see if history repeats.

    Whatevever happened to "Truth in Advertising?", even if the small print says they are not promissing.

    Any legal opinion?
  • bill11770bill11770 Member Posts: 29
    no legal opionions but maybe we should buy Honda's instead. That would probably straighten out Toyota.
  • jsuarezjsuarez Member Posts: 1
    I got a new list from on new equipment
    for the echo and there are quite a few new features that were not available when i got my car.
  • autoknologistautoknologist Member Posts: 16
    Well, first of all: Jsuarez, what new equipment are yout talking about? Anyway, the mask is finally available. I know this because I now have mine.(Yeah!) unfortunately, I needed it back when I bought the car and the hood has the nick damage to prove this. Also, I contacted Australia and was able to obtain a catalog for the Australian Echo and its accessories available from Toyota down under. (See, the Sedan version sold there is the same as the one sold here except for the engine and right hand drive). The brochure showed the following as available: factory seat covers that match the style of our seats; plastic headlight covers; door mounted wind deflectors (prevents wind into car with window(s) part way down)and a plastic hood sheild,if you would rather have this than a mask. As soon as I get some time, I will dig deep into the australian web pages and look for other places that may have stuff for the car. As far as other aftermarket stuff for the Echo: none is available yet. I do know that Eibach is working on a Spring kit for the car, supposedly available near the end of March. Oh, the Toyota rear spoiler is also available, but that is about it. Yes, it is fristrating. If we had Focus's, we could get almost anything we could think for the car right now. Oh well. Happy Echoing!
  • cleanaircleanair Member Posts: 1
    except if you read the focus board you will see that Ford can't even get the parts to repair the car, much less aftermarket. They are having to rob parts from new ones on the lot....hahahahaha...
  • gol4ram1gol4ram1 Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if Toyota makes Cruise control for Echo as after market product?
  • figuresk8figuresk8 Member Posts: 9
    where can one obtain the front mask for the echo?
  • sonofasonofa Member Posts: 1
    I bought a Toyota Echo Coupe in January. I went to my Toyota dealer and ordered a plastic deflector for the hood of the car (not the front end mask). It is made by Toyota. It looks great and is contoured to fit the front of the car.
  • anonymousanonymous Member Posts: 314
    'sonofa', would you mind providing the dealer's name and location that you got your deflector from? My dealer hasn't been able to find a part number or a place to order these from. Thanks in advance.
  • gerlindegerlinde Member Posts: 2
    I purchased my Echo on 3-11-00. I love it. I wanted cruise control. Toyota does not sell it for the Echo. Libertyville Toyota in IL had a 3rd party unit installed with a one year warranty on labor and life on parts. They had a vacuum unit for $220. and a servo unit for $340. I got the servo. The controls are stalk mounted on the steering column. It works great and looks factory installed.
  • figuresk8figuresk8 Member Posts: 9
    wow thanks for the info...just got the front mask for the echo...looks cool.
  • icrowicrow Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone have recommendations RE: what kind/brand of roof rack would fit ? Can you *put* a roof rack on an ECHO ?
  • figuresk8figuresk8 Member Posts: 9
    I think a roof rack can be put on. Check the echo3 forum and there is a posting there about this subject, sorry I dont know the number of the posting but I know it was towards the end.
  • echonomistechonomist Member Posts: 6
    Hi, log on to toyotaworld australia (see posting from autoknologist further up) they have a great site from down under where the echo also comes as a 3 or 5 door hatch back (toyota doesn't think they can sell a hatch in the US). There are lots of accessories for echo including a roof rack and factory seat covers which match the semicircular detail on our seats. I think the only issue for the rack will be does it fit the roofline of the sedan as it's shown on the hatchback.
    HEY AUTOKNOLOGIST!! how did you get that catalouge, and have you successfully ordered stuff? Please let us know, I really want those seat covers(now that I've marinated my seats in scothguard). thanks...
    by the way, chek out the japanese toyota website, your echo is called a vitz,comes in various models including luxury w/ leather and a moon roof, DOH!...we're so behind.
  • echonomistechonomist Member Posts: 6
    the 4 door is called PLATZ(to sit heavily)
    guess they want it to sound german
  • figuresk8figuresk8 Member Posts: 9
    wow...I would love seat covers for my echo. Wouldnt that be nice to also have a moon roof too...I am still longing to have power door locks on my echo...wondering if I should go aftermarket on the power locks.
  • klm33klm33 Member Posts: 2
    I placed my ECHO order back in January and finally got a notice that it should arrive sometime this month (May). All I wanted was the ABS brakes and power locks - both included in the Option #2 package. I didn't think I was asking for much, but the dealers acted like it was next to impossible and made it clear that Japan didn't really care about its American customers. Three weeks ago I decided to give up and look at a different manufacturer. That same day, I finally got a call from the Toyota dealer finally letting me know that my ECHO was to be manufactured. I am looking forward to its arrival and have enjoyed reading the postings. They remind me of all the homework I did months ago that lead me to want an ECHO in the first place. Guess this was just a lesson in patience. Anyone else have the power door locks now? Did you have any trouble getting these? Also, anyone have daytime running lights? Are these positioned below the regular headlights are are they just part of them? I haven't seen a picture showing the daytime running lights in the position where they are normally located on other cars.
  • klm33klm33 Member Posts: 2
    I agree a moon roof would be cool!
  • figuresk8figuresk8 Member Posts: 9
    I shouldve held out for the power door locks but got to antsy....I am sooooooo jealeous you got package 2.
  • focusfanaticfocusfanatic Member Posts: 42
    To that post awhile ago about shortage of parts- all new cars have this problem, and especially so for the focus because ford did not anticipate the demand it has generated. One focus owner had to wait so long that ford gave him a brand new car! lol! But it's all worth it as we love our cars. And yes, there is now an abundance of aftermarket products for the focus- its wonderful. Not to worry though- I'm sure they'll pump out some new products for the echo soon enough, although they may not be as performance-oriented as the focus parts. Still, I'm sure they'll be great- have fun everyone, and come visit the focus forum sometime!
  • doubleefdoubleef Member Posts: 1
    I've been thinking about getting the aftermarket cruise control for my ECHO and noticed the posting from "Gerlinde" about "vacuum unit" vs. "servo unit." Can someone explain what that means? I have a 5spd--will that make a difference? Are there any potential negative side effects?
    And as for waiting, I ordered my green 4dr the first week of February and got the car last week. I, too, was made to feel that somehow I was being demanding and picky for wanting 4dr/5pd, upgrade package #1, a/c, and a cassette player. Nothing unusual really, but I suspect that dealers want to sell what they have on their lot and NOT do "special orders." I think they make us wait to see if we'll cave in and settle for what they have on hand. It's probably all just a $$$ game dealers and the corporation play with each other.
    Nonetheless, I love the car and am looking forward to a 4,000 mile cross country trip this summer.
  • gerlindegerlinde Member Posts: 2
    The vacuum unit uses engine vacuum pulling on a diaphragm to control the speed. A servo unit uses an electric motor (a servo motor) to control the speed and is more accurate.
  • contencincontencin Member Posts: 1
    FYI, youare not alone in USA. I live in Perth, Australia and ordered my 4 door auto sedan in white with safety and power packs..dual airbags, ABS (but no mention of daytime running lights), cpower locks/mirrors/locks and level 2 trim (velour...anyone familiar with the colours?)

    Anyway, I ordered in march and delivery is expected in July. No dealer here has seen the echo with those options so cant tell me much. Also getting "Entice" alloy wheels made by Toyota for the echo, 6 yr extended warranty I think, window tint and 3rd party stripe down sides.

    Hopefully, the wait will be worth it but, I keep wondering if I would have been better off with a camry re the safety aspect, having a family. However fuel economy won out.

  • mpgmanmpgman Member Posts: 723
    Can a Corolla LE center console/arm rest be retrofitted into an Echo? Any other choices other than JC Whitney? Thanks.
  • enbieenbie Member Posts: 2
    You can put lowering springs for echo. It will lower the car about 1.8 inch. Put some 17 in wheel, 205/40/17 tires, you are all set to do some slalom. let me know if you are interested in the springs.
  • echolaliaecholalia Member Posts: 20
    Anyone has installed factory or after market power door locks please inform...also the cost and the location that you had it done would be appreciated. Thanx!
  • bboyherobboyhero Member Posts: 3
    give me some info on lowering the echo
  • enbieenbie Member Posts: 2
    The springs are high quality european made and cost around $245.00 Where do you live?
  • bboyherobboyhero Member Posts: 3
    I live in FL. Which company made the springs and was it made for the Vitz?
  • mastermexmastermex Member Posts: 1
    is there a supercharger out there for the echo? who makes it? and how much would it cost with labor?
  • bboyherobboyhero Member Posts: 3
    it wasn't meant to be fast in the first place, and I doubt that there's enough market in Echo owners for it to even sell. If you really wanted to a supercharger or turbo charged, you'd have to have a custom job done. And you'd be looking to spend over $4K at least.
  • liljonsonliljonson Member Posts: 109
    echo and supercharger LOL. i think you might need something bigger than the bicycle tires they give you.
  • scotianscotian Member Posts: 1,064
    How about an aftermarket body to make it look like a car. :-)
  • fangio2fangio2 Member Posts: 214
    the Echo might be upgrading the powerplant.To supercharge an engine the bottom end should be beefed up-this can be quite expensive.On the other hand dropping in a higher performing engine could be less expensive.
    I heard that J.C.Whitney offered a bell housing that would adapt a dohc Briggs&Stratton motor to the Echo transmission.Besides the increased performance another benifit would be servicing the motor at any Snapper lawn mower dealership.
    Glad if I can be of service.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Actually I think you meant to post your message in the Your Lawn Mower vs your SUV - Which spends more time off-road? discussion :-).

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  • fangio2fangio2 Member Posts: 214
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    What, you think "suprcharged ECHO" is an oxymoron? I'm sure the Echo is nice and peppy, but I bet it doesn't hold a candle to my old '82 Tercel 5 speed that I tooled around in for 17 years.

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  • fangio2fangio2 Member Posts: 214
    to peer pressure.Then again,maybe in Idaho an 82 Tercel was chic.That is not meant as a dig,being of Irish extraction I respect any state that has dedicated itself to the potato like Idaho has.Do you think an Idaho potato was the styling inspiration for the Echo?
    If so,do you think maybe a MR.POTATO Echo car would be a good way to see how the accessories would look?It could be a moneymaker.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    lol, well, what does that say about you and the Daewoo in your profile, fangio2? Or do you just like to hold onto your money like me?

    Actually the Tercel is reportedly still cruising Anchorage, where I lived when I drove it. When we relocated to Boise, we got housing close to town so I don't even own a car anymore. I do get to drive the family Quest once or trice a week :-).

    Where were we--oh yeah, anyone driving a Russett brown Echo that's tricked out?

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  • fangio2fangio2 Member Posts: 214
    but,i love it-unsupercharged as it may be.The Leganza could be compared to a FULLY acessorized ECHO-complete with after market body.
  • drew_drew_ Member Posts: 3,382
    The Tercel is chic in Idaho, LOL!

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  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Member Posts: 932
    Does anyone have any experience in aftermarket sunroofs? If I got the ECHO, I'd be interested in it along with cruise control, as I find the Corolla having a boring interior...not as much fun "to look at" either.
  • dsgechodsgecho Member Posts: 89
    Try They make a custom armrest for the echo. I put one on and it work nice. The thing slides to different positions and has a holder for a coffee cup incl. with the order.
    Nashville TN
  • qabrbqabrb Member Posts: 2
    Has anyone put a second radio in the ECHO.

    I have the portion of the dash off that surrounds the heater/AC controls as well as the digital clock. The digital clock portion comes out separately and leaves a nice spot for another installation. I hope to put in a 2 meter Ham radio rig. Has anyone installed any kind of radio or other electronic device in this area. I would be interested in hearing how you mounted the bracket.

  • echorickechorick Member Posts: 27
    If you take out your clock, I might be interested in buying it from you.
  • micwebmicweb Member Posts: 1,617
    I have come around to being a big believer in synthetic oil. I swapped out the factory oil for Mobil 1 as soon as I got the car - $26 at Walmart. I did this for two reasons: oils have not been progessing as fast as motor technology. The oil companies resisted synthetic blends and upgraded base stocks (in terms of "base standards") for years, so that Ford, VW, Mercedes, and the entire Japanese auto industry had to overlay the "basic" SJ/Ilsac GF2 standards with an alphabet soup of additional requirements (that is why some oils say "meets Japanese valve train wear standards" and other stuff - if your oil doesn't say this, it probably doesn't). Recently the auto makers prevailed and got the oil institute to recognize a vastly improved grade of oil, SL or Ilsac GF3. This stuff still isn't as good as a true synthetic, which will stand up to high temperature and pressures when you drive a small engine like this hard and fast.

    Second, run a web search on "Toyota sludge" and track down the story on oil sludge buildup in the Toyota engines. This is either due to owners not changing oil enough (Toyota's view) or due to some high temperature areas in those particular engines that gradually "cooked" the oil down to sludge (and your oil filter won't take the sludge out, it is thickened, burnt out oil, not particulate matter). Toyota's solution, at the dealer level, is to recommend not more than 5,000 mile oil changes regardless of your driving habits, and the auto repair press recommends synthetic, which won't "cook" since it has a higher temperature spec.

    I am not sure whether I am going to change the synthetic at 5,000 or 3,000 miles. Additive packages probably wear out just as fast in a synthetic as in a dino oil, so I will probably change at 3,000. This is only made possible by WalMart's economy - $26 vs. $50 at an oil shop vs. ? at a dealer.
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