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Lexus LX 570

drfilldrfill Member Posts: 2,484
edited April 2014 in Lexus
With the official presentation of the LX570 at the April NYIAS, will the LX beget a new Land Cruiser for Toyota?

Will the 5.7 squeeze out another 20HP in the Lexus? Is that necessary, with the GL only pumping 335HP? :blush:



  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    The Lexus LX 570 joins the Lexus family of SUVs. Talk about it here.

    It's supposed to debut at the 2007 New York International Auto Show next month.
  • luckylouluckylou Member Posts: 308
    Thanks Steve.

    I read that the new LX570 will appear at the New York Auto Show and the LX570 was going to be unveil on April 4th.
    I hope the interior has been upgraded plus some new exteriors colors have been added.
    I get tire of Black , Silver and White.
  • gteach26gteach26 Member Posts: 576
    Remain smooth as butter on the highway...

    Keep a FULL CENTER ARMREST!!! Don't go with the little fold down armrests that provide ZERO support (like in the RX and GX) -- this is a big truck and it needs a fat, thick leather center armrest -- yes -- that's a deal killer for me!!!

    Third row -- current design is a bit awkward.. I'm hearing rumors that the fold up design stays the same (no fold flat) but that now the seats fold electronically. Gotta see the execution on this setup -- I HOPE it's good.

    Sleek, modern design -- I like the L Finesse direction Lexus has been moving towards... if the truck looks like an LS460 on stilts I'll be VERY happy...

    Keep the price below 70K.....

    P.S. Thanks Steve....

    Looking forward to the unveiling!!!!
  • sysweisyswei Member Posts: 1,804
    Keep the price below 70K.....

    I think they should keep the price down too. There is more competition than there used to be in the segment, and unit sales even a year ago were not too impressive. They should imho keep the price unchanged while offering more standard equipment.
  • gx470818gx470818 Member Posts: 16
    What is LX570? is it a replacement for LX470? any info wil be appreciated.
  • luckylouluckylou Member Posts: 308
  • gteach26gteach26 Member Posts: 576
    I'm assuming this baby'll have "smart key" along with all the other LS460 toys.... having to take out the key fob and press a button to unlock a door is SOOOO 2006......;)
  • ms09ms09 Member Posts: 112
    Ya its a replacement of LX470,
  • sysweisyswei Member Posts: 1,804
  • dc661dc661 Member Posts: 71
    More power, goals of better on- and off-road capabilities and increased interior room highlight the 2008 Lexus LX 570 premiering in New York. Power, from the 5.7-liter, 381-hp V8 developed for parent company Toyota’s full-size Tundra, jumps 113 hp over the outgoing LX 470.

    The Tundra’s six-speed automatic is also part of the new powertrain package. Electrohydraulic suspension and active height control reduce body roll and increase on-road comfort. Off-road abilities should benefit from increased wheel travel, crawl control and multiterrain antilock brakes.

    Visually, the LX 570 taps into the Lexus L-finesse design theme for a more refined look, and the eight-passenger interior is 4 inches longer and nearly an inch wider. The LX 570 goes on sale in early 2008.
  • gteach26gteach26 Member Posts: 576
    The first pic... booyah! Looks nice so far... very similar to what I expected.. want to see the rear and the interior....
  • gteach26gteach26 Member Posts: 576

    This IS a "truckified" LS460... my initial impressions are good.

    Large, full center armrest -- CHECK!
    Amazing LS460 Interior -- CHECK!

    Outside appearance -- I'm reserving judgment 'till I see more pics or in person -- it looks a little "fat-n-chunky" -- still haven't seen the rear end.

    Third row design -- I haven't seen any info yet -- anyone?
  • ms09ms09 Member Posts: 112
    i was looking forward to see the lx570 but i am kind of i bit disappointed ,,, i dont say its bad its good, but not what i was expected
  • gteach26gteach26 Member Posts: 576

    This is the most comprehensive gallery I've found so far of this truck.

    The third row pics seem to indicate that it has been refined quite a bit. The power folding feature must look neat. Why they can't make them fold flat and dissapear like other trucks I'll never understand.

    Still -- my first impressions of these pics are that this suv will be a contender for my $$ when it comes out.

    Almost 400 Horses... I can only imagine what this puppy drives like....
  • sysweisyswei Member Posts: 1,804
    Lexus did not announce pricing for the LX 570, but since the outgoing LX 470 starts at $68,110, including a $715 destination charge, it is expected that the new model will start above $70,000. (from the Edmunds article)

    I hope this is pure speculation rather than some inside dope. As I've said before, Lexus has alot more competition in this category than it did when the LX470 came out. If they want a sales success, they should keep the price unchanged from 2007, despite the added features.

    Also, the exterior styling imho is pretty bland; not distinctive enough to support a significant price increase, in my view.
  • drfilldrfill Member Posts: 2,484
    The beast that is the Tundra engine should keep it afloat, but if the LX can't stay at 12-15k a year, they may drop it 4-5 years from now.

    Toyota obviously didn't spend too much on 4WD systems, exterior styling, or a new platform.

    It may just be holding the spot until the other shoe is ready to drop. :surprise:

  • ideleidele Member Posts: 200
    Note the comment on clientele. There is an ad before article appears. I think this version of the LX is spectacular and low priced for what you get. It is an SUV and so is not going to appeal to the automobile fashionistas.
    Site is:
    http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/05/automobiles/autoshow/NUGGET_Lexus_LX570.html?_- - r=1&oref=slogin
  • gteach26gteach26 Member Posts: 576
    Interesting article -- nice find, thanks!

    $340,000 is the median income for LX buyers vs. $120,000 for the LS? That is surprising.

    I hope the 66-69K price range the article mentions remains true.
  • mikeivanmikeivan Member Posts: 42
    LX 570 buyers are the "most affluent" according to the VP presentation. With that in mind and all the extras, including "burbinga wood", I doubt that price range is correct. I expect this thing to push $80000, fully optioned. I don't think they plan to sell a lot of them.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    including "burbinga wood"

    That's bubinga wood - it comes from Africa and is used in making harps being noted for its mellow sound. I think the LX 570 is the only vehicle with bubinga as trim.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • ideleidele Member Posts: 200
    Seriously, the engineering on the LX570 is outstanding but it seems that the luxury items have also been enhanced.
  • mikeivanmikeivan Member Posts: 42
    Does anybody know if these seats are removeable? I know they fold up electonically, but I don't want them back there at all. I really like the looks of this new LX.
  • gteach26gteach26 Member Posts: 576
    I'm not 100% sure, but based on the pics available, it seems like the seats are anchored to the sides. In order to make them power-folding, there is probably a non-removable motor at the base.

    If that is the case then the trade off seems to be as follows:

    Good: They fold up nice and neatly and remain folded tightly without the straps nor the floppyness of the old system.

    Bad: You can't remove the seats for 100% storage capacity.

    The best solution would have been to go the "fold flat-n-dissapear" route but I guess the physics of this truck won't allow it.

    If the seats fold up and stay tightly anchored in the up position I can live with them -- I don't carry huge cargo loads most of the time (Bj and Costco runs are the only time I pack the bus in 100%)

    I'm already making plans in the budget to be able to buy this beast early next year -- if she drives with the smoothness and power I'm expecting it to have then I am SOLD!
  • sysweisyswei Member Posts: 1,804
    I'm already making plans in the budget to be able to buy this beast early next year -- if she drives with the smoothness and power I'm expecting it to have then I am SOLD!

    I'm not sold yet. Among other things, I'm waiting to see if the rumored 7-seater mid-size crossover is for real...at one point it (at one point called the JX and perhaps looking like the LF-X ) seemed to have been shelved, but I read somewhere that it might ship Spring 2008.
  • luckylouluckylou Member Posts: 308
    I totally agree with you mikeivan.
    I don't want the 3rd row back there at all. They take alot of space. I guess I will be keeping my 2006 LX470 a little bit longer .
    Did anyone notice the gas cap ?? It is on the other side .
    The new Toyota Land Cruiser is due soon , I wonder what kind of 3rd road seating is coming with.

  • mikeivanmikeivan Member Posts: 42
    I stopped by my dealership yesterday to put a deposit on the LX570. I am not first in line but high "on the list". My salesman said "I am sure the third row seats will be removeable". Take that at face value, please.
    Also, "December or January delivery" was mentioned (not promised of course).
  • gteach26gteach26 Member Posts: 576
    Not first in line?

    This truck doesn't come out for another 9 months and there is already a "line"?

    Do you trust this salesperson enough to believe him or could he just be hyping things up a bit?
  • mikeivanmikeivan Member Posts: 42
    This is a "great" sales person, but trust? No, I would give him about a 75% probability on everything he told me. The removeable seats are the important issue to me. Why hype someone who came in to put down a deposit?
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Member Posts: 252
    When placing the order, did you get any idea of what the MSRP of this truck is? Did they have option list for this truck? I think you will be very happy with this truck. It seems like a winner.
  • mikeivanmikeivan Member Posts: 42
    No, they had zero information, only what is on the Lexus website.
  • mercaramercara Member Posts: 291

    I was reading another message board where this chap who works for Toyota posts pretty often and fairly accurate info. He had seen the LX in a private Toyota event and mentioned that the seats are power fold but they cannot be removed. I really liked the huge cargo space of my Landcruiser with the seats removed and I am unhappy about not being able to remove seats.
  • mikeivanmikeivan Member Posts: 42
    Mercara, He may be right, they may not be "removeable" but I bet you that I can "remove" them. The third row seats for my LX 470 have been in boxes in my garage for 5 years. I don't need 'em and like you, I use that cargo space.
  • luckylouluckylou Member Posts: 308
    Again I agree with you . My 3rd road seats are in one of my home bedroom's closet since I purchased the LX about 14 months ago.
    If the 3rd seats on LX570 are bolted to the floor then they are extremely removable.
    I would like to see more interior photos , I have search a long while and have just come across a couple of interior pictures.
    Why did Lexus changed the location of the gas cap ??? Does anyone knows ???

  • coupedncalcoupedncal Member Posts: 252
    The rule of thumb is gas passage is always on the opposite side from the exhaust pipe. In this case, exhaust is on driver's side.

  • mikeivanmikeivan Member Posts: 42
    Many thanks for the link to those shots. After looking at those photos, I am not so sure about "removing" those third row seats. That base fitting is HUGE. Can I live with hauling those useless (to me) items around?
  • luckylouluckylou Member Posts: 308
    Great pictures. I love the interior , a very slick gauges , perforated seats.
    For me, I need the extra space and those bulky 3rd road seats has to come out , if they don't I will be waiting for the 2009 Toyota Land Cruiser.
    Also I am glad they kept the hand brake instead of the foot brake like the RX350 has.
  • luckylouluckylou Member Posts: 308
    Did a Google search on the subject and voila lots of websites pop into the monitor.
    Lots of information and pictures about the new LX570.
    I am sold except for the possibility of a price tag of $80000 , I might be incline into a leasing program for the first time ever.
    My 2006 LX470 is paid in full and has very low mileage , but I love the interior of the LX570. The exterior is fair .
    All vehicles at one time or another , will be points of contention.
    At this time in my life front seat comfort is a must , under either the Lexus or Toyota banner ( Land Cruiser ) , I want a big and strong SUV , with durable qualities.
    I am looking forward toward the end of the year for the arrival of this awesome SUV and of course the end of the hurricane season.
  • ideleidele Member Posts: 200
    The LX570 is an SUV and that severely limits design. I think that the vehicle is well designed given the restrictions. The engineering improvements, powerplant, height adjustment, rear vision,etc. are substantial. Altogether the LX570 is a very impressive vehicle. Though I've never gone beyond crossovers before, the LX570 will be seriously considered for purchase next year.
  • zittingzitting Member Posts: 1
    Why did Lexus change the location of the gas cap? Think about it. This is just one more of many subtle design improvements that makes the 570 just that much more desirable. The driver can now exit the vehicle in wide open space with out fighting the gas pumps and can walk around without trying to jump or get tangled in the hose. And, the cap isn't that much further away, just around the back. And, the driver often wants to get into the back anyway when stopping for gas, etc. More good thinking Lexus.
  • rockyleerockylee Member Posts: 14,014
    I love the LX 570, even though it's way out of my budget. $80K now days for a Lexus. :surprise: Well I'm sure they will find plenty of rich buyers.

  • ideleidele Member Posts: 200
    A couple of years ago I was at the corner of Wilshire and Crescent in Beverly Hills waiting to get picked up by a friend. I was twenty minutes early. I had noticed many women driving LX's so to pass the time I noted the sex of drivers of LX's passing by. I counted 9 LX's and was surprised that all were driven by women. I happened to be at my Lexus dealer yeaterday and chatted with my salesman about my interest in the upcoming LX570 and related my observation. He was not surprised and said he had sold 4 LX470's so far this year and 3 of the 4 purchasers were women.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    I must be missing something... women are the primary purchasers of a vehicle that has yet to hit the streets? The subject here is the LX 570, right?

    In any case, purely anecdotal evidence is probably worth no more than what you paid for it. :P
  • ideleidele Member Posts: 200
    Well I'm seriously interested in the LX570 and the conversation about it touched on women buyers which possibly affected the design,especially the interior design. Please remove my post immediately.
  • luckylouluckylou Member Posts: 308
    Did I miss something ??
    What does it matter that women like to drive Lexus LX ??
    To me it means good taste, driving a vehicle that is very reliable and extremely safe.
    I love the entire LX570 , the interior looks very comfortable.
    The last post got me perplex.
    Does it means if I buy the new LX570 , my gender changes ?
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    I was just trying to understand what you meant. I really don't know much about the LX 570 since I'm just filling in here temporarily. I'm sorry if I offended you. Email me if you want to discuss - pat AT edmunds.com.
  • luckylouluckylou Member Posts: 308
    Hi idele.
    I don't quite understand your dislike for the LX.
    Have you owned one in the past that was not reliable ??
    Please, if you could would you let me know if you have heard something unfavorable toward the LX.
    Thank you
  • ideleidele Member Posts: 200
    On the contrary, I like the LX570. I trade every two years. My current car is a Lexus as was my previous car. Before that two Audis and before that five Lexuses, Toyota/Lexus technology in cars that are actually produced is superior to all others. Of course there are press releases by other manufacturers claiming technical advances but they haven't yet gone and usually don't get into serial production. What you get are special effects like cars flying above traffic so prevalent in current TV spots to offset the real accomplishments of Toyota/Lexus engineering.
    In 2008 I am considering the LS600hL and the LS570 for purchase. The LS570 according to the press release has excellent engineering. The design is very conservative and clearly evolutionary from past designs. Many don't like the design. I have no problems with it. The LX570 is a real SUV and. while it has a luxury interior, it clearly fulfils its function. My choice would be easier if there was an LX hybrid.
  • luckylouluckylou Member Posts: 308
    Hi idele
    I love to see a diesel , a hybrid would also be great.
    I am waiting for the day I can test drive the LX570 . My only interest in this SUV is in seating comfort , I read about the front seat cushions extension and cool air thru the perforated seat .
    My present transportation is the LX470, which I love the way it handles , the engine is very quiet, the ride is comfortable but it could be alot better.
    I am very ready to purchased the new LX570. I just hope that when the time comes I like the way it rides and Lexus don't go way overboard with the price.
  • founderfounder Member Posts: 48
    If it's indeed true that the average income for lx 470/570 is around 340 grand then it's out of my price range already. I'm sure Toyota will push this puppy well over 80 grand. Toyota makes fine cars and i'm sure the tech and quality will be top notch, but Lexus pricing is getting outrageous. I'm sorry, but Lexus just doesn't carry the same prestiage as Mercedes or BMW even though in my opinion the quality is better. I don't think Lexus expects to sell many of these. They are trying to get into Range Rover terriority so i expect the price to be around the same as the Rover.
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