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Suzuki SX4 Tires and Wheels

debricdebric Member Posts: 13
edited October 2014 in Suzuki
Hi there

what size wheel can I put on a Suzuki SX4 18 inch is the size of the dia I am looking at ??

I need tire size wheel width off set and bolt pattern everything one would need to order wheels and tires please

Yours truly



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    ava_adoreava_adore Member Posts: 14
    I'm pretty sure mine only has 16 inch so I don't know that I can help you.
    If you tell me where and what to look for, I'm happy to run out and get the measurements for you.
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    dudeboydudeboy Member Posts: 55
    The bolt pattern is 5 on 4.5" (5x114.3mm) and the rim size for the US is 16x6J with 50mm offset. The stock tire size is 205/60R16. In Canada, there is a 15x6J steel wheel with the same bolt pattern and offset. The stock tire size for the 15" wheel is 195/65R15. The diameter of the center hole on the stock wheels is a bit over 60mm.
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    debricdebric Member Posts: 13
    Thanks dudeboy,

    so I have the bolt pattern off set, all I need to find out is the max rim size we can put on the SX4.
    the tire size I hear is 225/45/18 that should be close to 205/60R16 for the speed not to change that much once again thanks guys for the replies.

    Your truly

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    love_doctorlove_doctor Member Posts: 3
    The stock 205/60/16 measures 25.69" and the 225/45/18 you mention above measures 25.90".

    Yeah, I think these will work. Post some pictures and show us your new wheels! :shades:

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    lrn2skilrn2ski Member Posts: 1
    Hi everybody, first post, first Suzuki (car that is) and first question:

    Just bought an '08 Crossover and can't figure out why a 17" wheel is not offered as an option. Anybody know why? Is it because the engineers thought that, because it's all-wheel drive, the ride would be a little bit harsher than most people would be comfortable with?

    I'm sure they'll fit. . . just looking for some feedback.
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    donaldt1donaldt1 Member Posts: 2
    you could always go to www.discounttires.com or the www.tirerack.com and check under there wheel section, but neither really have much listed for the Suzuki line up. :confuse: I'd kinda like to put a set of Chrome wheels on mine. :)
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    lamronh49lamronh49 Member Posts: 86
    The 16" on the crossover and 17" on the sedan appear to have the same bolt pattern. That only makes sense. Tire Rack, Discount Tire, and others have wheels that will fit.

    If I had the sedan, I'd gladly swap out the 17s for 16s, providing they were a pleasing design.
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    newdenise2002newdenise2002 Member Posts: 1
    I had a close encounter with a curb last week. Blew out the sidewall of my front right tire. Hobbled to the nearest tire place, Tires Plus. I have only 15000 miles on my 2008 crossover. Since I need a tire immediately and they didn't have my original tires in stock, I got firestone affinity 205 60 r16. I ended up buying 4 (they were running a special). I have been driving on these tires for about 4 days and noticed the loud tire/road noises. Could it be that I didn't buy high performance tires? Should I take it back and have them check it? I have never noticed this noise on my OE tires. Any suggestions?
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