Oldsmobile Aurora Rattles and Other Odd Noises

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I hear a rattling noise from under the passenger side dashboard. this happens only when I stop the car for few seconds.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.



  • nijeevnijeev Member Posts: 2
    when the car comes to a complete stop after a drive it makes a rattling noise almost like a loud motor running just for few seconds and then stops.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • blk97aurorablk97aurora Member Posts: 573

    It might help if you told us what car you are driving.

  • pscheidpscheid Member Posts: 190
    1998 Autobahn 82,000 miles.

    My rattle comes when going over bumps and sounds like it's coming from the passemger side dash under the air bag cover.

    I emptied out the glove box. No change. I rode in the front passenger seat to make sure the noise wasn't coming from the right front passenger door (speaker), it wasn't. I tried to see if something got up over the top and then behind the glove box but could feel nothing, and the glove box door isn't binding.

    The air bag has never deployed, nor has it been serviced. Any ideas?
  • boston08boston08 Member Posts: 7
    I have a 1996 4.0 liter and i hear a loud noise also..But it's just my air shocks filling up..So if you have air shocks in your car..That's probably the loud motor running noise you hear..if you don't have air shocks in your Aurora than i'm not sure what that noise could be..I would get it checked out though because a noise like that can't be a good thing.
  • explore2explore2 Member Posts: 6
    My 1999 Aurora as started having a coolant leak and the it looks as if it were coming from front upper side toward the middle of the radiator where there is a plastic box toward the top of the radiator i can see where is is dripping downwards leaving a few drops on garage floor.

    My question is what is this plastic housing? and can it be repaired without replacing it?.
  • tree4825tree4825 Member Posts: 1
    1999 Aurora making noise when you take off near trunk area. I makes a tumbling noise like the noise that is made in the front when the cv joint is about to go out. Is the the bushings or more serious like the transmission.
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