muddin in my JIMMY

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i was muddin in my jimmy and i went thro some deep holes and now my sterring is weird wen i turn left it its hard then soft and pulls alot more ot the right... i looked at the passenger cv joints and the outer rubber boot was ripped.. i waas wondering if this was causin my steerin to be off??? thanks


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    CV axles will fail if boots ripped and rebuilt is only about $70 its the install that costs. Have to pull the brakes, hub, and the spindle off to get it out which means popping teh ball joints off too. If they haven't been done time for them now too.
    As for pulling there is little protection under the vehicle so the steering linkage could be loose/worn, mud on the inside of rims and brake calipers, balance weigh was lost, alignment off, etc.
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    The light on the dash will come on and i can hear a click like the 4 wheel drive is working but the front tires wont lock I have checked all the plugs on the tranfer case . I have tried everything to get the 4 wheel drive to work can some one help
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    haha yeah that was a big job for me just a 16 yr old kid but its done, i put 2 new core axles in new brake pads, rotors and seals thanks for ure help.
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