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Ford Windstar Engine Problems

raullyraully Posts: 1
I Have a 2000 Windstar 3.8 6cyl, I recently had a code P0507 which read engine running lean. I replaced the intake gasket along with a few other gaskets, no more code. My question now would be when my engine is idleing it hesitates sort of a misfire, also when I'm driving it feels as if it has a misfire. Does anyone have a clue as to what this may be? Mechanic says plugs are good.



  • dabblerzdabblerz Posts: 3
    have a 1997 Ford Windstar that stalls during the morning when I first start up for 5-10 minutes or so. It has a 3.8 L engine. I just had the engine rebuilt and it didn't do this before the rebuild. If I have the radio on there is a click on the radio when it stalls. Sometimes when it stalls, the radio, after a delay, goes out for a 20-60 seconds and then comes back on. The rebuild was initiated when I had a leaky head gasket on the No. 1 cylinder. Now runs really smooth except for the problem. I feel there is some power loss though at times, but am not sure about that. No check engine codes go on. Much better when warms up.
  • eiwalkereiwalker Posts: 1
    Listen to my squeak -- --
    what's causing it?

    It's a 98 Windstar with 3.8L motor.

  • dechantdechant Posts: 1
    Our 1998 Windstar, 3.8 L motor, blew a head gasket at 150,000 miles. We have a lead on a 1995 Tarus motor, 3.0 L. Is it possible, and advisable, to replace the 3.8 with the 3.0??

    Thanks for any information. S. Dechant
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I asked about this once when we were considering getting a rebuilt engine for ours. I was told it would be more expensive to do that than to just put in the 3.8. I think I was told that a lot of other parts would need to be changed to put the 3.0 in.
  • dsariodsario Posts: 1
    did you every get this fixed?
  • It was just a loose wire to the computer. Works fine now.
  • I have a 2003 Ford windstar. It was roughing rough only when it rained. I changed the plugs and wires. It now beagn to idle rough when idleing. I reset the ECU according to the owners manual to no avail. Now it is running rough all the time and feels like it is misfiring. The engine code reads :running lean" in both banks. ANy help, I am thinking obout changing the MAFS. fule filter, and/or fuel pump. but do not want to waste money. Also I did not by the plugs from the Fored dealer as I do not have a fortune to spend on this gargage. Any advice?
  • I know someone who is selling a 95 Ford Windstar. Here is the problem it has 300,000 miles on it and a second tranny on it. What is the engine life on these vehicles?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I have no idea, but I would certainly think 300K mi is way above average for any engine.
  • 99 just done tune up still has spark knock 87 octane heard mass airflow sensor may be culprit any advice ">
  • One of the cornering lamp bulbs is burned out on my 2001 sel Windstar and is there an easy way to replace the bulb ?
  • I've recently purchased a 2001 SE Sport with 46,000 miles. I had the dealer put new tires on it. Took it back to have them re-balance to try and eliminate a vibration that happens ~70 mph. They performed a pressure balance, which replicates the tires being on the vehicle. Vibration still there. Now I'm thinking it's in the transmission (Torque Converter). Anyone have this same experience?
  • Did you get this resolved..I have a 96 doing the same thing....
  • jeff68jeff68 Posts: 5
    I solved the problem by taking off the upper intake manifold and cleaning the EGR ports. 130,000+ miles seems to be the magic number when the ports clog.

    I found that this site has good pictures on it.

    Like others on the net, this is not too bad a job for do it yourself. 4-5 hours. $5 can of intake cleaner, some rags and a bent paper clip to open the ports. Don't know why mechanics want $500 to do it. :shades:
  • I have a 1995 3.8 winstar. When I started it at work the check engine light came on. The idle seems off or miss fires. However, the engine temp stayed normal. I understand there are three sensors that can effect the idle, and can cause the check engine light to come on. Does any know what the three sensors are? help....
  • I purchase a 1998 Windstar, in Aug 98, while stationed in Germany and now after 144,000 the engine whent caput. My family and I were spending the weekend with my son when this mishap took place. It was towed to the nearest, which happens to be the biggest, Ford dealer in the area. The floor supervisor called me to informed me that after attempting to get it running they realized the engine was gone. To me, it sounds like a push rod broke off in two and it's bouncing all over the place. He inmediately told me that the engine had to be replaced, because of the possible damage the loose part could've created and also the head gasket was blownand stated that he has seen to many to know that the engine is gone. I called my son and asked him to look in the parking lot for oil stains, which were none. I called the tow truck gentleman and he also stated that there was no oil leak. Now, I'm between the rock and the hard place. The dealer is asking for $5,000 for the engine swap and refuse to take the engine apart to see what the extend of the damage really is. Any suggestions, comments, ideas??????? My wife loves the van and in between little things is has been good to us. Up until the day it broke down, it ran like when it was brand new. Please Advice, Help. Thanks!
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I sure would not put anything close to $5000 into a 10 year old windstar with 144K mi.

    I'd either scrap it and buy another vehicle or put a used engine in could surely buy a newer and lower mileage windstar for way under $5000. You could also consider a rebuilt engine, but that would also likely cost more than the van is worth...but not by as much as a $5000 new engine.
  • I was thinking about selling it to a junk yard, but the only person I found will only offered $200. I told him that the van had 4 brand new tires worth over $400. He wouldn't pay over 200.00.

    Thanks for the advise!
  • gas is squirting out of the fuel pres.reg. on the fuel rail (fuel injection), is there a way to replace the FPR, or do I have to replace the whole rail.

  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Maybe he'd give you the $200 and let you keep the tires???

    It might be worth close to that $200 as scrap metal.
  • you can get more then that for just the metal alone....take off the catalytic converter and get at least $50.00 for just that.....strip it and sell the tires.......
  • Thanks for the advise. It will be taken into consideration. Considering placing it in my backyards and selling it for parts, Ha!
  • Thanks for the advise. It will be taken into consideration. Considering placing it in my backyard and selling it for parts, Ha!
  • I've got a Windstar, car is realable, and start on any condition, snow, rain etc.
    The problem is that i need to let the car heatup 5 min on bad weather, i've got no Kickdown on hightway, and on the street if i press the gaz pedale, the engine don't give me any boost, or power, it seem that the truck can't breathe it seems that the cataliseur is the probleme or the senseur, i want to change those part, 2 Catalytic on it.
    Would that solve the power and the kickdown.
  • Can anyone please tell me how you remove the radiator in a 2002 Ford Windstar LX
  • This is the first time am attempting to use Ford. I purchased 1995 Windstar GL in Lome Togo just a week ago, but before it could be driven to my Town, the gasket burned on the way, due to overheating. Please what do i do. Now we have not even find the gasket to buy, and the car is still left on the highway in the bush. the part is scarce and very expensive compared to those of other cars. Please how can this overheating be rectified. The temprature guage and the fuel guage needls are never on Zero even when the electrical system is not on; engine is not running and is completely at rest. please help. The vehicle was said to have been imported from America. Could this problem be due to aclimation to African weather?, help me, my mechanic couldnt tell what the cause is.
  • mfacdgba33mfacdgba33 Posts: 19
    take some carberator cleaner and spray around the intake gaskets while the engine is running. if you hear the engine idle down or want to die then those dang intake o rings are bad on that one or more than one windstars have a bad problem with those intake gaskets.
  • varix3dvarix3d Posts: 3
    I'Ve got some problem trying to find out why my Windstar doesn't have power.

    I had problem with the catalitic then decide to simply clean it up in a way, i then change all the sparkplug, and still car doesn't have engin power, it's like the engin can't give me full power.

    I know it's a old car and i cant do Kickdown, the transmission is not 100% perfect, the problem is really about power, even on PARK, if i press the gaz pedal, engin wont run smooth, and increase to 4rpm, i can barelly get to 2rmp.

    What could be the problem ?
    Could it really be about the catalic would it be the best solution to remove them, since they cost a bundle to fix.
    I try to punch a hole in them ( sorry i dont have the proper term )
    I notice i've got one Catalic sensor or two that are broke, would this prevent the engin to give his full power ?

    On the hightway, at 100 or 120 kl, car run smooth, little bump sometime, but overall engin is smooth, but i cant accellarate like any other truck.

    Any suggestion
  • dalipdalip Posts: 1
    i have a 1996 windstar 3.8 l
    on the stop sign the idle is very low and the car want to die and oil light cams on
    when i put on park is ok
    i replaced idle sensor
    still same problem i send to the mechanic i put the code reader and the codes are
    1- p0401 2- p1538 bank 1 3- p1537 bank 2
    i replacet bank 1 and 2 still same problem
    in the start when car starts is ok after 5 minutes driving starts the problem

    any idea
  • I went to start my 1996 Windstar, has only 90,000 miles on it and it blew the oil pan half off. Ever hear of that? I am disabled, without a vehicle and nobody can explain what happened to me. I turned the key and BOOM! in the engine and all my oil was on the parking lot in about 2 seconds. There is a 3 inch hole in the oil pan. I'd appreciate any ideas as to what happened. One guy wants $300.00 just to pull the pan off which is ridiculous. If I had 2 good legs I could do it in an hour. The thing is, I need to figure out what did it to determine if I have severe internal damage. Would ether in the gas tank or something else that's explosive do this?

    I need some answers and don't want to replace the pan and find out it's not worth doing. There must be some sort of test or explaination for this. This van was running fine and is in mint shape as well. It'd be a shame to scrap it for the wrong reason.
    If you have any ideas, please contact me.

    Thanks, Steve
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