Fears of buying a Mazda CX-7 in its first model year - still justified?

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I've been very interested in the new Mazda CX-9 (and CX-7) and am seriously considering purchasing one of the other.

But I have always vowed never to buy a car in the first year of production. And the CX-9, in particular is not only in it's first model year, but in it's first few model MONTHS!

Are those fears still justified these days?

Bud H


  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    "Are those fears still justified these days?"

    Let your heart be your guide. If you REALLY think you'll love the car, then all of these nit-noid complaints we've made in the last few months, are really minor, in the over-all scheme of things. The CELs have been the dominant theme. Second place is the NAV system.

    Oh, don't forget the MPG...If you REALLY can't get past the lack lustre MPG, then consider alternatives.

    Everyone who visits these forum have their own peculiar gripes.

    Me? I've had a couple CELs, but beyond that, I STILL LOVE MY CX-7!

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    Yup, Bud H. Ditto to what Vince said.

    ...CX-7 owner since 08/06.

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    Jumping into the fray, I do indeed love my CX-7!

    Owner since June '06 :shades:
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    Just do your homework. Be informed. If you can get past the so-so MPG, then there's little to no reason NOT to buy one of these great cars. Good luck!
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    I'm waiting till the 2008 MY after reading owner reports in the MyCX7.com Forum.
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    Keep in mind that forums are not a perfect cross-section of owners. I think almost everyone here and on other forums either really loves their car, or has an axe to grind (possibly because they LOVE their car so much). The middle ground is probably not well-represented. If you buy into my theory, that means there are a vast number of people out there with no problems/complaints who are not speaking out here, either positively or negatively.

    So, it's your call - and the MY08s are right around the corner. But even with a few CELs and dealer flubs, I'd still do it all over again. I'd bet most of the other CX-7 fans, even with all their car issues, would do the same, too.
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    When I worked for Honda every time a new model came out they had the service bulletins popping up, sometimes 3 or 4 a month,always the small niggling problems with wind noise,rattles, windows and latches, mostly body integrity. Then by the year's end the more serious problems arrived, but the real bad things like transmission or engine failures didn't show up until the model was at least 3 years old. By the fourth year usually all the problem areas were corrected, then they start a new model and the circle begins again. I know that's not what you want to hear. My biggest concern with a turbo engine is that if there will be common failures they won't show up until 50-60 thousand miles or later. Think of it this way, you have a man running as hard as he can, how long will he last? I'd rather take a larger engine spinning slowly and giving me the same power with the same or only slightly less gas mileage. However, in the case of the CX-7 or the RDX we don't have a choice if we really want the car as it is.
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    Well, the good news is, I guarantee you that you haven't seen any Honda turbo failures after 50-60K miles, because they haven't sold one in the US before.

    FWIW, carmakers these days have the turbo thing pretty much under control, and given proper maintenance, it's not on my hot list of things to fail. Case in point: my 90,000-mile chipped 1.8T Volkswagen which has been driven far beyond what the manufacturer intended, but has also had fresh Mobil 1 every 5,000 miles.

    Incindentally, turbo engines don't spin any faster than NA engines - actually usually slower, if there's any difference at all.

    But your point about makers not getting it perfect until the 4th year is well-taken. I figure that's pretty much the same for all makers, in all cases.
  • extech2extech2 Member Posts: 120
    "Well, the good news is, I guarantee you that you haven't seen any Honda turbo failures after 50-60K miles, because they haven't sold one in the US before."
    That is EXACTLY the reason I'm reluctant with these turbos.
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    Well you have to decide what you want in a vehicle.
    Obviously you have some spirit and spunk to consider a smaller manufacturer of very special automobiles. :shades:

    Do you want to slog your car as basic transportation, or do you want something to enjoy while you navigate the daily drudge. :confuse:

    Ask yourself if your concerns are the jitters of anxiety or reading these forums convinced you that you are better off waiting?

    Carlitos92 is "righton" with his remarks about owners and there feelings. ;)

    My understanding is that Mazda is very particular about the complaints and suggestions mentioned by owners and have bent over backwards to remedy many if not all of the problems.

    Personally, I would buy it again and even pay for some of the improvements that I had suggested to Mazda to make it a more upscale vehicle. ;)

    Darth Vader GT AWD w/Nav.
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    Still, I wouldn't be reluctant at all. Not that Honda has shyed away from being on the forefront of technology (CVCC, VTEC, ATTS, SH-AWD, etc.) - but in this case, I think the important point is that turbos in general have been figured out industry-wide, and Honda isn't starting from scratch when it comes to engineering a pressurized engine. Even if it is Honda's first American-market turbo, over the years, engineering secrets have been shared, staff have moved from maker to maker, and the common turbo knowledge is out there. If ANYBODY can do it right first try, it's Honda.
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    I concur, so I will render my opinion for the middle ground.I pride myself on being objective when giving an opinion on how good or bad anything is. Fact is, I have had my CX-7 since October 2006. In 6800 miles I have had a CEL twice so far. One has been due to a bad gas cap and one was due to a bad flapper valve. Both parts were replaced and no more issues. I have had the occasional thoughts of "I can't believe I bought this car with the price of gas these days", but the damn thing is so much fun to drive that those feelings don't last long. Not to mention the compliments I get from people. I also swore I would never buy a first model year car, but once I test drove it I fell in love. Just in case of issues later on, I plan on getting the extended warranty soon. This way I can have some peace of mind in case something goes awry. Hope this helps.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    "I plan on getting the extended warranty soon."

    Curious... what is the eligibility period for buying Mazda's extended warranty? You've had the car for 5 months now and 6800 miles? Can you still buy the warranty? I've had mine since June 2006 and have 16000 miles on it. Am I still eligible?

  • tbear1130tbear1130 Member Posts: 7
    I believe you can get it before the 3/36 runs out, but don't hold me to it. I would certainly double-check with your dealer. My target is to get it before 12,000 miles which according to my dealer will get me a better deal on the price.
  • sssfegysssfegy Member Posts: 132
    You can get an extended warranty from Mazda at less than 65K, the 12K is not correct, you can have up to 25K and still get the same price as brand new, after that it goes up significantly.
  • tbear1130tbear1130 Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for the clarification, that does give me a bigger cushion. If you don't mind me asking, how do know these figures? Are you affiliated with a Mazda dealer? Found it on the web somewhere?
  • sssfegysssfegy Member Posts: 132
    I work for a Mazda dealer, an excellent car, we have not had 1 CEL light come on at our service dept.! What we heard is only the first 10% produced were afected. Enjoy.
  • fonefixerfonefixer Member Posts: 247
    Purchased on 25 October, CEL did come on once, dealer replaced gas cap,currently 7000 miles, no incidents.
  • papercutpapercut Member Posts: 5
    First 10% you say ? Cos the first batch of right-hand CX-7 arrived here in Singapore in Feb 07, thus my ride may be in the first 10% percentile ? :surprise: Ouch ! I can only hope that the boys at Mazda picked up on the problems of the CEL, gas cap, etc....before they put together in mass for the right-hand units...... picking my Aurora Blue on the 30th. Question .. my wife's 04 CRV has a chain driven timing belt that supposedly do not require any changes for almost the entirety of the vehicle's life. What about the CX-7 , any chance it is chain and not belt driven ? ;)
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    What's CEL?
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    CEL = Check Engine Light

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    Yes the CX-7's timing is chain drive not belt :)
  • tbear1130tbear1130 Member Posts: 7
    Yup. It's a chain.
  • 1rubyred1rubyred Member Posts: 12
    I bought one in mid March. The CEL came on at 300 miles. New gas cap. Today at 1021 miles, smoke started coming out from under the hood. The car wasn't overheating, but I noticed bad smell from the very beginning whenever I parked it was obvious. I complained about it but nothing was found. I just had it towed to the dealers. This is a first for me. I've never had such a troubling experience with a new car. Other complaints, weak A/C, hot air coming from vents on coolest ambient setting so a/c is constantly needed. Could be from this smoking under the hood problem. BTW, I had only driven about 4 miles when it started to billow smoke. Disappointed? Wish I thought it over? I'll post later to let you know. In the meantime, I'm promised a loaner. Gas mileage was okay at first but only getting 15 mpg right now and I'm not a lead foot. Lemon?
  • okeyobiozookeyobiozo Member Posts: 8
    What vehicle are talking about please? hope not a CX9 'cause I just got one "The CEL came on at 300 miles. New gas cap. Today at 1021 miles..."
  • okeyobiozookeyobiozo Member Posts: 8
    what about the CX9? chain timing belt too?
  • 1rubyred1rubyred Member Posts: 12
    No, this is the CX-7. I picked up my car on Friday after being at the dealers for 3 days. They put 56 miles on it trying to recreate the smoke but could not. They suspect it came from some "treatment" that was put on the undercarriage of "all new cars" and it wears off within the first few thousand miles. I gave them permission to drive my car but was astounded at the 56 miles. They under reported it on the work order as well but I appreciate their efforts in trying to find out what was going on. They acknowledged a problem with the hot air blowing into the vents but they say they tested other CX-7's and are chalking it up the the turbo engine. All I can do is complain to Mazdausa, which I have done. In the meantime, I was contacted by Mazda (Irvine) and have been made part of their online focus group where I've voiced my concerns about the vehicle. There won't be another focus group for 9 months, but I'm supposed to be a part of that as well. As a strange coincidence, our local news has just reported that a brand new truck (Dodge) had a similar problem and ignited his garage. The truck had only 1,000 miles on it but did 75K damage to his home. Wonder if they put treatment on his undercarriage as well? I had tons of smoke just billowing out from under the front end of my car. I guess I should consider myself extremely fortunate but felt that I was treated like I was "seeing things" at the dealership. TG I had a neighbor who also saw all the smoke and was shocked by it. I just hope it never happens again. I still love the car btw.
  • papercutpapercut Member Posts: 5
    I have been in contact with a few of the CX-7 owners here in Singapore, and they have all experienced the wierd burning smell from the engine and the exhaust after a 20 min run around. Looks like it is more apparent here in our warm and humid climate, any idea on whatsssup with this :confuse: ? I get caught up in the heavy city traffic every morning and the gears are flipping about between 1st to 3rd. And I have experienced jerks enough to cause some hurt to my neck when the gear drops flip from 3rd to 2nd on very "light"accelaration...... :surprise: Anyone ?
  • okeyobiozookeyobiozo Member Posts: 8
    This is a bit outside the topic. But I was wondering if I could compare this with anyone. I got a CX9 GT a couple of months ago in Baltimore MD. $38,000+ : Navi, Bose system, Backup Camera, moon roof, wheel locks. Did I over-pay?
  • slippertslippert CincinnatiMember Posts: 13
    CX-7 GT FWD +Tech, Remote Start, Compass/Autodim, Sirius and mats = $31,915 MSRP. I paid $29,125. Got an 8" DVD player for the kids for $924.00 extra. I didn't get wheel locks.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    wierd burning smell from the engine and the exhaust after a 20 min run around.

    That burning smell is cosmoline. burning off the exhaust system. It is used to prevent rust. Give it a few days and it will burn off. Your car is not malfunctioning.
  • 1rubyred1rubyred Member Posts: 12
    Yes, that's okay I suppose although the smell is noxious. The more troubling aspect is billowing smoke coming from under the hood and/or wheel wells. People were telling me to pull over thinking my car was on fire. If that's a result of this rust prevention treatment, I don't think it's very good. We live in a high fire area. A neighbor up the hill just had is new Dodge pickup w/ 1k miles on it set his garage on fire. He also had the same complaints I've had with my CX-7. He now has $75k damage to his home and lucky nobody was hurt.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    I've had the cosmoline smell before too but billowing smoke doesn't sound normal. I'd take photos and make the dealer investigate further.
  • 1rubyred1rubyred Member Posts: 12
    Yes, been there done that. You might check my earlier posts. They put 56 miles on my car trying to figure it out. Anyway, the "cosmoline" or whatever caused it must have burned off because the smell isn't as strong and there's been no more smoke. But people should be aware of this problem. It could be an isolated case, but I saw another posting on this site about it. It doesn't inspire confidence in the vehicle although I still love it. Even with the hot air issue blowing in from the vents when I want fresh ambient air. That's still an issue for me.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    I saw your 56 mile post but didn't realize the smoke had gone away for you too. Mine only had the burning smell for a few days when it was new, but it was assembled in Ohio. I think yours had to cross the Pacific so probably the undercarriage was more heavily sprayed for the voyage and maybe a lump of the cosmo stuff got stuck near the exhaust system.
  • slippertslippert CincinnatiMember Posts: 13
    If your's was assembled in OH, you aren't driving a Mazda. I beleive all are assemble in Japan.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    No, it's a Ford assembled Nissan - my point was that since it didn't have to be shipped overseas, like Mazdas, there may not have been as much protective spray put on the chassis to burn off. I just had some burning smell for a week or so.

    One theory is that 1rubyred's CX-7 had way too much spray on it.
  • papercutpapercut Member Posts: 5
    Hi Aviboy, my car is just 2 months old with 4500km on it. And the burning smell is still there.... And the 'new car'leather smell in the car fortunately is still there too. Just wondering, any interesting bodykits avail or in the US ? :shades:
  • maltbmaltb Member Posts: 3,572
    Mazda now offers a Rear Spoiler Extension and Front Wind Split package or they have those decorative Under Guards for the front and rear if that's more your thing. Both items are available if your dealer knows how to find them.
  • johnny__rfjohnny__rf Member Posts: 83
    My CX-7 now has 9500 miles on it and I still get that damn burning smell intermittently. I especially notice it when the car is warm & I have to stop at a light or stop in traffic. It is definitely coming in through the ECS system. Almost seems like hot exhaust is coming in through the fresh air intake somehow........I'm due for an oil change in 500 miles so I'll have service look at it..........
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    Those items are not listed on the MAZDAUSA.COM website. Would you mind providing a web link? Where'd you come by this info?

    Thanks, Vince.
  • 1rubyred1rubyred Member Posts: 12
    Since I've taken my CX7 in for the burning smell and smoke problem, I notice it a lot less. They claim they didn't do anything but possibly they removed some of the protective undercoating. I suspect they did because it was really strong before. However, the hot air blowing in when I only have the ambient air on is still a problem. I was told that this happens with turbo engines and there's nothing to be done about it. I think it's a terrible design and something should be done. In the meantime, I keep my a/c on the coolest setting at all times. As soon as the car warms up, the hot air is blowing into the cabin making it really uncomfortable. Gas mileage has improved slightly since taking the car in for service but still under performing in that area. I'm still happy with the car but those issues are troubling.
  • maltbmaltb Member Posts: 3,572
    A recent announcement to dealers.

    They should be up on MAZDAUSA.COM pretty soon.
  • boesman1boesman1 Member Posts: 47
    I now have 2350miles on my CX7 and I still get an odd burning smell after parking the car. Sometimes it almost smells like plastic burning, not a good thing when you consider the amount of plastic under the hood. The warm air coming in thru the vents really annoys me ! I just want fresh ambient air some days, it almost seems as though the intake for the air is shared with the intercooler? It also seems that the odd smell sometimes migrates into the cabin as well.
  • okeyobiozookeyobiozo Member Posts: 8
    What does anyone think about a final cost for a CX9 2008GT AWD at $39,300 in Baltimore MD? Edmonds says TMV for thesame specs in the area is 41K + before tax. Somebody talk to me.
  • nmknmk Member Posts: 111
    When we purchased our beloved CX-7, we were told that it had AWD. and we took the salesman at his word. :mad: :mad:

    As we are now trying to sell it because of moving overseas, a dealer says he checked the VIN and claims it is a FWD. :cry:

    Of course I will check out his statement, but if it is true, is there any recourse for this?

    N Kabak
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    I would suggest that you look at your paper work from when you made your purchase, and see if it states AWD anywhere.

    What is your VIN, I'll tell you if it's an AWD or FWD.
  • maltbmaltb Member Posts: 3,572
    I think he's in another country.
  • 1rubyred1rubyred Member Posts: 12
    Recently My ABS and TCS lights come on and go off. Yesterday another CEL light came on and now it's staying on. I've had my car in for the recalls so that issue should have been resolved. Now ALL three lights are ON and won't go off.

    It's Sunday and I'm taking it in first thing Monday. I'm really annoyed and hoping it's nothing too serious. I only have 7200 miles on this vehicle and am sorry I ever purchased it.

    Sorry if I sound like I'm ranting, but this Mazda product seems poorly made.
  • cx7lovercx7lover Member Posts: 90
    There isn't just one CEL fix, there is another for the gas cap, please take it in first and justify your claims of poorly made, these are all just teething issues, maybe if your accelorator stuck, and the brakes failed, yes, a pooorly made vehicle, but a few warning lights(that should prompt you to bring your car in) for this car means next to nothing. ESP CEL's. The ABS light, now I'm not sure, but you sound like a minority in that area.
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