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I just bought a 2004 Tahoe Z71. It appears to have every available option from what I've read except for navigation if it was available in '04. I ahve looked everywhere to get an idea of the original MSRP and can't seem to find it. From what I have found it appears to be in the mid $40k range. Any info appreciated


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    Perhaps someone in Chevy Tahoe: Prices Paid & Buying Experiences could help you?

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    My Loaded 2004 LT had a MSRP of $46,935 - Remember GM had a $5000 rebate for most of 2004. The LTZ was one level up and generally added to the cost of the LT. Hope this helps. I have the original print out, if I can get your e-mail address of Fax # I can send you a copy. ">
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    Very likely right at 47-48k, for a 4wd Z71 Tahoe with all the boxes checked.
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    Thanks george. My e-mail is [email protected]
    Very much appreciated.
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    I sent the Doc as a PDF, please confirm when you receive it. I probably have the original brochure on the 04 model at my office, if so I can send that to you also. George
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    The file didn't come thru. Just a link back to message board. Thanks for your efforts though.
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    Just sent it again, this time with the right e-mail address.
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