Failing a NJ inspection on my 2006 LR3

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Are you guys aware of any known issues with the 2006 LR3 class to make my situation a common one? Thanks.

Just purchased an used 2006 LR3 from a type of car purchasing service. I have very little technical knowledge about cars, so please bear with me. Here's a bit more about the car:

- Bought at a PA auction by the NY car purchasing service, so NY service took title from PA auction place
- sold car to us and we registered it in NJ (where we live)
- 2006 Land Rover LR3, apprx 12,000 miles at time of auction

Anyway, I took it to my local (New Jersey) Dept. of Motor Vehicles for inspection and it failed the emissions part. Reason was DMV system was unable to read the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic system) of the vehicle, so according to DMV the vehicle's system is not ready to determine the status of the pollution control system. Spoke to Land Rover claims that this happens because the DMV cannot read the OBD because it is an "CAN enabled system" and that I need to have the DMV give me permission to let L/Rover's state qualified emissions technician provide a written statement that the vehicle's emissions system is OK and have the DMV accept this as proof enough to get the inspection sticker. In other words, the DMV's system will continue to be unable to read the OBD on the vehicle, but DMV will give me a passing grade any way because the dealer's techician says the car is OK. Also L/Rover says this is only a problem (that he knows of) with this particular model year and model (2006 LR3). I had the L/Rover service dept test the vehicle twice and according to them everything looks good (after recharging the battery and rerunning the vehicle through all the codes).
Do you guys have any ideas on how to handle this? I'm concerned about having a vehicle that has to get DMV clearance in this offline roundabout way, instead of the straightforward way I'm used to on previous cars. I much prefer to have the DMV plug in and be able to clear the car as usual. I'm also concerned in having to do this every year (annual inspection). How will I know that in some year in the future, the DMV won't tell me this is unacceptable and I'm stuck with a useless vehicle because it won't clear inspection.

Should Land Rover ultimately be responsible for making sure this vehicle passes, even though I did not buy directly from Land Rover? Please help. Thanks.

p.s. - I have also been told that sometimes the issue I'm having has to do with a battery being disconnected and that if I drive the car around for a bit (a week or so), that would give the car a chance to 're-learn' what it needs to clear all of these so-called codes. I guess I'm concerned about what to do if it fails again even after I do the drive-around. Thanks again.


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    I have the exact same problem as you do. But I have a 06 Mercedes CLK350 with 5k miles. Did you ever fix the problem? I'm stuck in the same situation. Dealer keeps saying everything is fine but when I go for inspection, it won't connect. Please let me know what happened.
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    why dont you just take it to the dealer for the inspection, let them fight it out with the state.... the car is under warranty up until 50k miles so land rover should take care of any problems..
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    I had the same problem this week when I tried to get my car inspected. How were you able to remedy the issu?. I am bringing my car to the dealer next week to see if they have an answer.
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    Eventually all diagnostic equipment will be CAN ENABLED. My home equipment is already enabled.
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