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Jaguar XJ Series Engine questions and issues



  • Hey I am looking at a 99 Jag XJR now, and am ready to go but some of the bad experiences some folks have had have me just slightly nervous. Mostly with the 03, 04, but mostly positive from the slightly older ones. What have your experiences been with reliability? That is my main concern. Jags sure depriciate fast, do you happen to know the reason behind that?
  • have ask questions before and always got help. hoping for more help now,I have a 1991 xjs on the trunk is an emblem that says Collections Classic. Never thought anything of till I was in a classic dealers show room and they had 1 and claimed it was 1 of only 273. There were a few differances between this one and mine. first this one had a jag. hood ornament mine has a gold medallion with a jaguar head on it. His console was all one color that matched the interior with a wood handle on the shifter. Mine the console has a wood top that matches the dash with a leather handle on the shifter. They both have the collections classic emblem on the trunk. Can someone help me to find out if i have 1 of 273 ? Are there are any sure way to tell if it is really 1 of 273..thank you for any help you may have
  • still needing answers is there a way to tell for sure if my jag. xjs is 1 of 273 it does have the emblem on the trunk saying classic collection. other than that how do you tell? Please give me some help..thank you
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,584
    Yes the Classic Collection was a special trim package you could order. Jaguar did a number of these over the years as marketing schemes-- another one was called Collection Rouge. Classic Collection cars featured special piping on the seats, leather wrapped gearshift and elm veneer wood trim, and I think some selected paint colors.

    I would caution you though that trim packages don't often translate into any extra value, since they don't represent any major mechanical or body changes of any kind, just cosmetics. Also, the reason they are rare is because not many people ordered them.

    so you may indeed have one of 273 but it may not matter as far as value is concerned. Still it's nice to have something a little different and it might represent a small bump in value if you want to sell it--maybe 5% or so.

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  • thank you Mr. shiftright.Your information was very helpful I do indeed have the model you spoke of. It is a beautiful bright red and has all the features you said. I have seen 2 of these on ebay they both were above the $12,000.00 price tag. Mine is very very nice but not perfect it has 75,000 miles on it. If anyone is interested it is forsale and less money.. contact me i have photos for you to see again thanks for the info.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,584
    Well you can't sell or advertise a car in these forums but we wish you luck. Asking prices are the eBayers exercising their First Amendment Rights, but $12K is a mighty strong price for such a car. If someone offered you anything from $8500 on up in this economy, I'd sure consider taking it.

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  • craig09craig09 Posts: 2
    I had the same thing happen but the oppisite the dealer replaced the throttle body then it happened again and they supposedly called in and expert and they replaced it again then told me that the computer was no good. I and a good friend who works on cars started looking and found the plug on the throttle body was not making good contact we tie wrapped it up and it worked good for 6 months now I am looking for another plug or harness.
    Good Luck
  • craig09craig09 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know were I can buy the wiring harness for the throttle body for a 2001 xj8 ?

    Thank You
  • stanchostancho Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 xj8. I had to replace 2 throttle bodies and the problem was still there. failsafe/ no asc/no trac.
    someone posted on one of the forums that his connecting wires where loose on the throttle. I have cleaned all connectors with the connector cleaning spray - from pepboys and never had any problems again. the throttles cost me more han 2,000 and it was a simple connector issue to the sensors on the throttle.
  • lzolidislzolidis Posts: 6
    Thanks for your advice on the throttle connector. I haven't had the throttle body issue come up again since the second replacement in 2007, but shortly after that procedure I began to get smoke from the exhaust pipe on a "cold" start to the car (i.e. after it was sitting for awhile). The dealer took the entire engine apart and found sludge from the prior leaseholder (Jaguar owned before I bought it). They claimed they got all the sludge, but then it happened again. After the second very expensive clean-out, where they claimed to take the engine apart "even further" than the supposedly complete first attempt, I changed dealers to one nearly an hour's drive from my house. I am much happier with the new place. The 10,000 mile checks are more thorough and done MUCH faster than the old, awful place, and customer service is excellent. My advice in the DFW area: use Overseas Motors for service, not Autobahn.
  • jagzillajagzilla Posts: 3

    I've recently encountered the same problem as described above in these last two posts after returning from a long mountain trip back home. I have a '99 XJ8 and the throttle stuck as I tried to break at the first traffic light. Didn't want to stop but after hitting the brakes hard and steady, it slowed, shuddered, stopped and stalled. If I hadn't reacted quickly enough, I would probably have plowed into a vehicle at the light. Ugh! My now disappeared mech told me last year the throttle body would probably need some work or costly repairs down the road, and he was right. It won't start at all now and is sitting in the drive till I sort all my options out, plus already bought a '97 XJR, heh heh! Double trouble eh? Stability Control Failure light is on the dash, already located the inertia fuel disconnect switch under the passenger floorboard, which wasn't triggered, and already disconnected the battery to see if it's an ECM issue as to why it won't start. Any ideas out here?

  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    Fail Safe comes on at times when using cruse control. Cut engine take key out and back to normal with no Fail Safe showing.
  • Hi Denham,

    Thanks for this info. I can't remember now if I had turned off the cruise switch on the gear console when this situation occurred now, but stopping the vehicle and trying to get it started again was a battery draining waste of time. It's been sitting in my driveway since the incident while I pondered the best possible solution to it's diagnosis and repair. My solution so far was last Monday,,bought a '97 XJR, LOL! Already had issues with it, being christened in with a new alternator after the old one fried to a crisp Saturday morning. :) Been a real dramatic week! The only OBDII code on the XJ8 showing is a pending P1112 which translates to an Air Temp Sensor issue which shouldn't be a major concern. It also shows the Stability Control Failure on the dash, but that is an amber code so it should at least still start right?

  • I have an oppurtunity to buy a 2000 XJ8 for a possible steal. Owner was told the motor was locked but it turns over fine by hand. Try to jump it and it just gives you a hard click at the starter. On any other car, I would buy it, put a starter in, and cross my fingers. Problem is, I know nothing about the Jags and any other potential explanations??? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,584
    If it were hydro-locked (bent rods) it might turn part of the cycle through the compression or exhaust stroke.

    I would only buy it on the presumption that the locked motor diagnosis is correct, and pay accordingly---in other words, pay the junk price for it. That's the only rational way to approach it.

    A 2000 XJ8 is not a valuable car. If you really want one, just go buy a running one for not a lot of money.

    Basically, this car, with a bad engine, is totalled. And even if the engine weren't bad, you still can't check out all the other functions (AC, trans, suspension, brakes, electronics), so it could end up running and *still* be a loss to you.

    I'd say "pass" or buy it for what you can sell it to a wrecker for.

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  • Thanks Mr. Shiftright. Always good to get the voice of good reason behind you.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,584
    Well you could get lucky, but place a small bet in this case, since the house is stacked against you.

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  • I had the valve cover gaskets replaced to repair a leak and after 6-8 months the leak had reappeared, this time causing smoke upon going up a steep hill as oil from the oil pan was full of hot oil and would get thrown across the engine parts at very hot temps therefore causing smoke. The shop was going to redo their work on the valve cover gaskets as I could point to the oil in the oil pan and show leakage appearing on the valve cover that covers the ignition coils. By the time the parts came in two weeks later, the car starter would engage but the engine was not sparking at all. My feeling was this was oil leak damage to the ignition coils where you can see oil spots on the valve cover. But the shop said it was a compression problem with the engine that had to be towed to the dealer. Do oil changes affect engine compression? That's the only thing I had done just prior to getting the shop to agree to redo the valve cover gaskets.
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    Oil change will not affect engine compression, but over fill of oil can do damage
    in going up a steep hill should the oil flow back in the oil pan and the crankshaft and piston rod ends hit the oil. This would build pressure in the oil pan and valve covers making for oil leakage and a engine mess.
    Also if the valve cover gaskets were very bad or the covers loose this could have made you problem. Replace the valve covers is not a big deal, and maybe a good pressure wash and hot air dry will take care of you problem.
    Let me know!
  • mrsjagmrsjag Posts: 2
    when I try to start the car with the main key it does the system check and shows nothing wrong, but want start the car when turn all the way, there is no sound at all.The key will unlock doors and trunk. The green Valet key will start car and work doors, But the Owner Manual it tells not to use for normal driving. If anyone can help with this problem I would appreciated.
  • adobian1adobian1 Posts: 4
    It seems as though the XJ8 from 1998 to 2000 all of them experience transmission failures or engine failures or both, and many cases multiple recurrences.

    So if I buyt a $2000 XJ8 from those years now, I probably expect to get about 10000 miles of trouble free driving and after that it would be $10000+ in repair to fix problems, rebuilding transmission and rebuilding engine must be accounted for.
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